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My Angelic Romance....My Angel Drop Out

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Gerard is an Angel....or was. Frank is a human, lost and broken. What happens when his path is crossed with Gerard's?

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Frank clutched his head as his body curled into a ball. The weight of his father’s hand came down hard on his face. He screamed, begging him to stop, tears falling but his pleading only made the beatings worse.

Saliva dripped from his father’s mouth like venom as he yelled “Stop your cryin’ boy!”

His hands grabbed Frank’s wrist, pulling his hands away from his face so he could stare at his father. His face was red and his eyes were blood shot. Frank could only whimper when another fist collided with his face.

“Please….dad stop” Frank begged before being thrown across the room, his head smashing into the table leg.

“Shut the fuck up! I ain’t no father to a fag like you!”

There was a crash in the bathroom upstairs before Frank’s mother came tumbling down. Her long blond hair was matted and her clothes were dirty.

“Now I know your not getting blood on my floor!” She slurred, clearly high. Her hands grasped the wall as she pulled herself up and made her way over to where Frank was curled on the floor.

“Get the fuck out of here Jenna! This ain’t your fight woman!” Frank’s father smacked her across the face, leaving a red palm print.

She reached her hand up to touch the mark and glared at him. “Ain’t my fight but it is my floor! Take that shit outside!” Her voice was high pitched and angry.

Frank took this opportunity to crawl out of reach before he stood up and took off out the back door. His tears fell freely down his face, leaving icy stings in the cold November air. His arms wrapped around his body, trying to protect him from the cold but not doing much good. He was still weak from the beatings and his clothes were soaked in his own blood. Soon his body gave out and he collapsed on the sidewalk, have barely enough strength to curl in a ball. His teeth chattered, bringing him even more pain. When his eyelids got heavy, Frank didn’t even try to fight it. He gave into the darkness, welcoming its loving embrace.

Gerard walked down the sidewalk like he always did at night. He loved how the cold air would bite at his skin, nipping away at any warmth his body had. He couldn’t get sick so he didn’t even bother with a jacket. He had this bad habit of walking with his head down that he figured was part of a nervous thing. He had always hated people, dead or alive. Even in death, people were still assholes. They would leave you with all these questions, some so simple yet they bugged the shit out of you. The biggest of all the questions is why. Why did you leave me? Why did you have to die? Why? He heard it all the time when he was still part of the Union. So many people wanted to know why but the never cared about what. What did they leave behind? What made them die? That’s why he hated them. The human race was so caught up in their own problems they never stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, their pathetic life wasn’t really so bad.

Gerard groaned at the thought of a good life. He was not one to dwell on the past, god only knows he had enough past to write a fucking book. God really did know…..God was the one that gave it too him……Fucking asshole.

His feet crunched the snow as he walked, making a trail of footprints shaped like converse. He shoved his hands in his pockets out of habit, still staring at the ground.

“Please…..make it stop”

Gerard looked up when he heard a voice, trying to figure out where it came from. Soon his eyes landed on a young boy with soft brown hair cut short. He noticed the sides were dyed red. The boy was walking, no, he was limping down the street with his arms clutching his stomach. He was covered in blood and looked like he had been put through a meet grinder. Gerard’s heart ached for the boy. Whatever had happened to him, happened good.

He watched as the boy collapsed on the ground. His sharp eyes could see that the boy’s breathing and became shallow, slowly coming to a stop. Gerard thought he was dead until he saw his bloody chest rise again and start to breathe. Part of Gerard wanted to just leave him there but another part told him that if he left him, no one would come. The boy would die out here.

Gerard sighed, knowing he had really no choice but to at least get the boy out of the cold. He knelt down next to him, slowly wrapping his arms around the boy and picking him up bridal style. He took note to how light the boy was, making another note to get him food. Up close, he saw how pale the boy was. He also noticed a silver lip ring on his left side and a scorpion tattoo on his neck. He didn’t look any older than 17.

Gerard’s boots crunched the snow down as he walked, making an annoying sound. His eyes were cold and he was tired of carrying the boy. He had been walking for about 15 minutes now and he was finally starting to get heavy. Just because he was immortal, didn’t mean he had super strength……he just couldn’t die. Gerard looked up at the streetlights, smiling when they started to go out. He knew he was almost home.

The door screamed as he kicked it open, not being able to use his hands due to the boy in his arms. When he was inside, he kicked it closed again before walking over to the bed in the corner of the room. He set the boy down and took this time to fully observe him. His white button up shirt was covered in blood, the red tie he had was torn and he had black Dickeis on that had holes in the knees. His black converse were covered in mud mixed with now melting snow.

Gerard knelt down and begun to unbutton his shirt so he could clean any wounds he had. His fingers brushed against his bare skin once the shirt was off and what he saw made his stomach churn. There were scars everywhere, cuts new and old covering his chest and stomach. The bruises were black and deep purple, extending from the sides of his ribs to right above his waste line. Gerard couldn’t imagine the amount of pain this boy was in every day. He got to work cleaning and wrapping the wounds before redressing him in clean clothes. When he was done, Gerard stood up and grabbed a towel so he could take a shower and wait for this boy to wake up.

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