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Marla POV

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I drifted out of the darkness and into a room where I found myself curled in a ball the sudden movement of something beside me had awoken me. I looked to see Gerard; fucking bastard drugged me and kidnapped me. I decide I should get out of here. I skim the room and see a splintering wooden door.

I push myself up of the bed quietly with all intent of making it to the door but it failed as a pair of arms grabbed my waist. I yelped as we both hit the bed-which was actually a mattress on the floor.

“Let me go.”

“Make me”

I began to struggle against him making his grip around me tighter.

“Let go!” I screamed.

“Why, what you going to do?” he sneered

I grabbed the first thing that came to my hand with was his wrist. He hissed at me when I twisted it, then pined me to the bed in a not nice position, him between my legs, his upper body pressing down on me with one hand pinning both mine above my head, his face closer to mine, the cold steel of his belt pressing into my abdomen.

My breathing quickened in pace as fear caroused through my veins. Anger and pain where seen in his brown eyes.

Then he just got off me and sat on the edge of the mattresses, he took a first aid kit from under it and started to wrap his wrist securely before putting back under the mattresses and mumbling a “Sorry” under his breath.

I press myself up against the wall, wrapping my arms around my knees and placing my head on top of my arms. I let silent tears slide down my face.

I felt his presents on the mattresses

“Why are you crying?”

I didn’t answer

“There’s no reason to cry.”

Yes there is!

“You know from here I can see right up your skirt.”

He must have rolled over because soon there was a loud thud and he was on the floor.

“Shit ass Mother Fucker!” he cursed nursing his wrist. I moved over on the mattresses

“Are you ok?” I whispered looking at him. He turned sharply to look at me

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said “Don’t worry about me” then sat on the mattresses in front of me.

Fear started to creep into my body again.

“Although I really don’t feel good.” he said then fainted and rolled of the side of the mattresses

“Oh God” I said in a blind panic getting off it to make sure he was ok

“Gerard, are you ok?” my voice trembled “Can you hear me?”

His eyes abruptly opened causing me to jump his hands came and quickly secede me and pulled me on top of him.

“Now that your off that mattresses” his voice low and husky “How about some breakfast?”

He quickly pecked me on the lips.

And for the love of God I hoped I wasn’t blushing.

“You’re cute when you blush.”

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