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Marla POV

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Gerard came back into the room carrying to cups of coffee.

“sure your not hungry?” He asked setting one of the cups down beside me.

I nodded not looking at him, but from the weight sift in the mattresses I could tell he had sat down next to me.

He flicked on the TV, then lit a cigarette, he took a drag letting the smoke tumble from his nose. He held it out offering it to. I shook my head.

He shrugged “suit yourself”

I placed my head back on to my knees; I felt his arm around me, his thump stroking the back of my knee. Fresh smoke soon became stale as he put out the cancer stick. I became aware of him moving some of my dreadlocks from my neck.

He moves closer and I can feel his hot breath, then his slick tongue licks up my neck tasting me, he stops at my ear, his inhalation making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

“Come on baby.” He whispers “Me and you.” His hand wonders dangerously up my thigh. I jump back away from him. He rolled his eyes “Fine” he leans back watching the TV. My breathing his heavy, I watch him to make sure he doesn’t try anything although there is no one here to help me if he does.

“Now the headlines at nine” the newsreader on the TV declare, holy fuck it was nine o’clock at night shit.

“Two girls where abducted today; Daisy Burns aged sixteen and Marla Jonnie also aged sixteen.” A picture of me and another girl flashed on the screen, it was a horrid picture of me.

“Marla seen on the left…” Gerard suddenly switched off the TV.

“That’s enough of that” he turned to me “Why are you not talking sweetheart?”

I didn’t say anything

“Fine, fuck it” he said “I’m going to go have a few beers with Mikey and Ray.”

I jumped as he slammed the door and again when the lock slithered in to the door frame.

Part of me wanted to put the TV back on but instead, I took the cup of coffee and downed it, I did realise after I had done that, that it wasn’t the best idea; he might have but something in it.

I did turn the TV back on but fell asleep during a movie –kill bill, I think it was- when he stumbled back in.

“Honey I’m home.” He slurred then sat next to me, making me jump again. This wasn’t the same man whom had left here.

“I’m not drunk” he slurred drunkenly “I’m sorry if I have scared you.” He hiccupped

“That’s okay.” I said quietly

He smiled at me “you know how pretty you are you could turn a gay guy straight, that is how pretty you are.” I blushed at him complement.

He wrapped arm around my waist

“I’m bi, you know” he stated “But the first guy I ever slept with was a total dick.”

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused

“Are you gay, bi, straight? You know?”

“Straight, but I have never been with a guy.” I said embarrassed

“No offence but I kinda guessed that because you’re so shy but it adds to your cuteness” Gerard placed his lips to my cheek.

“How’d you get this?” he played with the HIM symbol around my neck.

“My dad gave me it before he left, he fought in Iraq.” I told him some of the truth.

“Can I asked; what it is?”

“It’s called a heartagram the symbol for a band named HIM who I really like.”

“Cool.” He nodded

“Me and Mikey had three dads” he said “My second dad left when I was nine and dad number three I killed”

My heard leaped at his last statement; it scared and fear circled through my veins.

Was he going to kill me?

I was too afraid to ask

“Don’t worry he was abusive?” he said as if it would calm my nerves.

“What about dad number one?” I asked

He was silent for a moment before muttering “I don’t remember.”

Gerard rested his head on my shoulder, holding me tighter. “What is under this mattress?” he jumped suddenly “Maybe it’s money” he said lifting it “Nope motherfucking mouse trap” he tossed it to the side, he looked down at his other hand and raised an eyebrow. I looked down and noticed my hand was on his. Aw fuck. I pulled my hand.


“Don’t be” he said “I don’t usually let girls get this close to me.” he said the last part as though I wasn’t supposed to hear it.

He rewrapped his arms around me and soon fell asleep – or past out I’m not really sure. - But he started to mumble something.

“No, I won’t tell please don’t kill me or Mikey I swear I won’t tell.” He moaned I felt a tear descend down my arm.

“Gerard.” I said tentatively, he sprung awake wide eyed yet still sleepy.

“I think drink gives me nightmares” he stated no one.

“What did you dream about?” I asked

He glared at me

“You don’t have to tell me.” I avoided eye contact

Gerard sighed “I dreamed about dad number one, I was seven when it happened; they had been fighting really badly, I had come down stairs to see what was going on and I saw my mum take the kitchen knife and stab him with it.” He closed his eyes as if trying to erase the image from his head “She found me and said if I told any one she would kill me.”

He opened his eyes again “I guessed that why I am so fucked up.”

I wanted to tell him he wasn’t but he beat me to the punch by saying “And don’t say I’m not because I am.”

I look down at my lap, he shifts closer to me

“What no goodnight kiss?” he asked, I bit my lip

“I promise I’ll be good.” I turn my head and he smiles and presses his lips to mine.

Something Gerard said last night still haunts me the next morning I’m awake, Gerard is still fast asleep. The clock indicates its seven am. I slide from Gerard’s grasp and out the door, he didn’t seem to notice.

I make my way down mutilated stairs, until I reach a small dank and dirty kitchen.

“Who the hell are you?” some one asked from behind me I turn to see a girl my age the girl from the news.

“I’m Marla.”

“Oh” she said as if she recognizes my name as if some one had been taking about me

“I’m Daisy”

We talked which was weird cause I can never talk to people but with Daisy it seemed so easy. After a bit we decided we should slip back up stairs.

I slide into the room and sit on the floor Gerard still scares me. I sat there still as I could when he said “Where the fuck have you been?”
I sat still on the floor, silent and still trying to give no reaction; he was suddenly in front of his hand grasped my chin and forced me to look at him.

“i asked you a question.” He growled, fear started to make me shake as i looked in to those hollow eyes.

“Fine let’s try it this way.” He sighed

“did you go downstairs?” he questioned

I nodded

“did you meet daisy?”

I nodded again

“Planning to leave?” he sneered

I shook my head

“Good” he purred “Cause i’m not done with you yet.”

“wh... what do you mean?” i asked suddenly feeling very nervous

He smiled, a cruelly “Well my dear” his hand moved from my chin to my neck and collar bone, his thump drew small circles on the bone. “What i do is; i kidnap, i rape and then when i get bored of you, i murder you.”

My breath caught in my throat, the smirk still twisted on his face, he tossed me to the side, standing he opened the door .

“But don’t worry i haven’t fucked you yet so...” he shrugged. He closed the door and locked it, leaving me there on the dirty wooden floor. I let silent tears fall down my cheeks.

There was no way out now. That’s when i spotted it. The first aid box.
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