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6: In Which Drakken Also Has a Plan B

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Now that Bakura's got his new body, he and Ryou only want to slip away and get acquainted with it, but Drakken and Shego have other ideas.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Humor, Romance - Characters: Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-06-07 - Updated: 2006-06-08 - 2033 words

Anything's Possible chapter 6 of 8
Author: Tsutsuji
Fandom: crossover, Yu-gi-oh & Kim Possible
Pairing: Bakura/Ryou
Rating: PG13 (yaoi, a little language)

Summary: After the ritual, Ryou and Bakura want to slip away and get on with... things! But Drakken and Shego have other plans.


-- Interlude 6: Kimunicator --

"What's up Wade? Got a line on Drakken?"

"Found him, Kim. He's in an old industrial complex just south of Lower Middleton. It's pretty low-key and low-tech for him, but it might suit his present purposes just fine. I also found out what was stolen from that top-secret research lab. Get this: their area of research is paranormal activity."

"You mean, like, ESP and mutant sewer monsters? Ew!"

"Like investigating haunted houses. Basically, ghost busting!"

"Still in the Creepy Zone."

"Yeah, but it fits. And there's something else you should know before you go busting into Drakken's lair."

"Dare I ask?"

"It's not as creepy. Maybe. I think there may be a connection with a report of a missing person in the area. Seems a high-school-age kid with a foreign travel visa checked into a local hotel in Lower Middleton almost a week ago, then disappeared the next day, leaving his stuff behind. Yesterday someone broke in and stole most of his stuff, but the kid still hasn't been seen."

"Maybe he just skipped out on his bill?"

"Maybe, but my hunch says no. I was able to trace his credit card info. He's from Japan, but his father's a pretty well known archeologist, an expert in ancient Egyptian myth and ritual. I don't know, sounds pretty crazy, maybe it's just coincidence, but it all kinda fits in with the theft of the crystals and the other night-of-the-living-dead stuff."

"So you're saying Drakken's added mummies to his army of zombies and ghosts? Great!"

"I'm saying that Drakken might have kidnapped someone with knowledge he can use to create his evil army. He's done it before."

"And a probable hostage on the premises means more caution on the mission. We'll proceed with all due care, and get the poor kid out of there."

"Hopefully before Drakken can use whatever knowledge he has to help make his horror-matinee army!"

"Shudder! Where's Scooby-Doo when you need him? I'll grab Ron and we'll be on our way! Hm, maybe I won't mention the possible mummy angle to him until we get there."

"Good idea. Good luck, Kim!"

--End Interlude 6--

Ryou's heart gave a lurch when he saw what, or who, was lying there. It was, literally, the man of his dreams.

Even though he'd never seen the face clearly, and even though the eyes were closed, he knew it was the same man. Ryou's gaze roamed over the tanned skin, powerful chest and broad shoulders, muscled arms and weathered hands. He stepped closer to look down in wonder at the strangely familiar face. It looked much like his own might have if he'd spent most of his life in the desert sun, yet distinctly different from his at the same time. He reached out to touch a fingertip to the scarred cheek, where two lines crossed a third below the right eye.

Was he alive? He had to be. Ryou held his breath as he bent closer, listening for the other's breath. The skin was warm, and he noticed that the chest rose and fell gently, and a pulse throbbed in the throat. He thought he saw a twitch under the closed eyelids.

As he leaned closer the Ring clattered against the edge of the gurney. He picked it up and placed it on the man's chest, his own hand resting on it. This brought his own face closer to the other's.

He touched a finger to the full lips, and then let it rest on the jumping pulse in the neck.

"Bakura!" he whispered. "Wake up!"

He listened for the stirring of Bakura's thought in his mind. There was silence, but not the absence he'd noticed when they'd been separated before, when he'd lost the Ring for a time. The spirit was there, somewhere. His mind was only sleeping.

Ryou touched his lips to Bakura's. They were warm, and softer than he expected. He whispered against them, "wake up, my shadow."

He felt movement, and then there was a warm, calloused hand in his hair at the back of his head, and a sigh of breath against his lips. The eyelids fluttered open.

Grey-blue eyes, the color of evening shadows, gazed into his. He heard the spirit in his mind, confused thoughts at first settling into wordless wonder at the sight of him.

"It worked," Ryou said softly.

"So it did," Bakura answered.

Ryou's heart pounded at the real sound of his voice. He felt it rumble in the broad chest under his hand.

"At last..." Bakura said, smiling. He pulled Ryou's head down for a kiss - their first real kiss.


Warmth. Light. The sweetest taste Bakura had ever tasted, sweeter than fresh water in the desert. A strange heaviness, but a spark of energy to move the unusual weight. The spark became an impulse, to lift an arm, raise an eyelid, pull another breath into new lungs.

When he opened his eyes, light filled his vision, light and warmth. Ryou's face. Fingertips alive with sensation felt softness. Ryou's hair. Scent and taste followed his breath, filled his lungs and awakened his mind. Ryou.

At last. He could see Ryou. It was incredible.

"It worked," Ryou breathed against his lips. They tingled. Everything tingled. It was almost too much. His mind, taking in all the new sensations, spun and jumped. He focused on the only thing that mattered. Ryou.

"So it did," he said. Nothing profound for the first words in his life - his new life.

