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Daisy POV

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Okay first off thanks to evilpanda she is Daisy basically
And thanks to everyone for the review and please keep them coming and rating is good too. Thanks again so here we go again.

“Marla this way.” I said as we ran out the house to the freedom.
I yanked the door open to the fresh air; it was fresher than any I had smelled before. The sun shone; brighter than I could remember.
This was freedom
“Marla, we’re free.” I laughed, she too laughed but almost as if it was alien to her.
“Your right.” She smiled
Then the sound of shoes on gravel made the sun to dull and the air grow stale.
Gerard was right behind Marla.
He seized her by the throat from behind, she let out to fearful scream.
All she said was “Daisy go.”
Gerard’s horrid gaze make me run as fast as I could.

I didn’t stop until I hit the nearest town and the nearest cop station. My breathing heavy I stopped at the front desk, where an older woman sat behind some bullet-proof glass.
“Yes” she said in a bored, mono-tone voice.
“My name is Daisy…” I didn’t have to say anymore as she jumped from her seat and yelled “Praise the Lord your okay.” She opened the door behind her “Detective Wells” she yelled

Hours later I was ready to go home, I found out I had been missing for a little over two months. They though Marla and I were dead. I told them Marla was still alive but they didn’t know how long she would be alive for.
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