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The day arrives...

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Victoria get's a POV! YAY

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Amri seemed somewhat happier when Alicia left a few hours after she arrived. It was late and I was ready to kick her into bed and go to sleep myself.
We waved from the doorway as Alicia made her way down the steps to her car. I closed the door once she was out of sight and saw Amri, beaming with delight and a few tears dripping down her cheeks.
"You okay, kiddo?"
She nodded, flicking the tears off her face, "Just... really, really happy. That's all."
I smiled at her and wrapped my arms around her, giving her a hug, "This is gonna be great. You'll be happy and Mikey'll be happy and Alicia'll be happy and I'll be happy that you're happy and it'll be one big fraking happyfest."
Amri doubled over in laughter, clutching her stomach. She flipped back onto the couch over the arm, "Victoria! Ha! You're funny!"
I gave her a funny look, which made her laugh even harder, "Alright, no more happy pills for you. It's time to get yourself to sleep, kid."
She frowned and stuck out her tongue, "Okay. I will! just because now I can't wait for next week and I want it to come already."
I rolled my eyes as she skipped her way to her room, "GOODNIGHT VICTORIA!!!"
Large, over exaggerating hang gestures, that was Amri!
I waved my two fingers at her, "Goodnight you weirdo."
Entering through the door in my room, I shut it and jumped onto my bed, knocking out.
The rest of the week went by relatively quick. Amri counted down the days on a huge whiteboard she kept in her room. Monday and Tuesday went by, no problem. The other three days dragged on for her. She and Alicia talked often on the phone, but nothing would satifsy the fourteen-year-old until she saw her father. Which anly made thing harder for her.
I woke up to someone jumping on the end of my bed, "VICTORIA! WAKE UP!!!!!!"
I shot up, not surprised to see Amri jumping, fully dressed and ready for the day. Whenever a special occacsion occurred, she was the first up. Christmas, Halloween, my birthday, she was up at at 'em.
"Amri, I haven't had any coffee yet. Which means your shouting is not appreciated in this room. go shout somewhere else."
She stopped jumping in midair and fell cross legged onto my bed, "Sorry, I'm just so excited! I'm seeing my dad again for the first time in seven years. I'm t hyper for my own good and I haven't even had any coffee yet."
She jittered and twitched, "We'll, you definitely don't need any."
She giggled and I got up, stretching. We went into the tiny kitchenette and I started the coffee machine. We talked for a bit, making small talk that soon turned to silence.
When the coffee finally finished brewing, Amri poured herself a large mug, dumping most of the sugar and milk into the cup but mostly on the table.
I wiped up the mess, "Calm down Amri. Everything's gonna be okay."
She smiled. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Her head snapped around to face the living room, 'I think he's here."
I win.
Amber (the author)
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