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Star Wars, comics, and Frank's dad

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yea, the title says pretty much it all.

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In this chapter, Frank talks to his dad and I know I wrote that his mom said ''losing both you and dad'' in chapter 9, but that was because he moved from them so you don't get all confused.

*Gerard's POV*

I was lying on my bed, reading an old Spider-man comic. I've read it so many times, but I still love it as much as the first time. My phone started to buzz, and I picked it up from my bed table. I slid it open and answered.
"Hello my favourite Gerard." Gemma said on the other side of the atlantic. "Hey my favourite Gemma." I said and smiled. "How are you?" she asked. "Very good actually." I said and my face exploded into a big grin. "Oh, and why is that?" Gemma asked, and I could hear her smirking. "Me and Frank are dating." I giggled. "FINALLY GEE! You guys will look so fucking adorable!" she screamed in her cute british accent. I giggled again and felt my cheeks go warm. "I just wanted to say hello, and hug Frank and tell him I said hello." she said. "I'll do that." I laughed. "Gotta go, talk to you later!" she said and hung up. I smiled and called Frank. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey, it's Gerard. You doing anything special?" I asked him. "Oh, hi! No, can I come over?" he asked, as if he read my mind. "Yep, I was just about to ask you." I laughed. "Okay, I'll be at yours in five." he giggled. "See you then." I said and hung up. I looked around in my room and realized it looked like a big fucking trash can. I picked the laundry from the floor and threw it in the laundry bag, and picked comics and art stuff from the floor. Now it didn't look like a trash can. A knock on the door made me flinch. Frank walked in and looked extremely cute and adorable. "Hello there." he said, and I just stood there and drowned in his brown eyes. "Hm.. Last time I met you I'm pretty sure you could talk." he said and sat down on my desk chair. "Oh, I can." I said and watched Frank look at my drawings. "Gerard, you should become an artist or something! This is fucking amazing!" he said and held up a drawing of a boy sitting on a swing, surrounded by vampires. I blushed. "I don't know.. It's not that good really." I sighed. "Bullshit." Frank said and hugged me. "Oh right, Gemma said hello and hugged you through the phone." I laughed and put my arms around his small waist. "Sweet of her. I'm now hugging her back." he giggled and hugged me tighter. "Frank, I can't breathe." I gasped and Frank let go of me. "Sorry.." he whispered and looked at his shoes. "Eh, nothing to be sorry about." I said and kissed his forehead. He giggled and sat down in the couch. "Can we like, watch a movie?" he asked. "Sure." I laughed and looked at my shelf of DVDs. "What do you want to watch then?" I asked him. "I dunno.. Something I guess." he said and pulled his knees up to his chin. "Hm.." I mumbled and looked through the movies. "Star Wars The Phantom Menace?" I asked and Frank nodded. I started the movie and sat down next to Frank. "Is there something wrong?" I asked when I heard him sigh. "No, it's just.. My dad didn't take it too well when I talked to him on the phone, and told him we're dating." he answered. "Oh.. What did he say?" I said and grabbed his hand. "Nothing, he just hung up." Frank sighed and leaned his head against my shoulder. "Ah, that sucked.." I said and hugged his shoulder. We sat in the couch, snuggled up to eachother, watching Star Wars. Things couldn't get better.
"Gerard?" mom said behind the door. Frank sat up, but I pulled him close to me again. "What?" I answered. Mom opened the door and looked at me and Frank. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Me and my boyfriend are watching Star Wars." I said. "Boyfriend? I didn't think you were gay. Why haven't you told me?" mom asked and sat down on my bed. "I don't know.." I sighed. "Well, I'm glad you've found someone Gerard." mom said and smiled before she walked out. "Close the door!" I yelled at her. "Oh right, sorry." she said and went back to close the door. "She took it pretty good, didn't she?" Frank asked and smiled at me. "Yeah, I guess she did." I said and smiled back at him.

*Frank's POV*

Gerard smiled at me, and I lost myself in his hazel eyes. He started to giggle. "What?" I asked. "You look high, Frankie." he said and stroke a loop of hair behind my ear. "I'm high on life, dude." I laughed. Gerard looked at me, and kissed the side of my mouth. "I'm tired." I said and layed down in the couch, resting my head on Gerard's thigh. Then I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes, and felt a pillow instead of Gerard's thigh under my head. I looked at my clock and realized it was already 8 pm. How long did I sleep?! I hurried downstairs and found Gerard and Mikey in the couch, watching tv. "Hey there sleeping beauty." Gerard said and winked at me. "Sorry I fell asleep.." I said and felt my cheeks go red. "It's cool, I didn't want to wake you up. And don't worry about your mom, I told her you were here." Gerard said and patted on the seat next to him. "Actually, I should go home.. I need to eat something." I said. "Oh.. Okay." he said, and I could see that he got sad. He followed me to the door and hugged me good bye. "See you tomorrow." I said and walked out in the cold night air. I started to feel bad about not staying at Gee's. But I had to talk to my dad, and I couldn't do that around Gerard.

