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Big changes (part2)

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Ficwad is frustrating the shit outta me right now, this chapter just didn't get published. I hope it does now, otherwise I'll get an emotional breakdown.

*Gerard's POV*

Drawing makes me feel good. I can create whatever I want to, and the problems in my real life doesn't matter. At school when I go to the place behind school and draw, I don't think about that George will beat me up at lunch break. It's just my imagination, hand and pencil at that moment.

The wake up clock rang and I slowly opened my eyes. I'd fallen asleep on the bed, with my clothes and shoes and everything. I turned the alarm off and walked downstairs. Mikey sat in the kitchen and drank coffee. "Morning!" he said energetic. "How many cups of coffee have you been drinking?" I asked him and made myself one. "Only three!" he laughed. "Mikes.." I sighed. I quickly drank the coffee, and before I went outside I grabbed my bag. "Going to Frank's!" I told Mikey before I left.

I knocked on the door to Frank's house, and Linda opened. "Good morning Gerard! Frank is in the kitchen." she smiled. I smiled and walked into the kitchen, where Frank sat by the table and ate cereals. "Hey Frankie." I said and sat down next to him. "Hi Gee." he smiled at me. "You're here early."
"Yeah.. Here, I made this yesterday." I said and opened my bag. I gave him the drawing of our hands."Oh.. This is.. Amazing! You did this for me?" he gasped and stared at the drawing. "Uhm, yes.. I mean, if you don't want it, it's okay.." I said and started to think that I just made a fool of myself. "Gee! I love it, I'm gonna put it up beside my bed!" he yelled and hugged me. To be his size, he's pretty strong! I started to laugh, but stopped when I saw Linda smile at us. Frank let go of me and sat down again. "Right ma, I haven't told you. I'm dating Gee." Frank said and smiled at his mom. "That's what i guessed." she said and winked before she left the kitchen. Frank smiled at me and put his bowl in the sink. "Let's go to hell then." he said and walked to the door. "Bye mom!!" he yelled and walked outside, holding my hand. "Ready to face the homophobic bastards at school?" Frank smirked. "Yep. I'm not letting go of your hand, just so you know." I replied and squeezed his hand harder. "Good, because if you try I'll jump on your back. Just sayin'." he laughed. I laughed and we'd almost arrived at school. Kids on the way gave us nasty looks, and whispered to each other as we walked by. When we walked across the school yard, we heard everything from 'those fags should go die' to 'aw, that's so sweet!'. But I didn't care.

"I have english now." I said to Frank when we stood by our lockers. "I have science.. See you at biology then." Frank said and hugged me before he walked to his class. I took my books from the locker, locked, and walked to english class. "Hey, Gerard?" George said behind me. I sighed and turned around. "What now?"
"I-I.. I want to apologize. I've been a dick to you all these years. I guess I wanted to cause you pain, to like, to get rid of my own.." he said and looked down at his shoes. "Are you serious?" I asked him. "Yes.." he said and looked at me. He was crying. "B-but.. I thought you had everything you wanted?" I asked him. "I have.. My parents buy me everthing I want, but they don't care about me. They think they can buy me love. They haven't hugged me since I was 8!" he yelled and started to sob. "And I'm gay! Okay, there I said it!!"
"But.. Wow George, this came kinda sudden. Don't worry though! Things will be okay." I said and patted his shoulder. "Thanks.." he sniffled. "See ya." I said and walked into english class.

"Hey Frankie!" I called when he stood by his locker. He smiled at me. "Hey." he said and hugged me. "So, we have 15 minutes until biology. Wanna go to the cafeteria? I need to talk to you." I said and grabbed his hand. Frank looked at me. "Talk as in..-" he stopped to swallow "b-break up talk?"
"God, no Frank! No no no! Frank.. Something else." I almost screamed, and hugged him tight. He sniffled and buried his face in my neck.

We sat down by a window table in the cafeteria. "So.. What was it you needed to talk about?" Frank nervously asked me. "George talked to me today. He explained why he'd been such a dick." I said, and Frank looked shocked. "What, why?"
"His parent's gives him everything but love. And he said he's gay." I explained.
"Wow.." Frank said and looked at me. "My reaction exactly.." I sighed. Frank leaned back in his chair and looked at me. "What?" I asked him. "It's amazing how you can forgive him after all he did to you." he smiled. "Well.. I guess I shouldn't be so harsh to him, I mean, he just came out. I just came out.. Or well, everyone at school found out I was gay before I did, but yeah." I said and Frank kept smiling at me. "You're so amazing Gerard." he said. "I think you're alone with that opinion." I laughed. "Hey guys!" Bob said and dropped his bag at the table. "Want some skittles?" he asked and threw a bag of crazy sour skittles on the table. "Awesome!" Frank said. I walked to Frank's side of the table and sat down next to him. He smiled at me and our fingers intertwined. "Love you." he mouthed. "Love you too." I mouthed back.
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