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A call to help the helpless

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Mikey kissed my cheek and slipped into our bedroom, shutting the door silently. I sighed. Mikey had a daughter for 5 years and she was taken away in one day. That can't be something you just forget about. I could tell he loved her so much when he told his story. The small smiles he gave when he said about them talking, the tears when Amri was being beaten, the low, almost nonexistent voice when she was taken.
Then something dawned on me. Why couldn't I just find this girl and take Mikey to see her again? It was the least we could do. Smiling, I walked over to the kitchen counter, where my laptop sat, already on and waiting for me to search.
One question. What would I search? Amri Way? I typed it in the Google search bar and got 3 million hits. No way was I going to look through all those. I clicked the first link that sent me to a Facebook page. Nothing.
Looking through the first couple of pages of links, I knew looking for 'Amri way' wasn't going to get me anywhere.
Going back up to the search bar, I typed 'Amri My Chemical Romance'. I don't know why, but it seemed like a good place to go to next. This time, only about a hundred links came up, because who was named Amri and liked My Chemical Romance?
I clicked the first highlighted link and it was a Tumblr blog,
'Everything you'd ever want to know about Amri!' was an option. Clicking it, it showed her bio in her own words.
'Amri. I don't have a last name, I was an orphan. I know I was adopted by someone until I was seven. Don't know who, so don't ask. Aged at 14 years. I love My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, and many others. Blue eyed, black and blue haired weirdo for ya! My hero and inspiration is Mikey Way. Amazing man, he is. Current location of residence, Philadelphia. Ask me something, maybe I'll answer it yes I will. I'm desperate'
Bingo! We have a winner! I applauded myself, that took way shorter than I thought it would have. I clicked the little ask button and quickly typed in a message, hoping she'd believe that I was really who I said I was. Pressing the ask button, I waited a reply. Refreshing the page over and over until...
'Hi, I'm Alicia Way, Mikey Way's wife. I swear on everything I own and more so that I'm not kidding you and I really am her. Can I, like, talk to you sometime on a phone or something?'
"o.o ARE YOU HONESTLY AND TRULY HER??? Because if you are, hi! And if you aren't, well then I freaked out for nothing and I'm sorry anon for freaking out on you."
I bit my lip and asked again.
'Yes, I swear on Bunnie and Mikey and gentlemen and scholar Winston I am really Alicia.'
"Oh well then, HI! I have no way of getting you my phone number.... can you give me yours and I'll call you?"
I sent my number to her, hoping she'd hurry and get it. About five or six minutes later, my phone rang, 'Dance, Dance' filling the entire room. I snatched it form the counter and pressed Send, "Hello?"
"Umm, Alicia?"
"Yep, that's me."
"Hey, this is Amri. Is there any particular reason you wanted me to call you? Not that I don't mind calling you, this is amazing and I'm still wondering if this is a dream, but still, why?"
"I have a kind of personal question to ask."
I heard some other voices in the background as I tried to sum up the words to ask, "Was Mikey the person who adopted you when you where little?"
it was silent at the other end. I panicked, hoping she hadn't hung up. I heard a sigh, "Did he tell you?"
"I found the adoption papers and he told me the whole story."
"Hmmm, yeah. The long, terrible story about how the orphanaruim got papers wrong and took me away from the only thing that ever made me happy in my entire life. That one."
"He misses you. So much. The only reason I ever fond out about you was that he had a nightmare about them taking you away. He wishes he had you back."
"Wow, I thought he'd forgotten all about me."
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to see him again?"
More silence. "Really?"
"Honest to God."
A sniff and a broken voice, "That would be... amazing. Thank you Alicia."
"No problem kiddo. Now, where do you live?"
She gave me the address and thanked me again. We planned to meet together in a week and then with Mikey the following. She hung up after that and I set the phone down.
I knew this was going to be a life changing thing and I was glad to be a part of it.
Putting my phone down, I buried my face in my hands and freely cried. I was going to see my hero, my hero, in two weeks. But the date wasn't important to me. What was important was I was going to see my dad, the light of my childhood, the one person who I ever had as a father.
"Amri, are you done with the computer because I need..." Victoria, my roommate/guardian swung open my door and stepped in.
When she saw me, she knelt down quickly, "What's wrong kid?"
I uncovered my face, wiping off my tears, telling her about the conversation I'd just had with Alicia. Victoria already knew about Mikey, she'd been the only person I'd ever told. When I finished, she swept the long mass of black hair from her shoulders and flicked a blue piece of hair from my face, "Well, it's good that your seeing him again. It's great actually. Now c'mon. I've finally gotten something cooked right and you're gonna eat it, whether you like it or not!"
I rolled my eyes playfully, "Fine, MOTHER."
She picked up the laptop and we went into the kitchen of her second story apartment next to her college. I hopped onto the stool facing the kitchen island and thought about what I would say to him. Nothing came up. Two week was not going to be long enough to know what to say!
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Anyways, you've met Victoria! She doesn't really live in an apartment, but I can write her having one and she'd be happy!
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