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Chapter five

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Bullet and Kobra talk and we check in at BL/ind...

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Hey, this will probably the last time I update anything for a few days (see note for full reasons) I have tried to update as many of my stories as I can this week to make up for it and I put up a mini frerard oneshot earlier called "my chemical ghosts" if anyone was interested in that. I`ll update as soon as I can.I hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do

Bullets Embrace`s pov
I watch as Poison and Jinx re enter the room, their faces as red as their hair, eyes on the floor, holding hands.
“Way to go Poison, ya finally grew a pair, did ya?” Ghoul laughs, his eyes sparkling mischievously as he smirks at his best friend. Kobra just shakes his head, sighs deeply once and gets to his feet. He hurries past the two of them and out of the door, claiming that he “needed some air”. I frown but don`t question it, it wasn’t as if I cared about Kobra. I mean, of course I cared about him, but defiantly no more than any of the others.
“So, you two together now then I take it?” Willow asks, smiling the most I had ever seen her, a huge “I knew it” smug look to her face.
They blush even deeper, if that was even physically possible and nod, not able to meet anyone`s curious eyes. Poison and Jinx walk over and sit done on an old bar stool, Jinx perched on his lap, as he suddenly wrapped his arms around her, securing her into place. She pretends to tell him off, but she is laughing, so we all know that she liked it. I take it in, the two of them sitting there smiling and giggling like lovesick teenagers, it was…sweet, I guess.
I wasn’t one for that whole in love thing; I never really had been, especially since…why did I keep thinking about that? I had told myself repeatedly to forget it, or at least try my damndest to. I sigh, it wasn`t really something you could ever forget, no matter how much you wanted to.
“Bullet, why don`t you go check on Kobra, he shouldn’t really be out in his own, he looked a bit tired to me, we don’t want him getting hurt, do we?””
“No,” I mumble, not wanting to imagine him getting hurt, the thought was just too painful. She, like most of the others, apart from the two lovebirds, were looking at me expectantly. “Fine, I`ll go,” I grab my gun and follow Kobra outside, muttering to myself as I went. “If you want something done, better fucking do it yourself.”
Kobra Kid`s pov
I couldn’t stand one more minute in that room, watching my brother look so happy with his new girlfriend. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to be happy, I had always wanted that, but it just wasn’t fair. He had the guts to tell the girl he liked how he felt, granted it had taken him ages, he had liked her the first day he met her over a year ago, so why couldn’t I? I run a hand through my matted hair, the sandy locks detangle under my gentle touch but I grab hold of the ends tightly and pull on it, messing it up again, no longer caring.
“Why can`t I just tell her!?” I tip my head back and scream at the sky, the bright sun burning my eyes as I glare up at it. I had been so consumed in my thoughts that I hadn’t noticed the approaching footsteps behind me. If it was a drac, I was dead, I doubted I would be able to reach and aim my ray gun fast enough.
“Tell who what?” well shit, it was her, the stubborn and stunningly beautiful Bullet, the only girl I had had feelings for since Alicia.
For the briefest of moments I consider telling her, telling her everything. Like how pretty I thought she was, how her witty comments made me laugh in my head, how I liked the way she cared for her friends so much, how I loved how-wait-loved? I loved her. How I hadn’t realised it before I`ll never know. Sure, I liked her, but I didn’t know that my feelings were so strong for the girl. Love, I was in love with her, I loved everything about her, from her smile, to her personality to-
“Kobra!” she snaps, bringing me back to reality.
“Huh-oh, yeah, what?” she sighs, but her perfect lips curve upwards at the corners slightly, the ghost of a smile forming on her beautiful face.
I love you! The voice in my head screams, but I will not say it aloud, I knew all too well that she didn’t feel the same.
“Erm, are you alright?” she asks, not looking at me, instead she angles her body away from me ad looks across the horizon, scanning it for any approaching enemies.
“Fine, why?” I tried not to get my hoped up, it wasn’t like she cared, was it?
“You stormed out of there pretty past, that’s all.”
I shrug, “I just needed some air,”
“Oh, well we were worried that we had done something to upset you or you didn’t feel well or something,”
“I`m fine,” I lie, hoping she would not see through it, or see the slight dampness surrounding my eyes.
“Well I`m glad,” she smiles at me. And boy was it a smile, her entire face lit up when she smiled, she looked so young, so innocent and carefree when she smiled, today more than ever. Often when she smiled there would still be remnants of pain in her eyes, but not today.
“C`mon, let’s go back if you’re feeling better,” I follow her back to the se, desperately trying to pluck up the courage and just say something, anything. Like “Your hair looks nice today” or “You have a really pretty smile,” or even to take hold of her hand.
“what are you doing?” she asks, eyes narrowed as she sees my left hand nearing hers. I grab it back instantly, not realising it had strayed from me side.
“N-nothing, you-I,” I sigh, “Nothing, Bullet,”
Back at BL/ind
“Sir, test subjects 605.1 and 605.2 are now both awake.” The short black haired woman informs her boss, the sinister looking bald man. He nods, flicking through the same folder he had been painstakingly covering for weeks, searching for anything he may have missed.
“Sir, did you hear-
“I heard.” His voice is cold, quiet and stern, full of power.
“do you wish t o come and see them for yourself, and begin the next stage of the test?” she asks, keeping her eyes down, her arms folded across her chest a back, emotionless expression on her face.
“Yes, in one moment,” he places the folder down on his white desk and stands, his shoes making a loud squeaking noise on the spotless floor.
“No more news on-“
The woman shakes her head, “I`m afraid not sir.”
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