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Can she stay?

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Questions, questions, questions.

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Frank's POV
“Doctor will she be okay?” I say.

“I think so, and she should be waking up very soon. She’s lucky it wasn’t anything to serious, or it could’ve been fatal. And Gerard sir, your a very lucky man to have her save your life.”

Gerard hang his head low and says quietly “I know”.

I decide to sit by Kira and wait for her to wake up. I study her facial features and notice she’s actually very pretty. She has a piece of hair in her face and i bring my hand up to her face to move it out of the way, which causes her to stir.

When she opens her eyes, i couldn’t stop staring. I could sit their for hours on end. They instantly change from green to brown and end up being hazel like mine and Gerard’s. I can hear her mumble a few words but I don’t think she’s fully awake. “Kira? Kira can you hear me?” She looks at me with a shocked face, and then realizes who she’s looking at. “F-Frank?”. She can barely talk. I feel so bad that she risked her life, and we don’t even know her.

“Yes. The others are here too. Do you remember what happened?”

“Uhm, the last thing i do remember was that man...that man that tried to kill Gerard.”

She remembers. And whose that man she’s talking about?

“Kira, what did the man look like?”

“I remember clearly that he had a black hoodie on with normal jeans on and boots;like Mikey’s.”

“I look better in them!” Mikey shouts. I give Mikey a glare and tell him now is not the time. He mouths "I'm sorry." I want to ask Kira so many questions, but I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. She practically almost died for Gerard. I wonder if she liked him the most out of us. Usually the girls do. I mean I’ve got those amazing guitar skills and- Frank stop! You just met this girl. You can’t be like this.

“Why are you here?” Kira whispers but loud enough that all of us could hear.

“Because we were worried, and you practically almost gave your life for Gerard’s. You did something that could’ve broken us down emotionally and physically. Your’e a good person, and we can thank you for that.” Ray speaks for once. But usually when he does, it’s something smart that can answer anyones question.

“You guys are welcome and all, but I was just repaying the favor.”
Repaying the favor? What did she mean by that?

I guess the others quite didn’t follow either which made Kira laugh a little from the looks of their faces, and I had to laugh too.

“What’s so funny Frank?”

“You.” I say with a smirk.

"Fuck you!"
"I know you want too!"

We both receive death glares from Ray telling us to shut the hell up.

“What I mean is that you saved me from death. Killing myself.”

What? How could this girl not want to live? She’s gorgeous, she’s- whoa. I just called a 15 year old fan gorgeous. That’s not right. I can’t think like this! I need to like women my own age.

“Do you want us to take you back home?” Mikey offers. “No!” She instantly answers as if she were dreading the question. “Sorry for yelling, but I can’t go home. Not like this.” She might have problems at home. Kids usually do with parents. “Guys, may I have a word with you outside?” They look confused but file outside the little room. I turn to face Kira who had a confused look and mouthed to her “One minute.” She nods as I walk out and close the door.

“So what’s up?” Gerard asks. “Yea dude, what’s going on?” Mikey chimes in.

“I don’t think she wants to go home guys. I think she has family issues. I saw the fear in her eyes when Mikey asked if she wanted a ride back home. Somethings making her stay away.” They all process what I’m saying but all they do is nod. After a minute or two in silence, I finally have the gut to ask “What if she comes on tour with us?”

That’s when I got the real looks. They all knew what I was getting at. Shit Frank, your too damn obvious. Gerard was the first to speak after seemed what like forever.

“I guess it could be arranged, but there’d have to be rules.”I jump up in down in excitement of his answer. “Especially for Frank” He smirks and then walks to go smoke a cancer stick outside. “Mikey? Ray? What do you guys think? I mean it’s not like she’s gonna say no to this.” I smirk but only Mikey found it funny. “Yea I guess so. She seems cool” Mikey says and goes to find some coffee. “PLEASE RAY?” I’m practically clinging onto his leg by now, but then I can feel him giggling slightly. “You asshole!” I slap his arm. “I thought you were gonna say no!” He just gives me a thumbs up while joins Gerard outside to talk.

I open up Kira’s hospital bedroom door to see her just lying there. She looks as white as a ghost. Poor kid. “Hey Kira” I say with a smile as I sit down next to her on the bed. “Hi Frank”. I can barely hear her whisper. “So I have news, and this isn’t the boring kind like on TV”. She laughs at that one and I actually heard the girl laugh. It’s so cute it fits her look so well. Dammit Frank stop! “And that is?” She’s eager to know. I can tell.

“I talked this over with the guys, and we all agreed that you can come on tour with us if you don’t want to be at home, and I made up the idea so credit goes to Frank Iero.” She giggles a little and says “That’d be great Frank. Thank you guys so much for this.” I give her a hug and we just sit there for I don’t know how long but seems like forever. She then breaks the silence “What about my parents? What will they think? I just can’t leave my Mom and...Dad. And I would still have to get my things.”

She had me there. Maybe she could just leave a note. That seems like the best idea right now. We talk over what should be done and then check Kira out of the hospital.

She seems glad too be out. I sure as hell would be too! Ray offers to drive while Gerard rides shotgun and then it’s Mikey on the left, Me in the middle and Kira on the right. Apparently the heat in the car gets to her and she falls asleep in no time right on my shoulder. I watch her for a little while and then think. She probably doesn’t want to go home because of her parents. I feel so bad for kids that have to deal with that everyday.
None of them deserve it. I can tell this tour is gonna be a lot more fun than I expected.

A/N: I just wrote this tonight because I felt bad.(x Thanks for all of the reviews guys! Its kinda what motivates me to write this. Please, give me ideas if you think I should add something!
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