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A little background

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Amri and Victoria

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I sat cross-legged on the couch in the living room, impatiently awaiting for Alicia to arrive.
Victoria had already slapped my thigh a few times when my pessimistic side came out and thought Alicia wouldn't really come.
Tapping my foot, I sighed, "You know,"
"Don't even say what I think you are gonna say, because if you do, I'm gonna kick you,"
Victoria cut me off, sitting next to me and handing me the can of Dr Pepper I'd asked for.
I gave her a look, "Not everything I say is gonna be what you think it is."
"Hey, I'm the mom, it's my job to read your mind."
"Whatever. Anyways, I was just wondering what is gonna happen when I see him again. Am I
going with them, am I staying here, what am I doing after this?"
She shrugged, "Well, if they give you an option to go with them, go with them. He's your dad,
you'd wanna live with him, wouldn't you?"
I turned to face her, "But what about you? What are you gonna do? How am I gonna live
without you being there?"
"There's such a thing as cell phones. And computers. It's not like if you leave, I'll dissapear
off the face of the Earth. We'll still talk. Plus, Jersey is about an hour away. You can visit me whenever you want."
I gave her a small smile and Victoria ruffled my hair, "You'll be okay kid. Either way, you'll
have a great home with people who love and will take care of ya."
The doorbell rang and I stood, bouncing with excitement. Twisting the knob, I pulled the door
open for the woman who could give me my dad back.
The door swung open quickly and before me stood a girl. She did look 14, the piercing blue
eyes standing out. Along with her black-brown hair and swinging blue braids. Red Converse,
jeans, a MCR shirt, and huge black nerd frames.
She grinned and stuck her hand out, "Alicia? Amri. Hi!"
I shook it and she stepped out of the way for me to enter the apartment. Another girl was on
the couch, her green jacket covering her shirt. She also shook my hand, "Hi Alicia. I'm
Victoria, Amri's roommate/guardian/best friend/protector."
"She lives with you?"
"Yeah, for the last year or so. I met her on Tumblr, which I heard is how you found her, and
she said... well, Amri should tell you how she got here."
I turned to Amri, who sat on the floor with her knees up. Sitting on the couch, I asked her,
"How did you get here?"
She bit her lip, "Well, when I first met Victoria, I was in a foster home in Kentucky, where
they really didn't like me. I was just some kid who got dumped on them. They didn't care what
I did and since I really didn't have any friends at the time because I was new, I spent most
of my time at the local library. I read most of the time and first used the computer to look up
some facts. Some website named Tumblr came up, along with a username, who I'll let you
figure out.
"I started talking to Victoria and how we had our own seperate problems and how we bonded
over helping each other with them. And one day, just before I went to the library, my foster
parents said they hated me. And that," sniffs and sighs, "they didn't want me around anymore.
So I ran to the library, where I got on Tumblr and told Victoria. I didn't know if she could
do anything, but I knew it was good I could tell her. And when I finished, she told me to pack
up whatever I wanted and that she was coming to get me.
"She drove from her home in Pennsylvania to get a little 13-year-old she'd never met in her
entire life. And I lived with her for the last months of her senior year and now we live in this
apartment while she goes to college. I think after I was taken away from Mikey, I wasn't
happy for the 5 years I didn't know Victoria. I was always changing schools, homes, friends,
until I just stopped caring about what happened to me. And now, I guess I'm happy again."
I wiped at my tearing eyes and went over to hug the girl, "Well, maybe you'll be the happiest
again now that Mikey is coming to see you."
She laughed, "I'd hope so. Who else is nervous?"
She raised her hand and Victoria and I laughed. We spent the rest of the afternoon planning
for the next week and talking. I liked these girls, they were good and I was glad I was making
them happy.
So there's a little background on how Amri got with Victoria.
like? dislike?
Amber (the author)
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