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Marla POV

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I slide back down on to the floor once I get back into the room . Gerard is still out but soon begins to sir from his sleep, he blinks the sleep from his eyes and looks at me.
"Still down there baby?" he asked
I don't look up; just stare at the same spot on the floor.
"Why don't you come over here?" he asked although it was more of a demand, getting to my feet slowly I walk over to him. he grabs me suddenly from my shaky pulling me down on to his lap, one of his arms is wrapped around my waist, the hand on the other place high on my lap. he starts to kiss my neck, biting it.
he hums "I dont know if I'm in the mood to fuck you"
I whimper, showing my fear.
He chuckles cruelly “You know your mother is very worried about you” he states
I glance at him “How do you know?”
“You and Daisy are all over the news right now. “ I know he is getting some ill-gotten satisfaction from causing so much pain “but what strikes me no dad. Even though his in Iraq I think he would find out, or is he dead, or does he just not care?” he hummed in fake thought. Taking the HIM symbol around my neck and twirling it between his fingers.
“He left,” I whispered “he has another family, we don’t talk. He was in Iraq.”
“I didn’t even have to force that out of you.” He said soundly slightly disappointed “Why wear this he sounds like a right asshole?”
“It’s all I have left of him.”
“So, it’s special to you.”
I looked at him he was staring off into space, “What?” he said blank stare still on his face
“Nothing.” I looked away from him
“You where looking at me.” He noted “What’s wrong, baby? Stir some bad memories?” He asked
Heart starts to ache
“Over there is bottle of water, be a doll and get it for me?”
I get steadily to my feet and walked to said bottle of water, his eyes on me. I slide the drug into the liquid, he didn’t notice.
I give it him, he downs half it’s condensed, and then places it to the side. He licks his lips before grasping my hips and pulling me on top of him, his lips crash with mine, hard until I can taste copper.
I was straddling his hips, feeling him prodding me.
He breaks it “There’s far more I could do with you.” He growls his hands start exploring my body, never have I been touched like this.

He then started to get drossy before slumping to the side asleep. I throw myself out the door wanting to get as far away from him as I can. Daisy is right outside the door, she gives me a sympatric look before saying “Let’s get out of here”
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