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Remember Me

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“We`ll always be friends, won`t we?” Frank moves back to the town he lived in as a child. But things have changed, boy have they changed...

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hey, so this idea wouldn`t leave me alone. I know it is not my most origonal stories, but I will try to make it interesting and not too cliche or anything, please tell me if you do not like it and I won`t contine it,as I don`t want to waste my time. Erm, I ain`t too sure if I want to carry on...Oh and if you have ever audtioned, watch out, you may make an apearence...just saying

A young Frank Iero was laying down on his stomach, relaxing happily in the late evening weakened rays of the sun, giggling happily as he watched with half opened eyes as his best friend attempted to wow him with his vocal abilities. His best friend of course, was none other than Gerard Way, Mikey`s older brother, the son of his mother`s close friend and workmate and the young boys next door neighbour. Gerard was currently singing a song that he and Frank had heard on the radio while in Frank`s mama`s car earlier that day. Neither of them knew what the song was called, who it was by or what it meant, but the small sliver of it they had heard before their mama`s had quickly changed the station, had left the boys, Gerard especially, captivated by it.
“Did you like it Frankie?” Gerard asks the slightly younger boy, looking forward to his answer as much as he was dreading it. He desperately hoped that it was good and that frank had like his singing, but he wasn’t the most confident of children, despite being described affectionately by his parents as “a little terror”.
“I loved it Gee!” the brown haired boy jumped on the taller one and tightly wrapped his little arms around him, almost choking him. Gerard didn`t mid a bit though, he simply adored his best friends hugs (or choke holds) and he adored the boy himself even more.
“Gerard, time to go home, your mama’s here!!” Frank`s mother calls the elder boy in, watching them from out of the kitchen window that overlooked the small garden that was full of pretty flowers. Or it would have been if Frank, Gerard and Mikey hadn’t decided to play football and trampled them earlier that week.
Gerard sighs, knowing that he would have to go back home now, even though he would see Frank again tomorrow, it just seemed too long a period time to go without his best friend`s laughs or cheeky grin.
“bye, bye, Frankie,” Gerard hugs his friend tightly for a moment, whispering that he would miss him in his ear, his warm breath tickling Frank`s skin, before walking away, dragging his scuffed trainer clad feet along the grass as he went.
“Bye, Gee! Miss you already!” Frank yells after him, waving like the little mad thing he was as he watches his friend disappear from sight.
Still, tomorrow was only a matter of hours away, and an hour was only made up of minutes. Yes, Frank thought, it would be the next day, when he could see Gerard again, soon enough.
“We`ll always be friends, won`t we?” he thought aloud, and made his way inside the house, feeling very sleepy and worn out from a long day playing out in the garden

Present day. Frank`s pov
“Frank Iero, get up for school, you are going to be late!” I groan, and pull the covers even tighter over my head, hands gripping hold of them tightly, wishing for just five, maybe even just ten more minutes in my warm, comfy bed. Seeing as it was me, and my mother was waiting impatiently downstairs, I had no such luck. I sighed, and regretting my decision already, I pull my tired body out of bed, using every bit of energy I had, the sudden coolness making me shiver.
Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I glance out of the window, nothing but dismal, rain filled skies greeted me, a very welcoming sight first thing on a Monday morning. But this wasn’t just any old Monday morning, oh no, this was my first day at a brand new school. I was dreading it already. I had never enjoyed school, not since I was a little kid anyway; it was full of depressing teachers who didn’t have a clue or gave a damn about their pupils, and kids who I just could not get along with.
“Frank, school starts in half an hour!” my mother was getting worried; I heard her nerves in her voice. Even she didn`t fully agree that this was what was best for me, moving to a new town for my final year of high school, moving to a place where I didn`t know anyone.
Well, that wasn’t strictly true, maybe it was, I dint really know. You see, I had been in this town before as a young child, before my parents split up we had lived here, but we had moved when I was about six, I barely even remembered it, my only memories of my childhood here were blurred. I faintly remembered an old, graffited park just across from our old house, I remembered playing there a lot, I think I even remembered one or two people. Whenever I tried to remember my childhood, the image of a black haired hazel eyed boy would always come to mind, true, his face was often blurred just like the rest of my memoires, but I was sure that he was real, and that we had once been friends. Was it possible he still lived here somewhere?
Shaking my head, I push the thoughts and the image of the boy to the back of my mind, and jump off of the bed where I had been sitting, bare feet overhanging the edge and dress in a hurry. I roughly pull an old band tee over my head, and ripped at the knees skinnies that I had recently purchased on a dreaded shopping trip with my best friend, Francesca-oops, I mean Frankie. I hastily swipe some red eyeliner around my bloodshot eyes and tried to do something with my hair. For once it actually went right, I loved my new hair, I had had it cut the same day I had went shopping with Frankie, she had practically forced me to get it done, but after seeing it I had decided I rather liked it. The sides were short and dyed red, whist the rest of it was left long and black. Then I grab my black school bag that had the Misfits logo on it and ran down the stairs, grabbing my hoodie from the coat closet and my muddy, old converse on the way into the kitchen.
“hey, sweetie, here’s some toast, hurry up and eat so I can drop you of and get to work on time,” I wolf down the slightly burnt toast and follow my mom out and get into the beat up looking, second hand car, wishing she had trusted me to walk to school, but she probably would have know I would have ditched.
“Bye, Frank, I`m working late tonight, will you be okay?” she asks, worried as ever, I was glad she cared so much, but what was the worst that could happen? Better not answer that, knowing my luck, I would get eaten by a bear or something.
“See ya,” I get out the car and head towards to red bricked building, my stomach sinking and my dread growing with every step.
“Out of the way, freak!” a tall, bright red haired boy yells at me, elbowing me in the side, forcing me out of his way. he was dressed in skinnies similar to mine, only they were grey in colour instead of black, and he wore a white shirt with a red and black tie, covered with pins and badges, worn loosely around his neck. Badges and safety pins also adorned his plain black bag, and his hazel eyes were lightly outlined with black.
“D-don’t I know you?”
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