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Concerts are supposed to be fun, right?

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Kira's POV
While the boys were singing "Destroya" up on stage, I see this man walk by me. From what he was wearing, he didn't seem to be a fan. But the way he was walking was odd, like he was watching something;he was studying the guys movements on stage. Where they were walking;how long they would stay in that spot. I mean he could've been security just making sure fans don't go murder the band, but his shirt would've said it. And that's when I saw it. He pulled out a long blade out of his pocket and started to polish it with a cloth he pulled out from his other pocket. What does he think he's doing? You can't just bring a weapon to a concert! I tell Chris I'm going to the bathroom and I'll be right back. I follow the man to see where he's going and what he's gonna do with that knife. He pulls the knife back as to make it look like he's about to throw it somewhere on stage. I watch his gaze and see what he's aiming at. He's aiming it straight to Gerard.

I start running to him while everything turns to slow motion. There's one spot where the security guards aren't guarding the gates. Idiots. I jump over the gates, but of course the guard sees me now. He tries to pick me up while I'm screaming "Get off me! Let me go!" I scream in his ear which keeps him a little dazed, but then snaps back to reality. "You can't go on the stage! Now go back to your daddy little girl". He did NOT just call me a little girl. I swing my fist and as hard as I can; I slug him in the nose. I heard a loud 'crack' when my fist connected to his face. I broke his nose? Niiiiice.

With meat-head out of my way, I run up the stairs but trying not to trip on any of the electrical equipment. I'm greeted at the top of the stairs with worried looks on Mikey's and Ray's face, as if I were about to hit them too. I run right in front of Gerard before the blade can connect with his body; while it connects to mine. That's when the music stopped; and when I screamed like I was dying. Well, technically I am. I fell straight in front of Frank when he threw his guitar off his shoulder and comes running to my side. I look down at where the blade is and it's on the left side of my stomach; then too the crowd where i see stares of horror and the man who threw the knife; running away in fear. Didn't think you'd hit me huh, asshole? "Are you okay?!" I hear Gerard scream. I nod my head up and down, letting them know I was fine. But Gerard doesn't take that as an answer.

"You just saved my life. We need to get you too a hospital now." he says. "What's your name?" Frank says. I can barely say my own name! "It's Ki...Kira" I put my hand over my mouth to protect my cough, and figuring i coughed up blood. "That's a nice name" Frank says. He tries to force a smile but the condition I'm in, i can't even smile to his smile. "Guys! We have to get her out of here! She's gonna die!" Mikey yells. "Gerard, call 911. I'll carry Kira." I feel his hand wriggle under my body to pick me up. I feel bad I was getting my blood on his shirt, but he didn't seem to notice. I look over to Gerard to see him screaming into his cell phone.

"You're gonna be okay Kira. Everything's gonna be okay." Frank whispers softly. I look up too him and I see he's got tears in his eyes. Why tears? We just met. My breathing starts to become shallow and slows down a bit; which means I'm dying. Apparently Frank felt that against his chest and yells "Gerard! She's gonna die!" That's when I see the flashing lights. Frank swiftly makes his way to the ambulance with the 3 other guys behind him trying to match his pace. They put onto a stretcher, which then went into the ambulance. A lady appears out from the truck and says "Your gonna be okay sweetheart just hang on okay?" I just nod. I can't speak. She gives me an oxygen mask and puts all these other wires into my arms. The guys all try to pile into the ambulance with Gerard and Mikey on my left and Frank and Ray on my right. Frank grabs my hand and before I go unconscious, i heard him say:

"Stay with us".

A/NSorry this one's short! I thought it would've been longer. I wrote this in History class, so i didn't think it'd be so small. Damn. So no one's read Chapter 1 yet. Doesn't bother me. It's my first, so it's cool. I'm trying to update every day, but I'm getting loads of test so i don't know. Thanks if you read :)

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