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Bittersweet Memories

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I couldn't help but laugh at the memory but the laughter soon turned to tears. I missed him so so much . I found myself driving towards the place were we use to live.

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Franks POV

I drove down the street .Theres the coffee shop we use to go to I thought absentmindedly as the battered shop front came into view . My heart skipped a beat as I saw a familiar tousled black head saunter down the street, a scantily clad blonde hanging from his arm.I blinked frantically.It couldn’t be. I blinked and leaned over the steering wheel to get a closer look but the couple rounded the corner and disappeared from view before I could. I shook my head leaning back in the seat and driving on. “It was only your imagination” I muttered to myself. I sighed memories of a better time flooding back as I drove further down the street passing our old haunts. The coffee shop. The park. The old second hand shop nestled between the new trendy stores.

I rushed into the changing rooms, a mound of clothes in my arms . I flung them at Gerard and roughly pushed him into the changing room “ You know the rules -You must put on everything I gave you. No exceptions” I ordered, stifling a giggle at the protesting noises Gerard was making as I closed the curtain and settled myself on the paisley patterned lounge “Omg Frank” Gerard exclaimed from behind the curtain.I giggled again. This was my favourite game. I waited impatiently as grunts and groans emitted from the cubicle “Let us see then” I commanded.He drew the curtain back slowly ,muttering about revenge. “Oh shut up you love it “ I snapped, whistling as he stepped out ,scowling at me.I burst out laughing. He was wearing a short leather miniskirt that barley covered his manhood, a leopard print garter with a matching bra , a hot pink boa, a sparkly tiara that perched on top of his messy black hair and strappy gold heels.Damn in some fucked up perverse way ,He looked hot. I stood up and sauntered towards him “Well aren't you a pretty princess” I drawled running my hand along his arm, sending a shiver down his back . He blushed a deep scarlet his hair falling over his hazel eyes. “Fuck off Frank ” He mumbled half-heartedly. He drew in a sharp breath as I ran my hand slowly up his cream thigh, stroking dangerously close to his throbbing member as I pushed him back into the cramped cubicle and drew the curtain behind me.

Look at you, with your pretty bracelet and tiara... Your a fuckin' princess” I breathed in his ear clutching his dick hard in my head . He whimpered as I dug my nails in “What are you” I whispered nibbling his ear “A fucking princess” He moaned in an unusually high pitched voice. I smirked and then let go “ Frannkkkiiiie don’t be such a fucking tease” He whined as I pushed him back against the wall and strolled out of the dressing room “C’mon Gee-bitch, We’ve got shopping to do , Stop messing around” I called back as i strolled out of the shop waving at the old lady behind the counter “Goodbye dear “ she called. I skipped out the door all of Gerards clothes in my hand unknownst to either of them. I burst out laughing as I heard the screams of the old lady as Gerard came flying through the shop still in drag , cursing as he threw money across the counter and spotted me on the pavement outside. “Your dead" he mouthed as he ran towards the door. I screamed and scrambled backwards ,giggling historically as Gerard tore down the street after me ,his leather skirt riding dangerously high up his thighs ,causing shoppers to scream and jump out of the way.

I couldn't help but laugh at the memory but the laughter soon turned to tears. I missed him so so much . I found myself driving towards the place were we use to live.

Gerards POV

She giggled insanely at some comment I had made that wasn’t even remotely funny. I rolled my eyes . I wished she would just fuck off. “ Hey babe I need to use to bathroom , I’ll be right back “ She purred biting at her blood red lip ,stroking my arm. I fought the urge to pull my arm away from her “Okay “ I replied forcing a smile. As soon she she disappeared from view , I got up and leaving some notes on the table, slipped from the restaurant. I walked briskly down the street wrapping my arms around myself in an attempt to ward off the cold night breeze. Finally I arrived outside my house .The stupid streetlights were out again and I stumbled blindly towards the direction of my glowing porch lights.Suddenly my foot caught in a crack in the pavement and I went flying. I landed hard , cursing. “Do you need a hand” A voice floated through the darkness. I froze,I knew that voice,But i couldn’t place it.I took their hand and they hauled my to my feet. They flicked their phone open and shone the light at me.My eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness and i squinted to make out my helper. I gasped, my knees went weak and my jaw dropped open . It was Frank.

Ola my beautiful beautiful readers . I am so sorry I haven't been posting , I've been really busy with school and hockey and study and the like I haven't been able to write . I wrote this inside of writing my English essay so i wanna see lots of rates and reviews for that :L Thanks for the lovely reviews of the first update ^.^ Im sorry if its shit Im sick and I didnt have a lot of time but I wanted to give you something. Hope you enjoy R&&R Love yehs
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