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part two of the last chapter. Things start to get dramatic and romantic?

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Gerard POV
"It's for you." Frank stated. I walked over to where he was standing, my hands shaking because of how nervous I was. He handed me the letter and I took a deep breath before I read it.
You have been such a great friend. Which is also why I fell for you and brings me to the to this conclusion. I'm moving to california with my aunt Mia. I can't be around you without wanting to pound you down with kisses. I think that this is the best way for me to grow up and forget about what could have been. I only did this to let you be happy because you're right I wasted too many chances with you and it isn't fair for Shauna. I hope you understand.

I read the letter over and over again trying to make sure that I had read the right thing. As much as I wanted this to all be a dream it wasn't. She was moving away all because of me. I had been thinking about other things that I hadn't noticed that I was crying. I stood there frozen like a statue. I finally decided to move and I looked up to see that Frank was crying.
"You knew." I stated more than questioned. He nodded slowly and sadly. " You knew and you didn't tell me! How could you! I could have stopped her!" I yelled.
" No you couldn't! You ARE the reason she did this. You are the only one to blame." He began to cry again.
" What time is she leaving and what airport is she taking?!" I asked. He didn't move or say anything. " Please! You're the only one that knows." He thought about it, but still remained silent.
" Her planes leaves in fifteen minutes and she's at the airport outside of town." Before he could finish I was already out the door and in my car. I turned it on and drove into the direction in full speed. I honestly didn't care if I got a ticket or not all I knew was that the love of my life was leaving and it was all my fault.
Once I got to the airport I drove directly to where it was the drop off section and dashed out of the car. I heard a lot of, " Hey! What do you think your doing?!" and "Bastard!" But I didn't give a fly shit. I felt like this was the end of the world. That if I didn't get there on time my life would end. I pushed pass everyone and ran directly to where the gate was. There was no one there anymore except the flight attendent that takes tickets and I began to start to panic. I tried to run pass her but she pushed me back.
" Sorry sir but if you don't have a ticket you may not be able to board the plane." She explained.
" No you don't understand the love of my life is in that plane and if I let her go I'll never see her again!" I yelled. She pressed a button on the head set that she was wearing and nodded
" I'm sorry sir but the plane just left." As soon as those last few words left her mouth my heart dropped. I walked away silently and painfully. I sat down on a chair and I began to cry. How could I have let something so special to me leave? i'm such an idiot. I wiped away my tears and decided that sitting here wasn't going to help me in anything. I got up and began to walk back the way I came through. As I did something caught my eye. Bella. Wait no it couldn't be. Could it? I stopped and froze for a second before I reacted. I shouted out at her.
" Bella?!" I asked. She turned her head and shock was clear on her face. I ran over to her as fast as my legs could take me.
" What are y-" She began to speak, but I cut her off by my lips crashing down onto hers. The kiss was brief, but sweet.Before she could say anything I began to speak.
" Bella I didn't mean anything of what I said to you. I was in denial and I thought that it would be better that way, but when I read your letter I couldn't imagine my life with out you. You need to know that I love you." I said staight out. She smiled and this time she kissed me. This was great.
to be continued....
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