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7: In Which Kim Possible Doesn't Exactly Save the Day

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Bakura and Ryou get rescued - sort of.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Humor, Romance - Characters: Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-06-09 - Updated: 2006-06-10 - 2434 words

Title: Anything's Possible chapter 7 of 8
Author: Tsutsuji
Fandoms: Yu-gi-oh & Kim Possible.
Pairing: Bakura/Ryou. Implied Kim/Shego
Rating: PG13

Summary: Drakken wants Bakura's Ring for its power, while Bakura and Ryou just want to get away and check out Bakura's new body. Unexpected help arrives and things get complicated!

Drakken said "Hand over the Ring!" with a threatening flourish, as if it was right out of the collection of "Classic Lines for Villains" that he'd been practising for years. Even so, Bakura's curiosity about Drakken's evil plan was barely enough to pierce through the distraction of having Ryou next to him. His hand on Ryou's shoulder was nowhere near enough contact. He wanted to feel every inch of him, and at the same time he wanted to just stand there and stare at him, rather than pay any attention to these two idiots. At least Shego's reaction was amusing. Drakken was simply annoying.

It occurred to him much too late that they might have been able to slip away while these idiots were recovering from the effects of the ritual. Whatever Ryou had to do to protect him and the Ring, he'd done it well, Bakura realized. Those two had been barely conscious at the moment he had awakened. Now, Drakken had time to come up with some useless Plan B of his own which would just slow them down.

For a moment he was tempted to continue "making out" with Ryou right then and there - let Drakken's eyes fall out of his head as he watched! But he knew Ryou might not like putting on a show like that. And truth to tell, he really wanted to get Ryou alone so he could give him his full attention.

"As you have guessed, we have better things to do than hang around here," Bakura said. "The Ring belongs to Ryou. I'm sorry to admit that it wasn't mine to give away in the first place. Do you want to give Drakken your Ring, Ryou?"

"What?" Ryou looked at him blankly. He was obviously thinking of something else. Bakura didn't need to use their psychic connection to guess what it was. He had to make every effort not to let his own mind wander in the same general direction.

"Never mind. I already know the answer," Drakken said. "You give me no choice but to use / this/!"

He sounded so happy about having no choice that Bakura decided he'd better watch what the evil genius was up to after all. Drakken held up the device, thumbs poised over two buttons on the top. But instead of aiming it at them, he swung to the side and pressed both buttons.

Nothing happened. Drakken frowned and glared at the box. Shego smacked her hand into her forehead. "Not again!" she muttered.

Bakura shrugged. He was about to walk away, pulling Ryou with him, when there was a crash and clatter from the other side of the lab.

"Aha!" Drakken crowed. "Now you'll find out what happens to those who try to double-cross Dr. Drakken! Prepare to meet my /MonsterBots/!"

"What?" Ryou said again. He sounded annoyed this time, and Bakura echoed his feeling. Ryou looked around in confusion, as if he'd been awakened from a nice cozy sleep, then he jumped at the sound of another crash.

Bakura looked for the source of the shuffling and clanking sounds that were getting closer. From the far side of the lab, several gangling, jerking figures came lurching across the floor. The one in the lead looked just like a Maneater Bug, except for the rivets in its metal joints.

He almost laughed out loud. But the Monsterbot Bug reached out a huge claw and clamped it onto a metal table that was in its way. The table split cleanly in two, like paper cut by sharp scissors.

"Hey, what do you know, they actually work!" Shego said. Clearly this was something of a novelty.

"Of course they work!" Drakken snapped back. "MonsterBots! Attack Bakura! Shego - get The Ring!"

"My pleasure," she said, fixing her green-eyed stare on Ryou.


Ryou's lust-muddled mind was finally jarred back to reality by the sight of the robotic Maneater Bug cutting a solid metal desk in two. He hadn't expected something like this. It was damned frustrating when he had better things to do, like exploring all the unseen parts of Bakura's new body.

Ryou! Look out for Shego! the cry came into his mind. He jerked his attention from the BugBot to find her diving toward him, her green fists glowing, her eyes fixed on the Ring that still hung around his neck. He grabbed the Ring with both hands. Instead of ducking away, he held it up in front of him and glared at her.

