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Marla POV

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I could just skip it, no one I’ll miss me. I hate that fucking social class, I get I don’t do well in social.

Just this one class, I won’t go just today.

I know what I want to do; I want to take pictures in the graveyard, in the rain. I love the rain.

I walked the cement pavement, water slashes under my tartan doc’s. People scurry trying to avoid the water as if they would melt if they stayed init too long. I simply walked with my polo ride camera round my neck.

I push past the rusty gate of the necropolis and cast an eye over the old stones; no one had been buried here for seventy years.

Getting to work snapping pictures looking forward to developing them in my dark room later, the though cause a smile to pull on my black painted lips.

After snapping some shots I decide to sit down and just breathe, the air always smelled so fresh when it rained. It soaked my dyed red dread locks when someone sat next me.

“Hi” he said to me, the voice was defiantly a man “You know its rain you and your camera are going to get wet?”

I looked down at the ground

“A photographer can’t work with a broken camera.” He said

Damn, he had me there

“Can you speak?” He asked. “Or at least nod.”

I nodded.

He leaned down slightly “You look like you got pretty eyes, can you look at me so I can be sure?”

I looked up slightly.

“Whoa, you do” he said

I really hope I wasn’t blushing.

“So wanna go to cafe, get us outta of this rain?” He asked

I started to get nervous and done what I always do in this situation; I got up and started to walk away.

Only to have a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I quickly noticed that the man I had been sitting next to was drinking in my leg clad in fish net stockings, his eyes wondered up to my short tartan skirt to my tight fitting sleeveless tee which was covered in a mesh and then his eyes meet mine.

“Where do you think your going?” he said

I looked down at my hand, what the fuck, was I doing I had no idea who this guy was and I was on his lap with my arm round his neck. And the worst part he’s hot.

“My names Gerard by the way” he said, I shivered at his voice which he must have thought I was cold because he pulled me closer to him. He took the HIM symbol that was hanging from some black string from my neck and twiddled it between his fingers. I felt him pull me closer and kiss my neck.

“What’s your name?” he asked

“Marla” I whispered timidly although loving the attention he was giving my neck.

“So you can speak.” He said “You have a lovely voice” he looked right into my eyes, we where so close I could smell coffee and cigarette of his hot breath, before he closed the gap and our lips met. I was shocked at first then felt and needle being pressed into my arm then...

Just darkness.

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