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Chapter 12 - Tears and Pain

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Lindsey told her true feelings to her best friend.

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"Hey dude! I made another song for her." Gerard said lifting up the paper, the draft of his newly-made song.

"Wow. Your brain must never been tired putting up random words just to make a song for her."
Frank smiled as he was looking at Gerard.

"You really love her dude." Frank whispered.
"But I'll never get a chance." Gerard said as he put down the paper.
"What the hell? Every person has its own chances." Frank said, putting his hand on Gerard's shoulder.
Frank and Gerard looked up to Mikey who went in to their living room.

"Dudes, I've bought this book yesterday at the Barnes and Noble. I'd never thought this book is awesome." Mikey said as he let Gerard and Frank look at the book.
"So why did you buy this book?" Frank asked.
"I really don't know. Maybe...uh... I'm attracted with its cover?" Mikey shrugged.
"What the fuck? You're attracted to this? Just look at the guy, it's like he has a hepatitis." Frank said with a laugh, followed by Gerard.

"You do have a weird eyesight, Mikes." Gerard said through his laughter.
"Yeah. Maybe that's why you just don't need glasses. You should need microscopes or something." Frank said and he's expecting that Mikey will throw something to him.
"Fuck you! Gimme that back." Mikey said with a small giggle and snatched the book quickly then he walked away.

"Wow. I thought he would be mad." Frank said sitting up properly.
"Mikey is not a monster-like dude who would just gonna eat you up because of your small taunt." Gerard said and smiled.

Frank grabbed the guitar beside him and snatched the paper from Gerard.
"Well, let's put a tune on it." Frank said as he was thinking a good tune for the song that Gerard made.

The telephone unexpectedly rang and Gerard told Frank he'll get it.
"Hello?" There's a moment of silence in the other line.
"Uhh... Hi. It's me Veronica."
"Oh. Wait, I'll gonna call Mikey."

Gerard called out for Mikey's name and Mikey quickly got out of his room and he picked up for the phone.

Gerard went back to the spot he was sitting and he looked up to Mikey who utter a low "Oh."
Gerard was suddenly curious of their conversation. Mikey glanced at Gerard and he smirked.
"Hey, are you two talking about me?" Gerard hissed. Mikey just smiled wider and said, "Hey Veronica, hang on a bit." He covered the telephone's microphone by his palm and spoke to Gerard by a low voice.
"You don't have partner for prom, right? Veronica is available."

Gerard really didn't know what to say. In his mind, there's nothing wrong being Veronica's partner, so why say no?

"Sure." was the only thing Gerard mutter.
Mikey's wide smile returned, as if there's something within that smile.
"Uhh, hey Veronica. Gerard wanted to be your partner."

Gerard quickly turned to Mikey. Wanted? Really Mikes?
Gerard just sighed and Mikey said his goodbye to Veronica happily.

"I'm so excited for Prom!" Mikey said as he walked off to his room.
Gerard can tell by his voice, he was smirking.
"What was that all about?" Gerard asked himself. Frank looked at Gerard and said, "Dude. I think Veronica likes you."
Gerard gave Frank a 'what-did-you-say' look.
"You heard me." Frank smiled and he slowly strum the guitar.
"B-but... But how would you know that she likes me? I don't even talk to her that much."
"Oh come on Gerard, don't be stupid. You saw how Mikey talked to her few minutes ago."

Gerard don't want to think about it. He wanted to believe that Frank is wrong.
But then, the most beautiful girl in his small and ugly world amounted into his mind again. He haven't talked to her since that day they went to lake. He's wondering if she's okay now.

"Hey, how's Lindsey?" Frank suddenly asked. Wow. Is he reading Gerard's wide mind?
"I don't know. I'm hoping she's okay." Gerard answered in a small voice.
"Hey, what about... let's visit her now!" Frank exclaimed.
"Hell yeah, why n--What?!"
"C'mon! I know you want to."

Frank grabbed Gerard's hand and lead him outside the house, to the garage.
Frank get the car keys from Gerard's back pocket and giggled.

"Hey! Stop cupping my ass! Give me the keys back!" Gerard shouted and Frank quickly unlocked the car door and jumped in the driver's seat.
"Hey you know that is my dad's car."
"Yeah, and your point?" Frank wanted to hold back his laugh but he failed.
"Ugh. Fuck you so--Hey! But Lindey is just my neighbor fucker." Gerard rolled his eyes and went back inside their house.

"Oh no you're wrong. She's at Christa's house right now. How come you don't know?" Frank sticked his tongue out and Gerard discontinued his tracks and turned around and looked at Frank.
"Frank just get out of that goddamn car or else..."
"Or else what?" Frank fired up the engine.
"Fine!" and Gerard said defeated.

As they were driving off to Christa's house, Gerard was silent and Frank was trying his best to brought up any matter so that the awkwardness inside the car will be gone.

"Hey will you please say something?! The silence is totally killing me."
"I'm not in the mood, Frank. I should have stayed at home."
"Oh c'mon, I know you wanted to see her."

As they arrived at Christa's house, they saw the front door was half open.
They went in without any knock, and saw Lindsey and Christa sitting on the big red couch and talking in a whisper at the living room.
"Hi girls!" Frank greeted them. Christa responded by a small smile while Lindsey was dead silent.
"Linds? You okay?" Gerard can see the sorrow in Lindsey's eyes. He seated beside her and he put a hand on her shoulder.
Lindsey didn't respond, and Gerard signalled Frank and Christa to leave for a while. He wanted to talk to her best friend, whom he fell in love with.

"Hey Linds, talk to me. Remember when I told you to tell me what's in your beautiful head that bothers you?"

Lindsey just sighed and said, "I just don't wanna talk about it. And I don't want you to be involved."
"Lindsey, I am your best friend and I have the right to know it. I do care for you. And... and... I-I love you."
Gerard knows that Lindsey will take his words in a friendly way. And that hurts him.
Lindsey swallowed hard, as if she haven't opened her mouth for an eternity.
"Gee, thanks for everything that you gave me. Thanks for always being there for me."
Before Gerard can say something, Lindsey continued to talk again.
"I just wanna end up my relationship with him, but I can't. Something's telling me that I shouldn't leave him."
"And what should it be?"
"That's what I don't know." Lindsey broke off with tears. Her tears were slowly streaming down her face. Gerard wiped them away and he cupped her face and he was now fully facing her.

"Well, then he is not your true love." Gerard hugged her and Lindsey hugged him back tighter.

"I don't want to fall in love with a guy like him ever again."
"So... Are you planning to break up with him now?"
"Not now Gee. I'll gonna think about it first. Maybe I feel like this because I'm over-reacting."
"No you're not. I told ya he's not a nice guy that you've thought."

Lindsey looked directly at Gerard's eyes. Her eyes were still leaking.
"Thank you." She kissed his cheek and Gerard just felt his heart burn with love.

Gerard can't help but smile widely. "No problem Linds."

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