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Chapter 13 - Protect

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Gerard felt happiness within his soul when suddenly someone ruined it.

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Chapter 13

They were at Frank's house, keeping themselves busy with weird things.
Frank and Mikey were playing the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on Xbox 360 that Gerard, Ray, Mikey and Bob gave to Frank last year's Christmas. They were forced to buy it for him because Frank once said that he would probably reveal their darkest and deepest secrets that only the five of them knew. Gerard, Ray, Mikey and Bob tried their best not to spend too much of their money for comics, food, and video games. Though they suffered for almost four months of saving money and avoiding spending them, they are still happy that they made Frank's smile brighter than before.

"Aw crap! I wanna use The Thing, Frank." Mikey whined.
"Uhh, use Spider-Woman dude. She's awesome and damn sexy. Look at her boobs." Frank said in a sexy tone and Mikey was disturbed about it.
"Ugh shut up. I'm weak in using lady characters and please don't ever fucking do that voice again. It's not even sexy."
Frank rolled his eyes and muttered, "Whatever."

Gerard, Ray and Bob were making some songs. Frank's living room was full of crumpled papers with different words in it. Bob was imitating drums, as if he's putting a beat on the song that they're making, while Ray was holding the guitar, putting up some different chords that would fit their new song.

The ladies, Alicia, Christa, Jamia and Lindsey, were having some girl talks. There are times that they'll murmur and there are times that they'll just unexpectedly explode and noisy. And Alicia obviously is the root of the noise they're making.

"Hey girls! Will you please shut the fuck up?!" Bob yelled.
"Mr. Bryar, watch out your language or I'll kick you out of this house." Frank's dad said, suddenly entering the living room.
"What's with this mess?" He asked.
"Uhh... We promise we'll clean this after." Gerard said and Bob and Ray nodded. As when the living room fell silent, the girls in the kitchen unexpectedly burst out with laughter and cheers.
Frank lose his hold of the joystick and said, "Right! Now what's with those yells about?"
"It's something you wouldn't mind." Alicia said and the girls cheered louder. Gerard looked at Ray and they both shrugged.

"I think they're talking about you." Bob whispered on Gerard's left ear.
Gerard was about to smack his arm, but instead, he whispered, "How the fuck would you know?"
Bob shrugged and said, "I just can feel it."
Gerard rolled his eyes. He stood up and went to the kitchen but Frank's dad stopped him. "So I know you're the oldest dude here. I'll be gone until night and you'll be the in-charge of this house. My son is too naughty enough that he can break anything here." Gerard let a small laugh escaped his mouth and Frank's dad added, "Take care of the house." And with that, he went for the front door and leave.

Gerard continued his track to the kitchen.
As he entered the room, the girls fell silent and can't help but giggle in a soft tone, except for Lindsey, who's turning rosy pink.

"Uh... hi." was all Gerard said to the girls.
"Hi Gee!" Alicia said cheerfully, followed by Jamia and Christa's giggle.
"Uh... I'll just gonna get a soda." Gerard said awkwardly.
"Sure! Want some help?" Jamia said standing up from the chair she's been sitting on.
"It's just a soda honey. Gerard is a big boy." Frank suddenly showed up and he grabbed his own soda. Jamia murmured something and Lindsey smacked her left arm and let out a small gasp.

"Hey Jamia, stop murmuring things or I'll gonna tickle you to death." Frank said as he tickle Jamia before he finish his statement.
"Ah fuck! Stop it!" Jamia exclaimed and Frank let go of her.
"You better behave." Frank said and he leave.
Gerard, on the other hand, was still feeling awkward. He was about to go when Alicia called him.
"Hey Gee! You like Veronica?" Alicia asked.
Gerard's eyes were wide and said, "What? Well... I like her in a way that she's nice and friendly, but nothing more. Why did you ask that?"
Alicia nodded, then she looked at Lindsey and said, "Nothing. It seems that you two are getting better and you suits for each other."
Lindsey involuntarily snorted. She realized what she just did and she sat up straight pretending nothing happened. Alicia just giggled and said,

"That's all Gerard. You can go now."
With that, Gerard walked back to the living room without looking back.
"I just saw what you did!" Alicia whispered.
"Did what?" Lindsey said innocently.
"Well, you snorted. Or let's just say... You frowned." Christa said carefully, making sure that no one in the living room heard her.
"So? What's with it?" Lindsey said trying to make them confuse.
"You frowned because of what I said, isn't it?" Alicia said and without waiting for Lindsey's answer, she added, "Told ya girls! I'm right."

"Please stop that." Lindsey said, trying to hold back her laughter.


"Thanks for taking care of the house dude."
"No problem Mr. Iero." Gerard said with a smile on his face.

Ray, Bob and Christa went home together riding Ray's car and Mikey decided to walk Alicia home. Jamia stayed at Frank's house for a while waiting for his dad to pick her up. Gerard offered Lindsey a walk to their home and she agreed.

"You don't need to walk me home." Lindsey said as she felt the coldness of the dark night.
"Well I feel like I should walk you home. It's too dark here and maybe someone would just show up and ravage you."
Lindsey can't help but laugh. "What? Ravage me? I'm strong enough to beat someone down." She sticked her tongue out.
"Oh really? Well are you strong enought to fight this?" Gerard tickled her sides and she bursts out laughing.

"Hey! Stop it! We're on the middle of a dark street."
"I thought you're strong?" Gerard asked while laughing.
"Yes. I. Am." She pushed Gerard to a big tree and she laughed.
"Right, you're strong." Gerard said while smiling and they continued walking up to Lindsey's house.

When they arrived, they said their good nights and Lindsey hugged Gerard.
Gerard hugged her back tighter and Lindsey just giggled.
When Gerard walked towards the side street, someone attacked him and pinned him to a large tree.

"Ouch! Hey!" He shouted and was shocked.
"Are you surprised? Well you should." Logan said and he threw him to the ground.
The ground welcomed Gerard's body with full force. Logan picked him up again and punched him on the face. Gerard accepted it, but before Logan could punch him again, he kicked his stomach and Logan fell to the ground.

"What's your problem?" Gerard said wiping the blood on his lower lip.
Logan suddenly stood up and said, "What's my problem? You are." He was about to attack Gerard again, but Gerard stopped him by pinning him to the tree.

"Look, I don't want to fight." Gerard said while he's catching up his breath.
"Let go off me!" Logan moved violently from Gerard's hold. Gerard let go of him and said,
"Will you please stop? I was just walking her home. That's all."
"Stay away from her or else I'll murder you so bad." Logan slurred his words and Gerard realized he's drunk.
"Look, you should go home now. I'm about to go home too." With that, Gerard walked off quickly, not even bothering the pain that he received from Logan.

Now that he already knew the true Logan, he wanted to break Logan's relationship with Lindsey. He must do something to protect his love.
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