How do you send someone to the Shadow Realm? he asked fiercely. He'd finally had it. Enough was enough.

Instead of answering, Bakura grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him aside. Shego just missed him, crashing into the gurney instead. He fell against Bakura, which was where he wanted to be, but Bakura had another problem. Ryou found himself looking up at the ManEaterBugBot. It had shuffled with surprising speed across the lab, and now it stood over them. Its claw was poised to take a swipe at Bakura's head.

Ryou dove for him, pushing him down and landing on top of him. The BugBot sliced air over their heads.

"Damn," Bakura swore. "We don't have time for this nonsense!"

"How do I send them to the Shadow Realm?" Ryou asked again, out loud this time, as they scrambled to their feet and backed around the gurney together.

The Bug shuffled toward them while Shego crouched on the other side of the gurney, ready to spring over it. Ryou wasn't certain which one looked meaner. Two more creatures came whirring and clicking toward them from behind: a RoboPenguin with a wildly swinging sword, and an Electric MechaLizard shooting off sparks that melted plastic computer casings as it crawled by.

"You can't send them to the Shadow Realm," Bakura said grimly.

"Why not!" Ryou raised the Ring. It glowed brightly. He could feel its power in his hands.

"Because you're you, not me!" Bakura snapped.

The BugBot's great claw came down and sliced through the gurney. Jewels and pyramid-shaped crystals scattered around them. Shego shoved the two halves of the gurney aside and stepped between them. RoboPenguin and MechaLizard came lurching up behind them. They had nowhere to go.

"Hand it over," Drakken snarled happily.

Shego's green-glowing fist was poised ready to strike him, but Ryou was more concerned with the BugBot, which raised its claw, aiming for Bakura's head again. He didn't see how it could miss; there was nowhere left to duck or dodge.

He shoved Bakura aside, or tried to. Since Bakura tried to knock him out of Shego's reach at the same time, he only succeeded in getting them tangled up together. They tumbled backward to the floor. Shego loomed above them on one side; the BugBot towered over them on the other. Desperately, he raised the Ring over his head, with no idea what he could do with it. It flashed with a blinding light. Shego paused. But nothing else happened.

Something caught Ryou's eye -- something that seemed so unlikely he thought he must be hallucinating: A girl with long red hair was doing cartwheels, leaping gracefully over the equipment toward Drakken. With the expertise of an acrobat she landed on her hands on the lab table nearest him, then nailed him with a perfectly pointed toe-kick.

The remote controller shot up in the air. The girl flipped over, caught it in mid-air, and landed lightly on the floor halfway between Drakken and Shego.

"I'll take that!" she said cheerfully.

While Ryou gaped at her, Shego spun around and swore out loud.

"Kim Possible!" Drakken roared. "Give that back! How did...? What...? Shego! Get her!"

"Kim!" someone else yelled, as Shego leaped toward the girl.

"Ron, catch!" the girl yelled. She tossed the remote. As if mesmerized, Ryou watched it soar across the room. It landed in the hands of an awkward-looking blond teenage boy with a hairless rodent riding on his shoulder.

Distracted by this bizarre interruption, Ryou forgot about the MonsterBots for a moment. Fortunately Bakura didn't. Ryou yelped as he felt himself tossed across the floor, away from Bakura, and away from the RoboPenguin's sword, which sliced down and left an inch-deep gouge in the floor where he'd just been sitting.

Ryou tumbled and rolled right into Shego, knocking her feet out from under her. This probably saved her head, as the redheaded acrobat aimed a swift karate kick at her at the same moment. Shego fell right into her, and they all went down in a heap.

Ryou found himself at the bottom of the pile. There were two young, attractive, firm-bodied women squirming around on top of him, and all he could think about was getting back to Bakura as quickly as possible.

He tried to scramble out from under them. He yanked a curtain of red hair out of his face - and found himself eye to eye with Shego.

"Aha," she said with a grin, and reached for him -- for the Ring.

Kim was still half on top of him. She tried to reach around him and grab Shego, but Shego got her hands on the Ring at the same time.

"No!" Ryou yelled, trying to yank and twist out of her grasp.

