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Love Isn't Always Fair

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The highly sought after sequel to Angels Die . Can Gerard and Frank find a way back into love ?

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Franks POV
This is it , I love you Gerard" he whispered the wind catching his words and whisking them off through the harsh winter evening.He took a deep breath and stepped from the bridge.And he was falling ,his life flashing before his eyes , as the ground raced towards his face. So close Almost there.

Frank woke in a pool of sweat the dark blue sheets tangled around his legs .3 years later and he still had nightmares about that night.They were less frequent now then before ,but they were so real. He could feel the breeze , taste the fear.”Frankie are you okay” a sleepy voice mumbled beside him, pale arms wrapped themselves around him. “Fine” he replied curtly looking at the sleepy red head beside him “Go back to sleep Charlie “He force a smile as his girlfriend shrugged her shoulders and fell back to the pillow turning her back on him. He waited for the little telltale noises that showed she was asleep. He slipped from the room , grabbing a pair of black jeans and his battered converse as he went, the door shutting with a quiet click behind him.

He hurried over to the car.He need to clear his head and driving around in the crisp cool morning seemed like the perfect way to do it.He slipped behind the wheel pressing his forehead against the cool leather of the steering wheel.He couldn’t get Gerard off his mind, even more so lately then before. He missed him so much it hurt. He thought it would get easier as time went by but it didn’t. He thought having a girlfriend would help him forget but if anything the closeness to another person made him miss Gerard and what they had even more. He could feel a tear roll down his face , he wiped it away roughly. “No” He whispered fiercely “He doesn't want you” The painful memories of that morning flooded back into his head.

He sat up in bed , an empty space beside him a note resting on the pillow. He picked it up scanning it . Words and phrases jumped off the paper jumbling not making proper sense. I dont love you. Get out of my house and my life .You are nothing to me .Don’t come back. Block my number because im sure as hell blocking yours. His heart exploded into a million pieces shards ,flying too far to ever be put back together again.Why ? What had he done. He knew it was to good to be true , Gerard was too good to be real ,Who was he to think he deserved a guy like that. He throw his phone at the wall , it breaking into almost as many pieces as his heart. Tears streamed down his twisted face as he hastily packed his things and grabbed the letter of the bed stuffing it into his bag Thoughts raced through his throbbing head ,He had a friend in Albany ,He could stay with him, start a new life away from Gerard. He grabbed his bag and took one last look at their room , bile rised up his throat as he fled down the stairs and from the house

Frank started the car and drove through the deserted streets , as he drove he couldnt get Gerard off his mind and he wondered did he ever think of him. Before realising it Frank made the turn and started down the familiar route to Jersey.

Gerards POV

​Gerard absentmindly stirred at his coffee staring out the window of the little cafe he frequented. He brushed his unkempt black hair from his face as he picked up his pencil and began to sketch . lines began to form shapes and those shapes gave way to the godly figure that was Frank . He shook his head sadly carefully ripping the page from his battered sketchpad and balling it up . He felt ashamed that he still thought of his Ex , the "one" or so he had thought until he left that fateful day , no explaination just an empty bed and a broken phone littered on the floor . Edward had kidnapped him from the house that morning to go buy his girlfriend a birthday present , Gerard had begrudgingly agreed though he would have much preferred to spend the day with his perfect boyfriend. He had left leaving a short note telling him where he was and that he loved him and had crept from the house not wanting to wake him. It was the last time he had seen him. Tears threaten to well up at the thoughts of Frank and the life they had together. It had been perfect and then one day it collapsed on top of him . The why's still tortured him . Why did he leave why didn't he say goodbye.

Gerard was startled from his thoughts by the waitress " Want a refill Hun?" She drawled leaning forward on her elbows giving Gerard a clear view down her blouse , He nodded vaguely , She poured the steaming liquid into his mug and placed the pot on the table . She slipped a pen and a scrap of paper from her apron and scrawled a series of numbers in flowery writing and slid the paper across the table with long red talons . She bent down her long blonde hair tickling of Gerards face and whispered obscenities in his ear. He nodded curtly . She smirked and pulled back " I get off at 6 " She winked and sauntered off swaying her hips as she went. Gerard said were he was staring blankly into space. She wasn't his type , but then again no one was anymore but who cared , She was just going to be a meaningless fuck who needed love or relationships. All they did was fuck you over and kick you to the ground and leave you for dead . He drained his mug , setting it down with a bang on the table . He waited outside the door , watching the people passing by absorbed in their own problems safe inside their bubbles. The waitress slipped out the door and grinned at him " Come on Let's go for a drink and then maybe back to mine " She purred clinging to his arm . He nodded and smiled weakly back at her , trying to drown out her insistent babble as they set off down the busy street .

[* Ola chicas Due to popular demand here is the sequel to "Angels Die" I better see lots if reviews for that cause I was never planning on writing a sequel but so many people asked I decided I would , if you haven't read it check it out I've been told it's good :L Please Rate and Review and let me know what you think ,should I continue or not etc , it makes my day seriously :D Updates may be less frequent cause I'm back in school . Yay. Not . I'll try my best . in the process of writing the next installment of Danger Days : The True Life's of the Fabulous Killjoys so keep an eye out :D
PS sorry for the roughness was written on le iPod xP

-Disenchanted Destroya XOXO
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