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Chapter 9 - Veronica

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Gerard met a beautiful girl, he almost forgot about Lindsey.

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It was weekend and Gerard was alone at home. Mikey was with his friends making "projects" and their mom and dad were out of town and they will be back after three days. Gerard was talking to his mom on his phone.

"I left few bucks there for you and Mikey if you need something. Spend them wisely."
"Yes, ma."
"Take care of yourself and your brother, okay?"
"I will, ma."

His mom hung up and he sighed. He was bored as hell and wanted to take a nap, but he just can't. Suddenly, he stood up from his bed and went to look at the calendar hung on his bedroom wall. He noticed the red-marked date on it.

"Holy fuck. Prom." He whispered to himself. Two weeks left for him to find a partner. He wanted to ask Lindsey but he knows that he can't because he knew that Logan will ask her and she'll probably agree. He wanted to forget about the prom and everything.

He took out his leather jacket from his closet and wore it as he went from his bedroom. He locked the doors and went out of the house and had a walk.
The road was so peaceful, no cars or anything were running. He inhaled deeply and sighed.

He decided to go towards the park. As he arrived, he saw few kids running and chasing around. He sat down at the bench and looked at his feet playing the green grass. He's wondering where is Lindsey that moment. He wanted to call her, but he refused.

He was lost in thought and quickly turned back too reality when he saw a pair of ahoes in front of him. He looked up and saw a girl smiling at him.
She has long blond hair and hazel eyes just like him.

"Are you alone, too?" The girl asked and Gerard just nodded.
"Can I sit beside you?"

Gerard moved at the side so that she can sit.
The girl took out cookies from her bag and asked Gerard if he wanted some.
"No thanks. I'm not hungry." Gerard smiled.

"Why are you alone?" the girl asked.
"My bro wasn't home and my parents are out of town. What about you?"
"My sister is at her work right now."
"Where are you parents?"
The girl looked down at her feet and said, "It's been twelve years since they're gone."
"Shit, I'm so sorry." Gerard said quickly.
"It's okay." The girl looked directly to his eyes and smiled.

Gerard felt that those hazel eyes of hers pierced through him.
He felt something different.
"I've never seen you in this place before." Gerard said, still staring at her eyes.
"I'm actually new here. I'm from Utah and my sister and I transferred here because of her work."
"What's her work?"
"She's a bartender." the girl looked away from him as she wrapped the remaining cookies and kept it back to her bag.
Gerard just nodded and the girl unexpectedly stretched out her hand.

"I'm Veronica Jade Samuelo."
Gerard smiled and stretched out his hand to shake hers.
"I'm Gerard Arthur Way. Call me Gee if you want."
"Okay... Gee." Veronica laughed softly when she called him Gee awkwardly.

Both of them haven't noticed that they were holding their hand for a long time.
Gerard quickly pulled out his hand and blushed a little bit.

"Sorry." Veronica just giggled and stared at him. Gerard just stared back and didn't even care if someone sees him.

Gerard can't explain the feeling that he has. But in his heart, he knows that he and Veronica would be very close friends.

Sorry if this is too short. >.< Anyway, thanks for the comments. I appreciate them all. :)
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