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Back To Go Again

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Gerard breathed slowly , looking Frank up and down , drinking every inch of him in with hungry eyes. He stopped and stared deep into Franks eyes.

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Franks POV

He looked at Frank with wide eyes before turning on his heel and sprinting down the street. Frank stood there ,his mouth ajar , all the questions slipping away unasked into the night air. He stood there , frozen. After what seemed like an agonisingly long time a dark figure reappeared at the end of the road and walked slowly towards Frank . He came to stop in front of him. Frank bit his lip. Gerard looked as beautiful as ever. His long messy black hair fell over one glittering hazel eye. His red t-shirt hugged his slender torso. He was like every cliche of beauty all rolled into one perfect being. Gerard breathed slowly , looking Frank up and down , drinking every inch of him in with hungry eyes. He stopped and stared deep into Franks eyes.

"Why" He whispered , so softly Frank almost missed it. "Why" He repeated louder this time , his eyes glistening as he took a step back "Why did you come back now after all this time, Why did you leave me with no explanation ,no goodbye " He asked his voice cracking. Frank stood speechless, confusion spreading across his face."W-what ?" He stuttered "You told me to leave , You said you didn't love me" He choked out , disbelief colouring his tone. Gerard looked taken aback "What are you talking about" Frank remained silent pulling a crumpled letter from the depths of his jacket and handing it to Gerard in answer.

Gerards POV

He couldn't believe this was happening, It felt like an elaborate cruel dream. Gerard took the letter hesitantly and opened it. The writing that graced the page was immediately recognisable as his exes hand writing. Why did Frank have a letter from her, Gerard thought confused. As he scanned the letter it all fell into place. His head flooded with conflicting emotions. Relief .Anger .Confusion. Casey And suddenly it came to him .That day. The day his life had crumbled

He had slipped from the house, closing the front door behind him ,about to lock it when a smooth drawl from behind him caused him to drop the keys on the faded welcome mat. He turned . Casey was leaning against the rusted mailbox her blonde bedhead shining in the morning sun dressed in tight leather pants and a hot pink crop top that barely covered her chest and impossibly high turquoise heels.

Gerard's jaw dropped.She looked like hot. He shook his head viciously, trying to dislodge the thought . He looked at her hard . She stared back at him, her emeralds glinting evilly. There it was, the hate came flooding back. "What do you want"He barked. She laughed a high tinkling sound like pealing bells. She sauntered over to him til she was close enough that Gerard could feel her cool minty breath on his lips and smell her vanilla scent.

"Don’t you miss me GeeGee"She lisped sticking out her bottom lip and pouting "I know you do" She continued on not waiting for a reply. "Well you can still have me,all of me, anytime you want, i forgive you" She drawled lustily ,grabbing his hand and cupping her warm breast with it. He blinked and snapped out of his stupor . He roughly pulled his hand away "Get away from me he" spat in disgust, shaking his head as he hopped into his car and drove away without looking back.

He had left the keys on the mat

Casey had snuck in and switched the letters

Thats why Frank had left.

Which meant..

Gerard dropped the letter and looked at Frank who was standing awkwardly ,looking like a lost puppy. God he looked so cute when he was confused Gerard thought to himself trying not to smile. His heart fluttered . All this time and he had never fallen out of love with Frank , just having him this close again meant everything to Gerard. He reached forward slowly and brushed Franks cheek with the back of his hand,Frank blushed , the confusion on his face deepening as he bit at his lipring."Frank ,I know it may be hard to believe but you gotta believe me , I didnt write that letter , It was Casey, shes a pyscho, I’m so so so sorry , I thought you left me because you didn't love me , If only I had known the truth " He blurted , tears beginning to stream down his cheeks.

Frank nibbled his lip , taking in everything Gerard had said "And I thought you didnt love me and you wanted to get rid of me " He whispered. "Never" Gerard replied fiercely. "I always loved you .. and .. I still do" He finished quitely. Franks eyes grew wide "I -I-I still love you too " He murmured , smiling through his tears.Gerard stepped closer , a tear rolling down his cheek and dropping onto Franks, mingling with his tears. Gerard bent down slowly and pressed his lips to Franks , so softly Frank wanted to cry . Gerard tangled his fingers in the younger mans silky black hair and pulled him deeper into the kiss. Frank kissed him back tenderly, wrapping his arms around Gerards waist tightly . Reluctantly Gerard broke away and pressed his forehead against Franks. "I missed you so much" Gerard smiled "As I missed you" He replied pressing his lips to Franks once more, making up for lost time.

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