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Cat and Mouse

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Gerard stood at the edge of the roof, looking down at the city below. People moved around, shoving past each other, not caring about anything but themselves.

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Frank groaned as he woke up. His eyes opened, then closed again trying to escape the light that was attacking them. His fingers felt around to anything familiar and when the didn’t find anything, he gasped. Where was he? He made a mental trip backwards trying to figure the answer out. He remembered the fight, running…..embracing darkness. His eyes shot open to look around the room he was in. He was on a bed, well a mattress sitting on the floor. He glanced down to find he wasn’t in his clothes. He had a black Story of the Year shirt on and his boxers. His heart started to race at what someone could have done to him while he was asleep. There was a crash in the kitchen area that made him freeze. The crash was followed by a sting of profanities. Frank braced his weight on his left arm trying to push himself up before falling back down in pain. He hit the ground with a thud, closing his eyes knowing that whoever was in the kitchen heard him. Sure enough, they came walking in the room to see what was going on.

Frank was shocked by what he saw. He looked up to see a man in his mid 20’s leaning against the doorframe. He had long black hair that fell to one side. His skin was pale but flawless. He had on baggy black pants and a tight fitting Misfits shirt. Frank noticed there was a large scar on each of his wrists that were a long line. The man pushed himself off the doorframe and walked closer to Frank.

“Your awake.” His voice was soft yet stern.

Frank could only nod, not sure what to say. His eyes watched the man who was now in front of him, holding a coffee cup.

“Here.” He extended the cup, wanting Frank to take it.

Frank did but instead of drinking it, he just stared into it, eyes glazed over at his own reflection. His throat burned from screaming so much and he wanted to no nothing more that down that entire cup but he was afraid of what was in it.

“Its not spiked you know.”

Frank looked up at the man, his eyes wandering over his face. He truly was beautiful.

“I never said I thought it was.” Frank’s voice cracked, his throat screaming at him for talking.

He heard the man chuckle before walking away back into the kitchen. Frank was still confused at to how he got here, who this man was and why he was in new clothes. After getting over his fear of the drink, he took a sip, almost moaning at how good it felt. His eyes shifted to look at the detail of the room. It was simple, no much inside of it. There were a few posters, a TV on the wall, a few shelves and a table in the middle of the room. The walls were bare, covered in chipped gray paint and the windows weren’t much nicer. Frank looked back down at his coffee as the man strode back into the room and sat down next to him.

“What’s your name” he spoke, staring at a spot on the wall as if he was thinking.

Frank looked up at the man before staring back down at his coffee. “Frank”

The man nodded “Gerard.”

There was a pause before Gerard spoke again “What happened Frank?”

Frank closed his eyes. He didn’t want to answer that question but something told him he had to. He sighed “Fight.”

“With who?”

“My….dad.” Frank whispered, closing his eyes and trying to stop a tear from falling. He couldn’t believe he had just told a total stranger that.

Gerard looked over at him, in shock at what Frank had just told him. He knew that parents beat their kids. He had been around long enough to know that much but he had never seen it. He sure as hell had never seen it as bad a Frank.

Gerard placed his hand on Frank’s knee “Is that all he does?” He couldn’t help himself from asking.

This time Frank let the tear fall as he shook his head. “no…”

Gerard’s heart skipped a beat. He pulled his hand off Frank, knowing that if he continued his questioning, things would get out of hand and he might get attached to this boy. That couldn’t happen.

He stood up and took Frank’s empty coffee cup back into the kitchen, leaving Frank alone. Frank’s eyes wandered once again to the room. He didn’t know what just happened or what possessed him to tell Gerard what he did. Slowly Frank sat up, wincing in pain as he did. He hadn’t been beaten that bad in a long time. Once he was up, he rested his back against the wall so he didn’t have to hold himself up. He was quiet as Gerard walked back into the room, this time with a plate of food.

He set it down in front of Frank and walked away. “I’ve got to go. I’ll be back later to check on you.” With that, he threw on a jacket and walked out the door.

Frank stared at Gerard as he left, not sure what to do. His eyes found the plate of food and decided he would eat first. The food was simple. Eggs, bacon and toast. Frank’s nose curled is disgust at the bacon. His fingers moved as he tossed the bacon to the side of the place before digging into the eggs. He hadn’t realized how hungry he was until the food touched his tongue.

Gerard stood at the edge of the roof, looking down at the city below. People moved around, shoving past each other, not caring about anything but themselves.

“Sad really.”

Gerard spun around, relaxing when he saw his brother. He didn’t say anything, just turned back to stare at the people below.

“Still not talking to me?” Gerard’s brother stood next to him, staring down in the same place Gerard was.

“I have no reason to.” Gerard spoke, trying to sound harsh but he couldn’t.

“You know I couldn’t do anything about what happened…..”

“But you could have tried…..”

“Why can’t you take responsibility for anything? You blame the Union for what happened but it wasn’t the Union that fell in love.”

Gerard turned and glared at his brother. “You think I asked to fall in love Mikey? You make it sound like I chose this…..”

Mikey sighed “You did Gee….we gave you a choice.”

“A choice! You gave me an end! Not a choice!” Gerard’s eyes flared with anger as he turned to face his brother.

Mikey sighed, “Look. I didn’t come here to argue about the past. I came here to deliver a message.”

Gerard snorted, “So now you’re a delivery boy. Way to move up the ladder Mikes….”

“Call me what you want, I really don’t care. That’s not what I came here to discuss. The Union is concerned about the boy.”

Gerard’s eyes narrowed. “Why do they give a shit?”

“Because Gerard. No one can know about the Union. They fear your will give us away. In short…..Tell the boy and we kill him.”

Gerard glared at Mikey before turning away from him. “What happened to you Mikey? Where did my brother go?”

Mikey raised his head, opening his white wings and wrapping them around his body. “I could ask you the same thing.”

There was a gush of wind as Mikey spread his wings, lifting himself off the ground and disappearing into the sky.
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