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Here We Go

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The day of the concert.

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Kira's POV
Today was the day. I was going to see My Chemical Romance. Finally. So I'm that kind of girl that has problems. Like, wanting to die, self-inflicted cuts. Shit like that. But today I'm gonna change. This band save me once, and their gonna save me again. I roll over on my bed and look at my clock. It's still 7:00. School starts in an hour. Nobody said I had to go? Mom's at work and who gives a shit where Dad is? Probably off on some hooker. I thought I should at least get dressed. I walk into my bathroom and look into the mirror to see what awaits me. I see this girl, with short brown curly hair, freckles splattered all over her cheeks, and the most odd color eyes that can leave you staring in them for hours. I brush my hair, and watch how it just puffs up. Thanks for the hair Mom. I brush my teeth then find what to wear. I pull on some grey skinnies and a My Chemical Romance shirt from the Black Parade tour. I grab my eyeliner and smudge it under my eyes like i usually do. I grab my phone and $20 and head out the door.
~Time Lapse~

I walk into the nearest gas station and buy myself a Monster and walk out. I love the people that work at gas stations because they never ask any questions. I walk around a little bit outside, and see my Mom's car pull up to the gas station. Shit. I run to find cover, but all i could find was a bush. She pulls up her car to the nearest pump, and of course the front of the car is facing me. I don't know how long she's there, but long enough to make both of my feet fall asleep. My Monsters warm now. Thanks Mom. Finally she leaves the pump and goes onto her business for the day. I check my phone while i walk back to my house. A few of my friends texted me. Whatever, i'll say "Hi" later. I go straight to my room as I unlock the front door, and sit down at my desk. I grab a few sheets of paper and draw what comes to mind. At first it looks like a demon, then a dark angel, then ends up as a dark demon angel. I check the clock. 3:30. I have to wait 4 more hours until i see My Chemical Romance. I decide to stop drawing since my head hurts from Monster. it gives me these weird side-affects. I go into the bathroom and open one of the drawers. I grab my the blade that has my blood on it. I first started cutting myself when I found out my Dad was cheating on my Mom. I just wanted to be that little girl who had that perfect life where everyone got along. But no. My parents never got along. They always fought. The house looks like a bomb went off in here, except my room. It's spotless. I decide to take a nap before the concert so I'm not tired during it. I lie down on my bed and plug my Ipod in. I listen to the song "Sleep" by My Chemical Romance. Before I know it, I'm off in La-la land, thinking one day I could meet those rockstars that I look up too.

~Time Lapse~

I wake up finding my self drenched in my own sweat. Apparently I had a bad dream, but I can't remember. I decide to take a shower so I don't look bad. After my shower, I put on my fish-net leggings, a black skirt and My Chemical Romance shirt that has the black window on the front. I re-apply my eye liner and then strap my boots up. I check the clock, 6:00. I grab my ticket off my desk and head downstairs. I'm halfway through the front door when my Mom pulls up and asks if I want a ride. She has great timing.

The car ride is worse than ever. No one says a single word. By the time were at the parking lot, I tell her to just drop me off. She just un-locks the car and I leave. No goodbye's. No "I Love You's". Haven't heard one of those since i was 8. I'm 15 now. Why should I care?

I walk up to the ticket stand guy and give him my ticket and find my spot. The crowds booming. Matt & Kim just finished their opening act. I never heard of them anyway. I notice I have a girl next to my left that's about 10 or 11 with her Dad. Their both jumping and laughing. I miss that. To my right theirs a boy that's about 13 or 14. We exchange glances and he looks about as psyched as I am.
Tonight should be fun. I talk to the boy for a little while and find out that he has the same problem as me. Our parents neglect us. We instantly become good friends and exchange names. His names Chris. Not bad. But his eyes. Their gorgeous! They're the most beautiful blue i've ever seen. I just melted when I looked into them. Apparently I stared a little bit too long to let Chris know i was staring. A smirk rose up on his face letting me know it's cool, and says that he gets it a lot. All I heard from him was "Do you have a-?" before i heard the beginning of Planetary (GO)! start to play. I see the boys file out and i pay extra close attention to what their wearing; Gerards wearing his usual leather tight pants, which seem extra tight tonight with his loose black shirt. Beautiful. Mikeys wearing his new white skinnies with his converse and a red-white-and blue tank top that says MCR in the middle. Rays just got normal skinnies and a white shirt with the black widow on it. Just like mine! Wow, too much fangirl-ing Kira. Chill. Then I look at Frank. He's always been my favorite. He's wearing his white shirt that says "Fuck The Police" with his green sweater over it, and wearing his signature grey ripped up skinnies. Those 4 men were about to make my night. Here we go.

A/N: Hi guys! I just started this story because of a dream. Very creepy what awaits. Please tell me what you think and what you think I should add. I already know i need more dialouge but I'm working on it! Schools interfering too so I won't be able to update so frequently but this story will be good. I promise! :D
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