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Chapter two

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“Like I said, I’m sorry but you have me confused with someone else,"

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Hey, thanks for all the lovely comments, I will continue this. (no duh) if you havn`t already seen s note that I posted on most of my other stories, basiclly I will not be able to update for a few days startign saturday. This is due to a fmily party, a sleepover, my nana not being too well and a meeting with someone from the education authority (home ed check up thing) I will try to update, but if I can`t for few days, plelase understand. Hope you like this chapter, please let me know what you think

Gerard`s pov
I push past the red and black haired guy, possibly elbowing him a bit harder than I had intended to, but not enough to hurt him, thankfully. I wasn’t usually like this, but it was Monday morning, I had dreaded P.E for first lesson and I felt, to put it kindly, like shit.
“D-don’t I know you?” he asks, rubbing his side, wincing slightly. I frown and turn around to have a better look at him. He was rather on the short size, dressed in black skinnies similar to mine and an old band shirt that was slightly too big for him, making him look even smaller than he was. He had warm, laughing eyes that did seem to be a little familiar. The blurred image of a young, laughing blood covered kid with scrapped up knees comes to mind, but I push it away, now was not the time to reminisce on the past.
“No, sorry, you must have me confused with some-“
“Gee?” he asks uncertainly, peering up at me from behind his dark fringe, his face slightly scrunched up in concentration. I mentally wince at hearing my long disused nickname; it had been so long since anyone had called me that. Mikey had been the last person to call me by it and he hadn’t since…I honestly could not remember.
“Like I said, I’m sorry but you have me confused with someone else.” The vaguely familiar boy frowns but says nothing and I turn on my heels and walk away, fighting the urge to glance back at him over my shoulder.
“Hey, Man.” One of my closest friends, Bob pulls me into a lazy, one armed hug, Ray watches us, amusement dancing in his eyes.
“Hey, Bob, you alright?”
“Fine apart from the fact I`m at this shithole.” I smile sympathetically; I hated school even more than he did.
“I`m here to you know, or I am invisible?” Ray asks, not really being serious, this made clear by his massive lopsided grin on his face.
“I know you ain`t, you alright then?”
He shrugs, “Alright, dreading maths though.” Bob pulls a face; he and Ray were both in the same math class.
The bell rings, signifying the beginning of the school day and slowly we start making our way inside the redbrick building, wishing it was three o clock already.
Bob`s pov
Gerard had gone off to P.E, leaving me and Ray to go to the math classes on the other side of the building tat desperately needing modernising. Ray was walking slowly behind me, out feet dragging on the floor, his massive, legendary `fro bouncing as he moved.
“I ain`t in the mood for math,” I tell him, and turn down the corridor that led back outside.
He rolls his eyes, but follows, “When are you ever in the mood for maths, huh?”
“Never,” I answer honestly, looking at him from over my shoulder, not watching where I was going.
“Bob, watch out!” He cries, but it was already too late.
“Ow!” a boy yells, and I stare down at the thing, or in this case person I had walked into.
“Shit, I`m so sorry, dude, I wasn`t watching where I was going and-“
“He never does!” Ray adds in, being helpful as always.
The boy stands up, dusting himself of, shrugging, “It`s fine, don`t worry `bout it.” He smiles at the both of us and we return it.
“I`m Ray,” he points at himself, then at me,” That idiot that knocked into you is Bob.”
The boys smile broadens into wide grin, his chocolate eyes lighting up. “And I`m Frank.”
“Cool,” I didn’t recognise this guy’s face, and I knew near enough everyone at this dump. True, I hated most of them, but I knew them.
“I haven’t seen you around here before.”
“I`m new, that`s probably why,” Frank explains, and we smile at him, trying to make him feel more comfortable. First days were always hell, especially as he was starting in the middle of school semester.
“What you got first?” I ask, genuinely interested. The badly decorated halls were empty by now lessons had been in for about ten minutes. There was no point in going to first lesson now, even though me and Ray had no intention of doing so anyway. I mentally smile and picture poor old Gerard in the gym, I think they were doing high jump today, he was hopeless at that sort of stuff, due to being so clumsy.
He quickly pulls an extremely rumpled piece of paper from his jeans pocket, hastily trying to smooth it out a little. “Erm, P.E with erm, coach A. Grey.” he frowns, looking up at us for any information on the teacher.
“Coach Alex Grey is one mean old, sadistic bastard.”
“Bob!” Ray nudges me on the shoulder, his eyes flickering onto me then onto Frank, a clear warning in them.
“What, he is.” He sighs. I know he didn’t want me scaring the poor kid, but I didn`t want to lie to him and give him the impression that this school was all rainbows and cute puppy dogs. Despite popular belief, I wasn’t a liar. Okay well, I dint lie much, to my friends at least.
Frank gulps and glances at his phone, checking the time. “Oh well, too late to go P.E now then, huh?” we laugh.
“It’s a shame, you could have met our other friend Gerard in P.E, I think that they are doing high jump today.” I look at his small figure, realising that he was even shorter than my previous guesses.
“Maybe not then,”
He giggles and Ray gives me a disapproving look but stays silent. Thank fuck.
“C`mon then,” Ray gently takes hold of Frank`s arm and we lead him away to our secret hideout where we often went whenever we wanted to ditch class.
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