I walked inside and my mom immediatly hugged me. "Your dad called. He said he was sorry for hanging up, and that he wanted to talk to you." she said and let go of me. "Ok, I'll go call him then." I said and walked down to my room. I dialed my dad's number and he answered after one beep. "I'm sorry Frank. I guess I got shocked, and-" he said and I cut him off. "Dad, it's okay. Atleast you didn't call me a stupid faggot or something like that.." I said and dad laughed a little. "I'd never do that.. Now, aren't you supposed to sleep?"
"Uhm, it's only like eight.. But I'm gonna go play some guitar." I said. "Oh right.. You're not a little boy anymore. Well, good bye." dad said and hung up. I threw my phone on the bed and picked my guitar from its place on the wall. My dear Pansy.. I sighed and played a few riffs, then I got bored so I decided to follow my dad's advice and go to sleep. But I couldn't sleep, I mean, I slept for a few hours at Gerard's so I wasn't very tired. Instead, I started to read a Captain America comic.

"Frank! Wake up, Gerard is here!" mom called, and I opened my eyes. I stood up and quickly dressed in a pair of skinnies and a Black Flag shirt. I ran upstairs, and saw Gerard sitting by the kitchen table with his back towards me. I slipped up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands. "Hey Frank. You know, there no one else here so I know it's you and I doubt your mom would do that." he laughed. I laughed and opened the fridge to see if there was something edible in there. I grabbed an apple (yes, we keep our fruit in the fridge) and sat down in the chair opposite to Gerard. "Frank, maybe you should clean your face a little." he giggled. "What, why?" I said and ran to the mirror in the hallway. My make up was smudged all over my face. I sighed and went back to my chair. "Yeah, I will." I said and stuck my toungue out. "But you look adorable with your make up like that too." Gerard said and smiled. "Awwh, but no." I said and took a big bite out of the red juicy apple. "You always get here so early, you know that?" I said to Gerard who laughed. "Sorry for wanting to see you then."
I laughed and kissed Gerard on his cheek before walking down to my room. I removed the make up with a make up removal pad, and put on some new red and black eyeliner. I put some hairspray in my mohawk and ran back upstairs. "Ready to go?" Gerard asked me. "Yeah, just wait a little." I said and tied my black scruffy worn out Converse. "Now I am." I said and Gerard opened the door. "Ladies first."
"Oh ha ha." I said and punched Gerard on his shoulder before I walked out. Damn, it was hot outside. And I wish I could remove these stupid bandages from my arms, but the doctor said I have to have them for at least another week. Gerard grabbed my hand, and I smiled at him. "Just a little question.. How long do you have to wear the uh.. bandages?" he asked me. "I just thought of that. A week or more, so the.. c-cuts can heal.." I said and Gerard hugged me. "I'm so so so sorry.." he said and sniffled. "Wait what, stop that! I was the one who was stupid, and I shouldn't have done it!" I yelled. "But you did it because of ME, just admit it!" he yelled back. "Stop it Gerard, we shouldn't start fighting!" I said and walked towards school. Gerard grabbed my shoulders, turned me round, and pressed his lips against mine. He cried, and I felt his tears against my cheeks. I placed a hand behind his neck and pulled him closer. Our lips moved as if they were made to be together. "Nasty faggots!" someone yelled. I pulled away from Gerard and looked around to see who it was. A man who was about twenty, maybe older, stood on the other side of the street and stared at us. "What did you say?!" I yelled at him. "Frank, stop it.." Gerard whispered and grabbed my arm. "I said, NASTY FAGGOTS! Go die, you're not worthy to live, you disgusting freaks!" the man screamed. I shoved Gerard's hand off my arm and walked towards the man. "Oh, what are you goin' to do? Punch me?" the man asked. Now I stood face to face (well, I had to bend my head back to be face to face but whatever) to him. "Yeah, kinda." I said and punched him over his nose. I heard it break, and the man screamed. I walked back to Gerard who looked terrified. "Let's go." I said and grabbed Gerard's hand.

This was more of a filler, but I hope you like it anyways! xo.
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