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Chapter six

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“Excellent, I want it tracked down as soon as possible, and brought back here straight away.” after a moment of silence he snarls, “That means now!”

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Hey guys, I`m sorry about the wait and the shortness of the chapter. I also updated another story of mine earlier, "come on angel don`t you cry" earlier, so I hope that you can understand that I ran out of time to write as much as usual. Plus I have that education woman coming round tommorow. Sigh. Great, she is a fake ass bitch. Wish me luck? I`m, gonna need it just to be polite to it-I mean her. I hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do
A very sinister, smartly dressed man enters the brightly lit room; his cold, cruel eyes stared fixedly at the two restrained figures that were in the centre of the room, laid down on what could have slightly resembled hospital beds. It was clear that whoever was on these tables were in a bad way, pale, hooked up to some sort of drip, their heavy, unstable breathing echoing around the perfectly square room. Even if they were not being secured down, it was very unlikely that the two beings, which looked human, could have been able to have gotten up and make a run for it anyway. No, they looked far too exhausted and ill for that, which was the point of course. The only good sign that showed that they were alive, bar from their loud, forced breathing, was that both of their eyes were open and blinking, taking in the plain room in fear. The two humans, girls, probably wished they were anywhere but here right now, shocked that they had gotten here, praying for a quick, painless death.
“How long?” The bald, evil man demands an answer from a woman stood next to him on his right, albeit, slightly further behind than he was. She answers confidently and clearly, appearing as businesslike and professional as ever.
“Test Subjects 605.1 and 605.2 have been awake five minutes, possibly ten, sir. No longer than that though, we are certain.” Her facial expression is like her face, showing no emotion whatsoever.
“Ten minutes?!” The man narrows his emotionless eyes and raises his voice, obviously finding something wrong with her answer, but it cannot really be classified as a proper, full blast yell. “They have been awake that long?”
“As I said a short moment ago, we believe they have been awake five minutes, possibly ten. No shorter, no longer.”
He frowns and takes a step closer towards the centre of the room where the bloodstained tables were stood, with heavy duty metal restrains at either end of them that were currently stopping the two brightly dressed, bloodied girls from escaping, though they probably hadn’t the energy to run far.
“I do believe that I briefed you all earlier that I wanted an update, well?” The mean, bald man cocks one eyebrow-the left-turning his steady, unblinking gaze away from the two girls for the first time since entering the room.
“Oh, of course sir,” the woman walks over, almost looking as though she was gliding across the room, past where he stood and past the two, killjoys. She picks up a file, similar to the plain white one the man had been flicking through earlier, but this one was a jet black in colour and very shiny, if she looked at it she could have used it as a mirror to check her immaculate reflection.
“605.1 awoke shortly before 60.2, judging by this, about three, four minutes before.” The man nods and encourages her to go on. We currently have no names for the two, but it is thought that they were both close with many other killjoys during their confused little lives, possibly including the Fabulous Killjoys, party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul, the main reasons of concern.”
“They have been responding well to the newest batch of drugs and are due to be taken of the drip in-“ she glances at her expensive looking watch worn tightly around her bony wrist, “Ten minutes and twenty seconds exactly.”
“Good, very good. Anything else I should be informed about?”
“Well, there is one thing…” the dark haired woman begins hesitantly, not particularly wanting to tell him, her hopes of him not bringing it up dashed.
“The escaped Test Subject 501 has been sighted out somewhere in zone four.”
He smiles, a horrible smile, an evil, sinister one that could probably make young children burst out crying. “Excellent, I want it tracked down as soon as possible, and brought back here straight away.” after a moment of silence he snarls, “That means now!
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