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8: In which Yami gets a clue, and Epilogue

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After introducting the new Bakura to Yugi and Yami, Ryou is ready to settle into his new life with Bakura. But some unwelcome news may postpone his happily ever after, after all!

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Title: Anything's Possible Chapter 8 and epilogue. Rewritten - mainly at the very end.
Author: Tsutsuji
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh and Kim Possible.
Pairing: Bakura/Ryou. Implied Shego/Kim.
Rating: PG13 (there's an NC17 lemon outtake around here somewhere as Ryou makes sure Bakura's new body is fully functional - keep your eyes out for it!)

Summary: Bakura and Ryou go home to show off Bakura's new body, which has an interesting effect on Yugi. But soon after, they get some disturbing news.

Chapter 8, In Which Yami Gets a Clue

Ryou only vaguely remembered the trip home. He knew that they went and found food and a hotel room, and after that, things got a little hazy. Nice, but.... hazy. Somehow, after a day or so, they managed to get themselves to an airport and onto a plane back to Japan.

He didn't have to worry about strangers groping him or leering at him this time because Bakura took care of all of that himself. The former spirit still didn't like flying, but Ryou managed to keep him distracted with whispered stories of what they would do when they finally got home. All of which they did, several times. His friends didn't even know he was back for two whole days.


Yugi looked up hopefully as the door of the shop jangled open. It was a Sunday morning over a week after Ryou had gone missing. Even though Yami and the others had started to think the worst, Yugi was certain his friend would return soon. This time his hope was rewarded.

"Hi Yugi!" Ryou said cheerily, striding into the game shop to Yugi's delight.

"Ryou! Where have you... oh," Yugi fell quiet as Bakura came through the door behind him. "Is that...who I think it is? You did find a way after all?" Yugi asked in awe. His large violet eyes stared up Bakura, who stood with his arms folded, looking at him smugly.

"Yes," Ryou went on happily. "It was a bit complicated but it worked. Yugi Moutou, I'd like to introduce Bakura..."

"I can see who it is!" Yugi's huge, round eyes had changed, suddenly glinting like rubies. Yami scowled at Bakura. "What evil magic did you use to accomplish this?" he snapped.

"None that you can fathom," Bakura snapped back. "Sorry we can't use the same technique for you, Pharaoh," he added teasingly. "You'll have to find your own evil genius to help you if you want to get it on with your host."

Yami blushed crimson, but it was hard to say if it was with rage or embarrassment.

"I don't... that's not... how dare you!" Yami sputtered.

Bakura smirked at him a moment. Then he turned to Ryou and pulled him into his arms.

"This is how I dare," he said in a sultry voice, and kissed Ryou deeply. Ryou sighed and wrapped his arms around Bakura, prolonging the kiss.

Yami looked on in shock for a moment, too startled to say anything - and what was there to say, anyway?

He felt Yugi looking through his mind and staring at this spectacle. Then it seemed that Yugi became aware of him watching him watch, and quickly shut his thoughts away.

Yugi? Yami asked, puzzled. Yugi had been shutting off parts of his thoughts a lot lately, ever since Bakura's request for a new body, in fact. Yugi, what's wrong?

Yugi mentally peeked out at him.

Can we? he asked, sounding shy.

Can we what? Yami asked in return. He started to suspect he knew the answer, if he could believe it.

Can we find an evil genius, or even one who's not evil, so we can.... do that?

Yami didn't know what to say. He felt a flush creep through him as more of Yugi's thoughts leaked out. Things suddenly became much clearer. He started to smile...

Bakura glanced up from the kiss to see Yami's eyes glazed over and an enigmatic smile on his face. He nudged Ryou so he saw it too.

I told you it would work, he thought.

Ryou just smiled. Bakura put his arm around him, and together they left the game shop.



Several days later, Bakura was dozing in bed while Ryou sat up beside him, working on his laptop. Since they spent so much time in bed, Ryou had started doing his homework there as well.

"You have mail, Bakura," Ryou said cheerily. But when Bakura managed to raise his head from the pillow, Ryou was frowning at the laptop that was perched on his knees.

"I don't like the sound of this," Ryou added. He looked down at Bakura's sleepy face doubtfully.

"What's the problem?" He didn't really want to know. He didn't really want Ryou to do any more homework, either. He rolled over and put his arms around Ryou's waist, his face nuzzled up against Ryou's hip.

"It says it's from GreenLaserFist@WorldDomination Dot Net, for one thing," Ryou said.

Bakura lifted his head. "Shego?"

"And the subject line is "90 Day Warranty on New Bodies!"

"What the hell?" Bakura hauled himself up to sit beside Ryou and peered over his shoulder at the screen. Ryou transferred the laptop to his lap. Not certain whether to be amused, annoyed, or worried, Bakura opened the message.

---How's the honeymoon, ghost boy?

If I could have found you a month ago, I would have ripped your head off of your pretty new body for completely screwing up my life. Fortunately for you I found another solution to that little problem you left me with. I have to say, though, now I understand why you wanted your own body so badly! Glad we could help!

Now, I hate to admit it, but I sort of owe you one, after all. So I finally tracked down your email address to tell you this: That new body won't last. In a couple of months, it will start to break down. You'll age about 90 years in a couple of days, and then, poof! Drakken used some kind of stolen nanobot technology to make it. He doesn't even know how it works, and he wouldn't fix it for you if he could. Sorry to tell you this, but you might have to join up with your pretty Ryou again, unless you can find another genius who actually knows what he's doing.

Just thought you'd like to know!


Ryou barely bothered to wonder what the first part of the message meant before he read the second part.

"That can't be!" he cried. He looked at Bakura closely, as if searching for any signs of decay.

"It isn't happening yet," Bakura said. "I feel fine."

But he looked down at himself suspiciously. Was this body waiting to turn against him and destroy his new life with Ryou? The thought was unbearable. He was actually looking forward to growing old with Ryou, but not in a week!

He wondered if he could bring himself to reverse the ritual and put his spirit back into the Ring. He could.... if it was the only way to stay with Ryou.

Ryou snatched the laptop away. His face was grim and determined as he closed the message and called up a search engine. His agile fingers flew over the keys and tapped the touchpad.

"What are you doing?" Bakura asked.

"Finding another genius, like she said. If I have to, I'll search until I find the greatest scientific genius in the universe!"

Bakura flopped back on the pillow. "Great. Everybody's got a website," he muttered. But in this case, he hoped it was true.


The End.

(I have plans for three sequels to this story - all crossovers. First, "No Need for a New Body!" in which Bakura and Ryou enlist the aid of the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe - Washu - along with the whole crazy Tenchi Muyo household. Second, "Learning to Share," in which Kim and Shego travel to Japan to deal with the results of Ryou's random blast of magic, and end up playing with the wrong deck of cards and a girl named Sakura. And finally, "Slayers Millennium!" in which the Millennium Eye drags Bakura, Ryou, and some of their friends into a whole different world of wizards and monsters, where Bakura finally must face a very old enemy in order to save Ryou - and the world.
Someday, I swear, I will write all of these, but it's probably going to be awhile. Let me know if you're interested and I'll keep you informed of my progress. Thanks for reading!)
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