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Chapter 7

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Gerard's POV. No one shall look at the sketchbook of awesomeness.

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A few weeks passed by and things were going great. Me and Jasmine are best friends, though I wish we can be more. Frank finally stopped being a big flirt. And the last thing is, I have a science project with Jazz and she is coming to my house so we can work. Score! Me and Jasmine reached my house. "My mom is out and Mikey is at Frank's. So we'll have some quiet," I said to her. She just nodded. We walked into the house and I showed her where my room was. Don't think naughty. She took a good look at my room, which was nothing much. Then I saw her look at something. It was my sketch book. She grabbed it and looked at it. I stopped her from looking further. "Oh come on. I want to see it." I laughed and tried to grab it but failed. "Try to get it." I chased her until I got her cornered. But she was at the edge of my bed. I got on top of her. "Give it." She nodded her head. I got closer. "Give it." Before she could give it to me someone came in. "OH MY GOD!" It was Mikey. He slammed the door and left. Just great.
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