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Chapter 10 - Hang out with me?

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Gerard felt stupid. Lindsey learned about Veronica.

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It was an ordinary day. It was Monday and Gerard was lazy to get up early for the school.
As usual, Mikey keeps on waking up Gerard. He'd been doing many ways to wake him up and as
always, Gerard gave up.
Gerard and Mikey just walked to school. Their school is so near that they don't even need to ride a car.
As they walked someone behind them calling their names.

"Gerard! Mikey! Wait!"
It was Lindsey, chasing after them.

Gerard sighed and Mikey noticed it but then ignored it.
"Hey, I'll walk to school with you." Lindsey said as she pant because she ran out of air from running. Mikey just smiled and Gerard nodded.

That time was kinda awkward. To stop the awkwardness, Mikey broke off the silence.
"By the way bro, who's that girl you've been with yesterday?"

Gerard was kinda surprised by his question. He didn't even know Mikey saw him with that girl.
"Her name is Veronica. She said she's new here."

Suddenly, Lindsey joined in. "How did you meet her?"
"Well... I just met her at the park." Gerard didn't say any further explanation because he remember he lied to Lindsey during the time he and Veronica met.
Lindsey just nodded and the silence occurred again.

After fifteen minutes of walking, they finally arrived at school. Mikey waved his goodbye to Gerard and Lindsey.

Gerard was very quiet walking down the hallway. Suddenly Lindsey spoke.
"Hey, I've never hang out with you since last week. Wanna go watch a movie with me?"
Gerard smiled a little bit and began to serious.

"Why don't you hang out with Logan instead? He might get jealous."
Lindsey rolled her eyes and said, "Logan knew we are best friends. And besides, I almost spent all my time with him. I wanna spend most my time this week with you." Lindsey smiled widely and Gerard just half-smiled.

"Uhh.. I'll go to the lockers first. You can go on directly to your room."
"Okay. See you later!" Lindsey waved a goodbye to Gerard.

Gerard almost forgot that Lindsey was taken. He felt like he is floating again. Seeing her smiling, talking and her beautiful eyes made him melt inside.

"Hey! Finally I saw you." Frank shouted behind Gerard.
"Uhh... Anything?" Gerard asked as he opened and get his things from his locker.
"Jamia is awesome! I've never thought she is so jolly and loves to crack jokes."

Gerard gave him a bright smile. "I am so happy to the both of you. Really." Gerard said honestly.

"Thanks man. By the way, I've been working on a song for her. Wanna help me?"
"Sure, but-" Gerard stopped when someone caught his eyes. It was Veronica.

Veronica saw that his eyes were on her. She just smiled and waved hello. Gerard waved back and Frank hit Gerard's side by his elbow and grinned.
"Hey, don't tell me you don't like Lindsey anymore."
Gerard quickly spoke. "What? She's not my type dude. I've never changed my feelings towards Lindsey."
"Then who's that girl?"
Gerard looked back at Frank and said, "Her name is Veronica. I just met her last week. At the park."

Frank was about to ask him something when the school bell unexpectedly rang. They walk quickly towards their room.


"Hey bro, that girl you've met at the park. Who's that again?"
Gerard sighed as if he's tired keep on saying her name.
"Oh yeah, that girl is my new classmate. She even sat beside me. She's nice." Mikey said as he stuffed some fries in his mouth.

Gerard was kind of surprised. "Really? She looks like older than you."
Mikey didn't respond because his attention was at Alicia who was talking to Lindsey and Christa.
Gerard rolled his eyes when he knew why Mikey's attention was not on him.

Frank and Jamia approached their table and greeted them hi.
"Hey guys, have you ever picked your partner for the prom?" Frank asked.
"Dude, no need to ask me that. Obviously Alicia and I will be partners."
Frank turned to Gerard asking him to answer too.
"Uhh... well... I don't know. I don't know if I would have a partner or if I'll go to prom. I don't even care."
Frank sighed. "No, you should be there. I know that the prom this year will be cool not like last year's. That was just so fucked up."

"Don't worry bro, we'll help you find a partner." after Mikey said that, there's a girl with curly hair and braces and big glasses passed by and glanced at Gerard and smirked. Frank giggled a little bit and Gerard sighed and looked down at his feet.

"Oh fuck bro. Don't worry, I won't choose Lisa as your partner for prom." Frank, Jamia and Mikey broke off with laughter.

Lisa is a lower year student who has a big crush on Gerard. She has a very curly hair and very studious. Everyone in the campus keeps on calling her a nerd, but she don't even care. She would only care about her studies and Gerard.

"That's not funny." Gerard said when he looked up at the three of them.
Lindsey have been always playing in Gerard's thoughts.
If only she doesn't have a relationship with Logan, he'll invite her as his partner for the prom right away.

But it's too late, he thought to himself. Way too late.

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