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The last of this... UNTIL NEXT SEASON!

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I woke up in a haze, my eyes still closed. Another Saturday morning of doing nothing. It felt pretty good, just laying in bed.
And then the good feeling shattered when Alicia rolled over onto me, shouting at the top of her lungs.
I grimaced and opened my eyes, "Hello my lovely wife who would never do anything to ruin my nice Saturday morning. Please tell me we are laying in bed for the rest of the day."
She smiled and shook her head, "Nope! We gots stuff to do today!"
I groaned and and turned away from her, "I don't wanna go anywhere..."
"Well to bad! We're going somewhere!"
Still groggy, I got up and preceded with whatever I usually do in the morning: coffee, shower, coffee, getting dressed, coffee, that sort of thing.
We got into the car about an hour later, Alicia driving. I strapped in, "Where are we going exactly?"
She smirked, not looking at me, "You'll see. Don't you worry."
I heard the door bell ring and my head swung around to the door, "I think he's here."
Standing, I walked through the living room, feelings of nervousness, anxiety, excitement, a sudden urge to be sick somewhere just so I'd stop feeling this nausea. As I grabbed the door handle, my clammy hands turned and I pulled open the door to see...
Victoria's boyfriend.
"So help me God, if you do not get into that kitchen right now, I will claw your legs off."
He smiled and stepped in, ruffling the top of my unbrushed hair, "Morning to you too, kid."
I glared at his comment and slammed the door. I heard Victoria giggling in the kitchen and I shot another glare in that direction. I sat down angrily on the couch, but the anger was soon changed back into my fears and anxiety. What if they didn't come? Or forgot? What if Mikey didn't like me now that I'm a 14-year-old hooligan with blue hair and living with a college student?
What if he didn't want anything to do with me?
I shook my head, flinging the tear that had formed around my eye away. No, I wasn't going to think like that. Whatever happened would happen, that's that. If he didn't like 14-year-old Amri compared to 7-year-old Amri, well then screw him. His loss. Yeah, it would be sad that he didn't like me, but I went on for 7 years without him. I could go the rest of my life.
I continued into my thoughts, lost on the thoughts of good scenarios and bad scenarios. And apparently, while deep in thought, the door bell rang.
"Amri! Get the door, love!" Victoria called from the kitchen, that sinks' running water drowning out most of everything happening in my mind. While I tried to regain the lost thoughts, I stood, walking over to the door and opening it. I took me a minute to lose the fuzziness going around in my head as I looked to see who was standing on my doorstep. Blond Dracula hair, black Ray Bans, an MCR shirt, and... awkward knees.
I could finally focus and I saw him. Mikey Way, my hero, my dad.
"Mikey, I'd like you to meet 14-year-old Amri. Amri, 31-year-old Mikey."
Alicia stepped into my view and I grinned. She was trying to make this stunning situation into a bigger lovefest than it was going to be.
Mikey looked up from the ground and his jaw dropped, "Amri? Ammy is that really you?"
I shook at my old nickname, "Yeah Dad. It's really me."
I waited for his to comment on my appearence, but instead, he walked into the house and wrapped me in his arms, squeezing me tight.
"Oh my gosh, I though I'd never see you again! You were just gone one day and I was so... sad and now you're here and I just can't believe it!!"
I hugged him back, loving the moment. He continued to squeeze the life out of me for the next couple of minutes. When he finally let go, he stepped back to get a good look at me, "Alicia! Look at her! My little baby girl is all grown up with blue hair! That's so cool!"
I blushed, "I'm only 14, I'm not completely grown up yet."
Amri, 14 already. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw here. I still remember the little seven-year-old that use to climb onto my back and would come with me on tour.
She looked sheepish as she invited us in and we sat on the couch. Another girl and guy came in from the kitchen and sat next to Amri.
The girl waved to Alicia and the guy's eyes widened, "Hi Alicia!"
Alicia waved back and I looked at her, trying to ask her who it was with my eyes. Amri smacked her forehead, "Right! Dad," she mumbled something to the girl, "This is Victoria and her boyfriend."
She turned to Victoria, "I'm probably 99% sure you know who these people are."
Victoria nodded and waved at me. I waved back, "So Amri... you live here?"
"Yep, I roommate with Victoria."
"How did you... get here?"
She then proceeded to tell me everything. What happened after they took her, how she ran away from her foster home, and how she ended up here with this girl.
When she finished, I took her hand, "And, you're happy?"
Amri looked at Victoria, who gave her a look that I guess they both knew, and she looked back at me, "Yeah, I'm pretty happy where I am right now. I live with my best friend and I just got my dad back, so I'm as happy as you can expect me to be."
We grinned and Alicia started talking to Victoria, lost in their own conversation. Amri smiled and shook my hand, "What about you? Are you happy? I remember Black Parade era and I was so sad I couldn't be there for you Dad."
I cringed at the memory of what happened during that time. It wasn't so great, but it made me happy that she cared, even if it was already over and I'm through with that.
"I'm good now. And now that you're here and I can see you again, it just makes everything a whole lot better."
She smiled at me and I knew that it was only gonna get better from that day.
It was almost dark when I looked at the time, "Well, I guess we better head home. We still gotta drive back to L.A."
We all stood and the girls walked Alicia and I down the steps to our car. While Amri and Alicia said their goodbyes, I turned to Victoria, "Do you know if she wants to stay or..."
"I'm sure that soon she'll want to go back with you sooner or later. Just give her some time," she replied with a small smile.
We both looked at the girl, who giggled at something Alicia had said. I sighed and Victoria continued, "I know she wants to be with you, because she hasn't seen you in 7 years. But it'll take some time. Don't worry, you'll completely get her back soon."
I nodded slightly and I hugged her, "Thank you for taking care of her."
Victoria grinned and let go, "You're welcome Now go and hug your daughter goodbye!"
I rolled my eyes playfully and walked over to Amri, "So... this is not going to be goodbye. Not forever."
She exhaled, "Thank God! I hope that someday I'll get to be with you guys. You and Alicia. Like a real... family, I guess."
I hugged her tightly, "Don't worry sweetie. It'll be soon. And then, we can all be together again."
"Me going on tour with you guys? Hanging out backstage. Just like the old days?"
"Just like the old days."
She smiled and buried her head into my chest, almost sobbing. When I finally stepped back, Victoria put an arm around her shoulder and led her to the edge of the curb, "Bye guys! Come back soon!"
Alicia and I waved and I got into the passenger seat, strapping myself in. When I looked out the closed window, I saw Amri running and tapping on the glass. Rolling down the window, she stuck her head in, "I love you, Dad."
I broke out into a huge smile, "I love you, too kiddo."
Then she stepped back next to Victoria and I rolled the windows up. The last I saw of Amri Way that day was in the rear view mirror, smiling at me.
AND THAT MY FRIENDS, is the end of Season 1 of this story. Thank you for sticking around long enough to read this short one. I love you and Victoria! It's done! Are you gonna die now?
Anyways, Season 2 will be up soon. GOODBYE NOW!
Amber (the author)
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