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Daisy POV

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The smell of sex still hung heavy in the air, frank had gone for a shower, when i heard

“Daisy, Daisy.” I got up and looked out the door to see the red dreadlocks of Marla, she looked awful upset.

“Marla, what wrong?” i asked her genially worried about her.

“Daisy, you have to listen to me.” She said grasping my hand; she told me what Gerard had said to her earlier. That guy is fucking creep.

“How did you sneak out?” i asked her

“I found sleeping pills, i slipped him a few.” She handed me a strip of them “We have to get out of here.”

I nodded agreeing with her. I let her slip from the room but not before giving her a hg and telling her things will be okay.

I guess i’m lucky i had frank and not that creep that Marla got .

I put a few on my tongue and wait for Frank.

“hi” he said walking in, no shirt, hair still wet. I push myself off the bed and place my lips on to his in a deep, passionate kiss. Letting the pills slide down his throat

“Wow” he said “was it that good, huh?”

I giggle and soon the pills take effect. I snake out to freedom.
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