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Chapter 11 - If

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Logan flared like a dragon.

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It was weekend when Gerard and Lindsey was having a picnic by the lake where they used to play and swim when they were little.
Like what Lindsey have said, she wanted to hang out with Gerard, and so Gerard thought about picnic.

"Hey, I really miss this place." Lindsey said as she sat down at the checkered cloth that Gerard placed on the green grass.
"Me too. That's why I choose this place for us to have picnic." Gerard smiled not leaving his gaze at Lindsey.

Gerard opened the basket full of home-made cookies. As Lindsey saw those, she smiled widely.
"Oh your home-made cookies! I miss eating some of these."
She quickly grabbed three cookies and she slowly bite at the first one.
"Hmmm... Still tastes great like before. I wanna see your mom and teach me bake some delicious cookies like this."
"Well I actually baked that." Gerard said smiling.

Lindsey quickly looked at him. "Woah, really? I really love it!"
Gerard said thanks and Lindsey quickly added. "I can't imagine you wearing a pink apron and breaking an egg and spill them on a mixing bowl."
Gerard burst out laughing. "Hey I don't wear pink apron and for your information, I do know how to break an egg." After he said that, he stuffed a cookie in his mouth.

"Hey, I remember the time when I pushed you there at the edge." Gerard said as he point the spot wherein he pushed Lindsey and fell off the lake when they were young.

Lindsey's face turned into serious. "That was not funny." She glared and Gerard just laughed more.
"You look so cute when you get mad." Gerard said through his laughter. Lindsey's serious face turned red and she giggled a little bit.

"Stop kidding, Gee."
"No. I'm not kidding. It's true." Gerard smiled and his cheeks turned rosy pink.

Gerard and Lindsey stared at each other, smiling. Gerard broke off the silence and asked.
"Wanna know if how's your relationship going?" Lindsey's face kinda frowned when Gerard finished off his sentence.
"What's wrong?" Gerard asked with a worried look on his face.
"Honestly, my relationship with him is getting boring. I mean, I'm not being rude that I want him to do something special. It's just... I'm not happy anymore."

In Gerard's heart, his hoping that their relationship come up with an end, but he's afraid that Lindsey will feel hurt and torn into pieces.

"Why don't you wanna break up with him?" Gerard said carefully and in whisper.
"Oh gosh, no. I can't do that to him."

Ouch, Gerard thought. He doesn't know why did she like that guy.

"Can I ask you?" Lindsey suddenly asked Gerard, who has a questioning look.
"Do you ever felt weird when I'm with him?" Lindsey asked softly and slowly.
"Oh hell, no. Why would you think of that?" Gerard giggled when he finished off his sentence.
"I just noticed sometimes that you look weird or there's something wrong if I'm with him."

Gerard wanna tell her the reason, but he's afraid she might run away.
"Uhh... Maybe it's just because I didn't get used to go with that guy?"
Lindsey just smiled. "He's a nice guy. Trust me."

Gerard responded by a nod. He really didn't know what to say.
"Gee?" Lindsey suddenly asked.

"Do you already have a partner for prom?"
"For now, I'm still finding. Mikey is helping me to find someone that can be my partner."
"If only I can be your partner..." Lindsey said softly.

Gerard quickly looked at Lindsey. "What?"
"You heard it right." Lindsey looked up at him and smiled.
"Well... Yeah." Gerard said not knowing what to say.
"Hey don't worry. After the dance, we can spend the remaining time in the prom together." Lindsey smiled again, but this time, it's brighter and wider.

Gerard wanted that idea of hers. He wanted so much to tell her. He knew that is the right time for him to tell her.

The silence broke off when Lindsey's phone rang.
"It's Logan." Lindsey said softly reading the caller's name on the phone screen.

Gerard didn't say anything as Lindsey was talking to Logan. As their conversation went on, Gerard was kind of surprised when he heard Logan's voice from the phone rise.
"Hey, I told you last time that I'll be with him the whole weekend." Lindsey said with defensive look.

Yeah, they're talking about Gerard, and Gerard was worried about it.
Gerard put his hand on Lindsey's shoulder and Lindsey looked at him with a small smile, telling him that she'll handle it.

As Lindsey put he phone back to her pocket, Gerard sighed a little bit.
"Don't worry Gee. He's just worried something might happened to me."
Gerard can see in her eyes that part of what she just said is a lie.

"Tell me what's wrong." Gerard said firmly.
Lindsey sighed.
She knows that Gerard should know it, because he is her best friend.
"Logan wanted me to see him right now. I told him that I can't because I'm with you then he kinda yelled at me. I bet you heard him yell."
Gerard just nodded.
"Maybe he's jealous I'm with you right now." Lindsey forced to laugh to lighten the mood.
Gerard just smiled, knowing that he should understand that Lindsey is trying to change the mood.


Gerard and Lindsey drove home. Lindsey received a text message from Logan saying that she will see him at his house.
"Gee, kindly please drop me at Logan's house?"
"Okay." Gerard answered softly.
When they arrived, they saw Logan waiting at the front lawn of their house, standing and his arms crossed at his chest.
"You sure I should drop you here?" Gerard asked with a worried look in his face.
"Yes. He actually told me to go here." Lindsey smiled.

Gerard knows in his heart there's something that will happen between the lovers that is very wrong.
"Okay. Take care of yourself, Linds."
Lindsey smiled when he called her Linds. "I will Gee."
Lindsey got out of the car. Unexpectedly, Logan moved forward to her and rant. Gerard just looked at the both of them. Part of him wanted to go out of the car and helped Lindsey, but he just can't.

"What the fuck were you thinking? Going out with him at the goddamn lake? Don't you ever think that place is dangerous?" Logan yelled at her.

"Calm down. That place has been my childhood playground. I used to go there with him since we were young." Lindsey answered back and tears from her eyes were about to roll down.

Gerard can hear their conversation between them though the car doors and windows were closed. Their voices were too loud to hear.

"Fuck it. I don't care if that's your fucking childhood playground. Let's go inside." Logan grabbed her left arm inviting her forcefully to go inside the house.

Lindsey looked back at Gerard with a sad face.
"Oh fuck." Gerard muttered and he drove back home. He wanted to save her. He knew that the guy she is loving is a demon.

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