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Marla POV

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Gerard Dragged me back into the house, into that room by my hair.
“Thought you could get away?” he sneered throwing me to the ground “Franks not going to be happy you let his little fuck-buddy go.”
I shivered at the force in his voice; he kneeled down in front of me, grasping my chin, I was preparing myself for whatever he had in that sick mind of his for me.
The HIM symbol was swallowed in his pale hand, he gave a sharp tug and it was no longer around my neck.
His face was so close to mine the tobacco filled my nose “I’ll be keeping this for awhile at least.” He smiled wickedly “You may get it back if you’re a good girl.”

It felt like weeks after that- possibly was I had no concept of time in this place- he never talked to me now; he ignored me, except maybe to stick his tongue down my throat or feel me up.
He tried to fuck me last night and I almost let him.
“I’m sorry” I whispered
He looked at me as if trying to figure out if I had actually spoken or if he was hearing things,
“Did you just speak?” he asked
“Yes” I said “I whispered ‘I’m sorry’”
Gerard pursed his lips, before patting the space beside him.
As soon as I was next to him he placed his arm around me, his thump stroking my neck
“What did you say love? You’re so quiet.”
“I’m sorry” I whispered again “I’m sorry Daisy ran and I helped, I’m sorry I tried to leave, I’m just so sorry.”
He traced a pale finger down my cheek, I loved the contacted
“I don’t have your necklace, I pawned it” he said it as if it was no big deal, I pushed his arm away from me.
“That was the last thing I had of him.” I felt anger bubble inside me although when I was anger I never yelled or showed it.
He frowned at his arm “Why do you keep it? He left you for another family; he never talks to you, so why keep the bloody thing?”
“Cause sometimes it’s better to hold on to the past than face the future.” I said
He got up and left, and the too accustomed sound of the bolt in the door, tolled.
Waking with his arm around me again. I was still angry with him, facing him, yesterdays make-up smudged on his already very pale face, the black pants crumbled, so as the black shirt; it was buttoned down slightly, showing the milky flesh but a glint catches my eye.
It’s my HIM symbol
Around his neck
I was confused, he said he pawned it.
I suddenly felt guilty for being angry at him.
“I’m sorry Gerard.” I whispered
He grabbed my wrist “for what?” he asked raising an eyebrow
“For being mad at you.”
He opened his eyes “I said I pawned your necklace, if I was in your position I would have been mad at me to.”
He removed it from his neck and placed it back around mine, one hand cupped my cheek, he kissed my lightly, then placed his forehead on mine.
Then off in the distance, we heard it
“Go” I said “I don’t want you to get caught.” I kissed him
I must have fallen asleep because all I remember was Gerard’s voice saying “Bye love”
Then waking in a room with a cop and Daisy
“Marla Jonie?” he asked again I reverted back to my old ways I said nothing only nodded
He gave me a warm smile “your going to be ok.” He said
Daisy ran to me catching me in an embrace.
“God I though you were dead.”
The hug lasted few moments as a male voice came “Daisy dear lets go, you mother is waiting for you back home.”
He walked in and daisy said “Dad this is Marla, Marla that’s my dad”
He froze looking at me, wrath boiled in me
“Dad what’s wrong?” Daisy asked
“You left” I stated dryly
Three months later
I sat in the bedroom that was at my dad’s house, we had been in contact and my mum need to see my grandma in Mississippi as she was ill so I was here for the week.
The window was open letting in cool rain air, I realised it rain a bloody lot here. I pattered down as the TV was on quietly, I picked the black nail polish on my finger nails that I had done n social class.
I miss Gerard, I don’t care that he kidnapped me, I just missed him. I felt better around him, I hate this life and those fucking social classes.
Now it was all ‘oh that’s that girl who got kidnapped and never talks’ or ‘it’s that girl who go kidnapped and found out the other girl she was kidnapped with was her half sister’.
I was sick of it,
“I miss you Gerard.” I admitted aloud
“Missed you too baby,” he suddenly rolled on top of me, he was we sending goose bumps up my skin “Remember I was rain when we met”
I thought this was a dream “It is no dream” he said
I kissed him, I missed him so. I just wanted him closer to me. Wrapping my arms around his neck, tangling my finger in his inky lock, and his hands done what tortured me so.
“I would do anything to be with you.”
“Anything?” he thought aloud
His finger drawing down the zip of my shirt, and tossing it away, he then moved to my shirt getting rid of that too.
“Are you really that unhappy here?” he asked
“Yes” I whispered “please I’ll do anything to be with you.”
“Anything, eh?”
He started to kiss me again, his shirt soon left his back, I was about to do this.
Nervousness took over “I don’t know what am doing”
“I do” he reassured
Taking a condom from his pocket he was about to open it when “No” he said “You clearly don’t want todo this”
He got off me “pack you thing we’re leaving”
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