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Daisy POV

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I sat with Frank in a small kitchen; we were eating toast and drinking coffee, when another man came down the stairs.

“Hi Gerard.” Frank said biting into a piece of toast

The man –Gerard- went to the cupboard and started to search through it. He grunted in acknowledgement of Franks greeting.

“How’s …” Frank started

“Marla?” Gerard offered head still searching through the cupboard.

“Yeah her.”

“Shy as fuck” he grunted sounding not very happy. He finally found what he was looking for and pocketed it, I didn’t see what it was.

He shut the cupboard and looked right at me, he was deathly and his eyes were cold and uncaring, I squirm under his gaze; he fucking scares me and I stared to feel sorry for this Marla.

“Gerard, Daisy, Daisy that bastard there is Gerard.” Frank said and Gerard cracked a small smile

“Fuck you Frank.” He resorted

“Now come on Gee you know I don’t think of you in that way.” Frank giggle

“Fucker.” He mumbled before heading back up stairs but not before he grabbed two cups of coffee.

“So what do you want to do now?” Frank asked, I wanted to question him about Gerard and this whole thing but he had left such I chill in the pit of my stomach that I just shrugged and said “I don’t know.”

“Well” Frank said sliding closer to me, kissing my neck, he nipped lightly at my earlobe “I can think of one thing.” He hummed.

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