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Daisy POV

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I woke up with a pounding headache, rubbing my head wondering where the hell I was. From what I could see I was laying on a mattress on the floor next to some guy.



I look over at the guy; he’s not the one who I met at the train station, it suddenly all comes flooding back to me, the train station, the van, the unconsciousness.

I try to get a look at his face his hair is black with blonde and red sides; he doesn’t look much taker than me. His nose and lip are pierced along with two plugs in his ears.

“See something you like dear?” he suddenly said his eyes still closed, I jump back trying to get away from him but he grasps my wrist and pulls me closer to him. His eyes open to show they are a chocolate brown in colour.

He pushes back a piece of my black hair “I’m Frank” he said quietly “What’s your name?”


“Daisy” Frank repeats it “I like that name, just like the flower.”

“Yeah” I stuttered.

“Don’t worry I won’t bite” he said playing with his lip ring.

I looked into his chocolate brown eyes and tired to give a smile.

“So do you see something you like?” he asked.

“No” I said putting a piece of my black hair behind my ear and looking down to see that he had no top on at this my eyes widened. He giggled before pulling the covers over himself.

“Don’t look at me.” He laughed under the cover. I giggled softly before turning over and closing my eye but then I felt his arms wrap around me.

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