What to do first? Speak, move, breathe, look, touch? He wanted to do all of it at once. He longed to simply look at Ryou, to really see his warm brown eyes as he never had before.
Now he looked up and saw Ryou's soul shining in those eyes. His lips were warm from Ryou's first tentative touch. What to do first? That was easy.

"At last," he said, and pulled Ryou down again for a real kiss.

His delight in his sense of sight was overwhelmed by the glory of touch and taste. Warm lips, soft pressure, a delicious new taste on his tongue as Ryou's lips parted his.

But along with all the other newly awakened senses, he now had a sense of time passing. Time didn't seem to pass for him as a spirit, even when he'd been in control of Ryou's body. Now it started ticking away again, measured by two heartbeats, one he could hear and one he could feel. Time was passing over them like the wind across desert sands.

Reluctantly, he let himself remember where they were and what was happening. Part of his mind slipped away to take stock, to bring his memories up to date from the moments before the ritual, and to sense the environment beyond this center of the universe that was Ryou.

As he let more of his awareness drift in, he felt Ryou's attention slip away as well. He realized that he'd heard and sensed movement behind Ryou. Reluctantly and resentfully, he remembered that there were others in the room that had to be dealt with. Drowning his newly born senses in his Yadonushi would have to wait.

He'd forgotten how annoying time could be.


Ryou knew Shego was watching them. For a moment he didn't care. Then he heard Drakken move as well, climbing to his feet. The back of his neck tingled as he felt the combined weight of their stares. He tried to break off the kiss... but he couldn't.

"Wow, didn't see that coming," Shego said sarcastically. "Can't you two lovebirds wait until you're alone to do that?"

"Um-um," Bakura answered. Ryou smiled against his lips.

"Well," Drakken said. Ryou could hear him dusting himself off. "That didn't work. On to Plan B, then... Eh? What're they doing? Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? That shouldn't be necessary, the vital signs are all..."

"Drakken, for an evil genius you are as dense as a doorknob sometimes," Shego said flatly. "Take another look. You watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy all the time - get a clue!"

"I do not! What's that got to do with.... oh."

"D'uh." Shego added.

Ryou felt rather than heard the rumble of laughter in Bakura's chest. If he weren't so annoyed at the interruption of this most wonderful moment of his life (so far), he would have laughed as well. Instead, he pulled back reluctantly, but his gaze stayed locked on Bakura's face.

The shadow-blue eyes opened fully. They seemed a little unfocused as they searched Ryou's face, and then they became sharp, looking into Ryou's eyes with a promise.

"You mean," Drakken started to sputter, with his voice rising to a squawk. "You mean you came here and demanded I use my genius to make you a new body, just so you could make out with your boyfriend?"

Shego cracked up. Bakura grinned. Their eyes stayed locked on each other as Ryou stepped back and Bakura sat up, swinging his long legs off the gurney. He casually gathered the sheet around his waist as he landed on his feet. Finally, he tore his eyes away from Ryou's face and turned to Drakken and Shego.

"Basically, yes," he said with a leer. "Make out for a start, and then... other things."

His arm was around Ryou's shoulder, a comforting weight. Ryou's head spun. It was real. Bakura, the spirit he'd come to love, was standing beside him in a living body. He could feel the warmth and solidness of it against his side.

He glanced away from Bakura's grinning face to see Shego and Drakken eyeing Bakura appraisingly. Drakken seemed mostly curious, but Shego seemed to approve of what she saw.

"I like the new look, Bakura," she said with just a hint of suggestiveness in her voice.

Ryou glared at her, and pressed closer to Bakura's side, as if his presence could cut off her gaze. But Bakura seemed amused.

"Too late," Bakura said to her. "You had your chance." His hand squeezed Ryou's shoulder and he looked down sidelong at him, completely ignoring Shego's newfound admiration.

"Aw, darn," she said. Ryou realized with relief that she was still being sarcastic.

I think she liked you better anyway, Bakura's voice said in his mind. Ryou's eyes widened in surprise. Shego liked him? He wasn't so sure about that.

He forgot Shego completely as he was caught again by those blue eyes, and that familiar yet strange, scarred face.

Bakura's face was still shaped like his and yet harder, older, where his was too round and soft, at least to his own eyes. Ryou was entranced first by the firm line of his jaw, then by the pulse beating in his throat, and then by the strong line of his collarbone, and then by his firm, broad chest....

He wanted so much to touch that chest, place his cheek against it and feel the heartbeat. The longing was so strong he could do nothing for a moment but stare at it. It was just as well, he thought, that it held his attention. If his gaze or his mind wandered any lower, he'd be in serious trouble.

They had to get out of here. Soon.

Bakura heard this thought and echoed it. Soon, Yadonushi!

But their attention was dragged back to Drakken, who had been fumbling with something he'd pulled from the pocket of his lab coat. He held it up in both hands in front of him, pointing it more or less in their direction. Annoyed, Ryou tried to make out what it was. A calculator? A pilot computer, or a pocket video game? No, it looked more like the remote control for a radio-controlled car, like the one Ryou had that he'd never played with.

"Well, I don't really care what you do with that body, as long as you keep your side of the bargain. Hand over The Ring!" Drakken said.


(continued in Chapter 7!)
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