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Bloddy Valentine

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Frank jumped and almost screamed in fright. He could only watch as Gerard turned on his heel and left the room, eyes holding a cold blank expression.

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Frank set his plate down on the ground, groaning as his stomach muscles clenched together around the newly welcomed substance. He sighed, knowing he couldn’t lie there forever. He decided to try and stand up, praying he didn’t fall back down. His fingers grasped the wall as best they could as he pushed himself up, shoving his legs underneath him. Once he was in a slight crouching position, he forced himself up so he was leaning against the wall. His whole body was screaming at him but he couldn’t go back down. He wouldn’t let himself go back down. Slowly, he placed one foot in front of the other, walking forward. Once he gained his balance, he was able to move through the house with ease.

His first goal was to get his plate to the kitchen, which he did. When he walked into the kitchen, his nose wanted to jump off his face. The whole room was filled with dirty dishes, left out food and stale snacks. Frank shook his head, wondering how anyone could live like this.

“Well, I know what I’m doing today…..” He mumbled to himself as he begun to run water in the sink, preparing to do dishes. Once the water was of the right temperature, he begun to search for the soap. He poured the soap into the water and waited for it to fill up. While he did that, his eyes wandered over to the counter and he begun to put food away, trying to find the spot that it would go. He didn’t want to clean too much and make Gerard mad but he couldn’t let this kitchen stay the way it was. The water filled quickly and Frank set to work on the dishes.

Gerard walked slowly down the sidewalk, enjoying the cold. His mind wouldn’t rest from the conversation he had had with Mikey. The Union was worried about him telling Frank? Did they think he was going to keep him or something? Gerard laughed at the thought of keeping Frank. Ever since Evelyn, he hadn’t even wanted to touch himself, let alone another person. He had hated himself for doing what he did. He gave up everything to be with someone who didn’t even know the real him. She was in love with the artist…..not the angel. Its not that Gerard didn’t want to tell her…..he just…..didn’t know how. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the thoughts of her. He was an idiot to believe it could have lasted and an even bigger one to think the Union would have let it.

Frank finished the dishes and made his way back to the living room to see it was fairly clean. Aside from the pile of sheets on the floor where he had previously been residing, it was spotless. His eyes caught site of an iPod on the table sitting next to a dock. He smiled, wondering what kind of music Gerard had. Frank grinned when the answer was something he loved. Black Flag, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Anthrax, Iron Madden, Misfits, System of a Down and Avenged Sevenfold. One band caught his eyes…..Better Than Ezra. He hadn’t heard them in forever. Frank clicked on the song and soon Good started to play. He swayed to the bass guitar as he sung along to the words.

Sitting around the house,
Watching the sun trace shadows on the floor.
Searching for signs of life but nobody’s home.

Well maybe ill call or write you a letter,
Now maybe I’ll see you on the 4th of July,
Well I’m not to sure and I’m not too proud,

It was good living with you.

Frank smiled, thinking about how much that song meant to him when he was little. There was a jerk on the door, making him spin around in shock. He moved to fast however and fell to the floor, clutching his chest. His eyes were shut tight but he could hear footsteps running to him and arms gently wrapping themselves around him to pick him up.

“Frank…..are you ok? What were you doing up?” Gerard asked, both worried and annoyed. He had walked in the door, expecting to see Frank asleep on the floor but instead, he was dancing to a song that should have never been on his iPod.

Frank groaned, hating how weak he was. “I’m sorry….I just didn’t want to be where I was when you left.” His voice cracked no matter how hard he tired to hide the pain.

Gerard sighed. “Come on.”

He picked Frank up and set him back on the bed. Frank tried to protest, saying he was fine but after a failed attempt to sit up, he just gave in. He watched as Gerard stood up and walked into the kitchen, wondering what his response would be to his cleaning. He could hear Gerard moving around, digging through stuff before there was a bang and Gerard walked back out. He stood in the doorway with a scowl on his face.

“Why did you clean?” His voice was filled with annoyance.

Frank lowered his gaze away “I was trying to help.”

Gerard glared “Well don’t. If I wanted it clean, I would have cleaned it.”

“I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to upset you” Frank whispered, scared of the now angry Gerard. He hadn’t expected this response.

“Its fine. Just don’t touch anything from now on.” Gerard said quickly, still clearly annoyed.

Frank frowned, his eyes lowering to the ground.

Gerard looked at Frank, knowing how much pain he must be in and that snapping at him was wrong. He ran a hand though his raven hair walking past Frank to turn off the iPod. His heart shriveled at the memory the song brought back. With a sudden burst of anger, Gerard yanked the iPod off the dock and threw it at the wall making is shatter. Frank jumped and almost screamed in fright. He could only watch as Gerard turned on his heel and left the room, eyes holding a cold blank expression.

Frank ‘s body was rigid as Gerard walked past him, his gaze almost burning a hole in the floor. When Gerard was gone, Frank let out air his fear had forced him to hold in. He was beginning to wonder if staying here any longer would be a good idea. The look in Gerard’s eyes scared him. He had never seen anyone so….cold. His eyes reminded Frank of a demon at the way they narrowed into slits in the few seconds he saw them. He winced as he heard the door slam and felt the floor shake slightly from the force. His heart was pounding in his chest, scared to leave but also scared to stay. He as a lost cause, no one wanted him and he knew it. Frank closed his eyes, laying his head on the pillow, praying that the world could just take back his regretful creation.

Mikey stood before the Gate Keepers, his wings folded back behind him and his head bowed in respect. The eldest and head stood at the center of a large gold table that was placed high up on the wall held only by clouds. The table had engravings of vines, flowers and Celtic knots.

The eldest, Ulegra spoke, her voice pure and beautiful to the ear. “Michael, did you deliver the message?”

Mikey looked up at her, nodding “I would not have returned had it not been.”

Ulegra smiled “Of coarse not Michael. Of coarse not. Tell us, how did he respond?”

“As expected. He seemed angered that he is being watched. He wishes to be left alone.”

Ulegra shook her head “A wish that cannot be granted. While he is no longer a guardian, he is still aware of our existence. Spreading this information would shatter all we have built. This cannot happen. What of the boy?”

Mikey spoke clearly, holding his head high “I did not see the boy. He was not with Gerard when I spoke to him…..”

Another Keeper spoke, interrupting Mikey. She stood at the end of the table, 3 chairs to the left of Ulegra. “Where was he?”

“I do not know.” Mikey mentally cursed himself for saying that. Gate Keepers hated when someone lacked in the knowledge they wanted and Elisa was the worst.

“You do not know? Did you not track the boy down as expected?” Elisa tilted her head to the side, her long blond hair shifting but never faltering in beauty.

“No mam’ It was not asked of me to do so.” His eyes found the floor, refusing to giver her any glance knowing she would take it as a challenge.

Ulegra raised a hand “Enough. Elisa please sit. Michael’s actions are not the topic of today’s meeting, only his findings.”

Elisa held her head high as she sat down, not happy about being silenced but hiding it well. Ulegra looked towards Mikey. “Michael, you are to return to the graveyards and locate this boy. Find out what he knows and what his relationship with Gerard is. Return in a week to report your findings. You are dismissed.”
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