The Ring flashed again, eye-splittingly bright this time. Golden beams engulfed the three of them. He heard Bakura yell something, but the sound seemed muffled by the bright light. Some unseen force tossed him backward.

Two beams of light looked like solid gold as they slammed like pile drivers into the two girls, sending them flying away from him. They crashed into the two halves of the gurney and fell limply to the floor. Ryou saw rainbows shoot up from the scattered jewels and crystals to dance over their bodies -- or maybe it was just the colors swimming in his dazed head. He felt like his brain had been scrambled.

He felt himself yanked again, this time by the ankle. A second later Bakura's strong arm had him around the waist. Head spinning, Ryou found himself plunked down on his butt under the shelter of a lab bench. Beside him, Bakura sat there on the floor, still wearing nothing but a sheet around his waist. He was calmly browsing through his deck of Duel Monsters cards.


"What just happened?" Ryou asked

Bakura had to chuckle. It sounded like such a reasonable question, in Ryou's calmest voice, while chaos and turmoil raged around them. He finished checking his deck. Nothing was missing.

"And where did that come from?" Ryou asked, eyeing the stack of cards.

"Drakken dropped it. He was lunging for the other kid..."


"I suppose. Anyway, it fell out of his pocket, so I grabbed it on my way to grab you."

"What happened to Ron?"

"Take a look," Bakura said.

They peered out from under the bench. Across the lab, Drakken was grappling with the gangly teenage boy, trying the get the remote away from him. Like a kid with a toy who didn't want to share, Ron wouldn't let go. He'd figured out how to control the MonsterBots and was having way too much fun making them beat each other up.

"What about Shego?"

"Otherwise occupied," Bakura said, grinning.

Actually, Shego wasn't doing much at the moment. She and Kim were both out cold, lying amid the debris of his ritual. They were curled on their sides, apart but facing each other, like yin and yang. Their limp hands touched in the middle of the mess.

"Are they going to be all right?" Ryou asked.

"Eventually. More or less."

Ryou looked at them thoughtfully. Bakura realized he was still dazed. He didn't seem to realize what he'd just done. That was probably just as well.

"They seem to know each other," Ryou said vaguely.

"Yes," Bakura agreed. "I have the distinct impression they do this kind of thing a lot."

Ryou nodded. He was still staring at them, but no longer seeing them. Bakura sensed his mind returning to other matters.

"Can we go now?" he asked plaintively, looking up at Bakura with liquid chocolate eyes.

Bakura felt his new heart skip a beat. He grinned. "I don't see why not."

He handed Ryou his deck. When Ryou looked at it blankly, he shrugged and said, "I don't have any pockets"

"Oh. Right. So you don't."

He felt a very nice flush of warmth as Ryou's gaze returned to him, eyeing the sheet around his lower body with a speculative, eager look. His heart jumped again. So did something else.

"Let's go," he said huskily.

He crawled out from under the table and stood, and pulled Ryou to his feet. Ryou was a little limp, which was as good an excuse as any to put an arm around him and pull him close. He draped himself against Bakura and let himself be led across the lab. They slipped quickly into Ryou's room to grab his backpack, and then headed for the exit.

At the door, Bakura glanced back. Drakken was chasing Ron in circles, while the naked rodent on Ron's shoulder brandished a fisted paw at the evil genius. The RoboPenguin and MechaLizard were locked in combat, but both looked ready to fall apart at any second.

Bakura looked at the two young women. Kim was starting to stir. Shego wouldn't be moving any time soon. It would take them some time to realize why. Only he had sensed the magical energies left over from the ritual. Only he, with his sight still able to peer into the Shadow Realm, had seen the green-tinged shadow drawn from Shego's body to blend with the red-gold energy of the other girl's soul.

He hoped Shego would find sharing a body to be as much of a revelation as he had.

Shadow Magic. Sometimes he almost believed it had a mind of its own, or was controlled by some god with a very ironic sense of humor. The same god who had decided that his chance for vengeance for ancient wrongs should be entangled with a beautiful young man who had somehow captured his heart.

Ryou's head was nestled against his shoulder. He could smell his hair. Something warm stirred inside him.

It was time to leave.


(Continued in Chapter 8 and Epilogue. )
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