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Frerard A to Z Two

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A/N: Gerard is 8, Frank is 6 and Mikey is 5.

It was the middle of summer, one of the hottest ever known to occur in New Jersey. Sun wasn't unusual, but this was, well, something else. Due to the fact that it was so incredibly warm, and that the Way's air conditioning was broken, all of the Way family were forced outside onto their tiny patch of lawn, with nothing but a small battery-operated fan to keep them cool. And much to their dismay, the batteries did not last long.

Despite the fact Frank's house was completely cool, he had decided to go to the Way's instead. As if he'd stay inside on a day like this. So, Gerard, Mikey, and Frank all sat on the lawn, licking ice-cream cones and occasionally letting out over exaggerated sighs to indicate to Donna that they were too warm. She took no notice.

Once they had savored every last lick of freezing cold ice cream, they tossed the wafer cones into the trash, and lay down on the dry, prickly grass. Well, except for Gerard. He had taken this opportunity to get out his sketchbook and the new pens his aunt had got him for his birthday. At first, Gerard had attempted to draw his younger brother, Mikey, making him sit up so that he was in a suitable position to draw. That didn't work. Mikey was much too irritable and fidgety for Gerard's liking. He needed his models to stay completely still, and Mikey was doing just about the opposite of that.

As well as Mikey's constant squirming, Gerard also had Frank to deal with. Due to the fact Frank had not been chosen as Gerard's first model, he had seemed intent on ruining Gerard's portrait of Mikey so that he would eventually give up and draw him instead. Needless to say, his plan worked. After ten straight minutes of "Mikey's eyes aren't brown, they're hazel, silly," and "No, no, no. Mikey wears his glasses like this!" Gerard had eventually thrown his sketchbook to the ground, exclaiming "I can't work under these conditions!"

Frank smiled deviously at this notion. He had obviously won. Then again, when it came to Gerard, Frank always won.

Mikey scrambled onto his feet and scampered away, happy to be free of his older brother's control. He was only five, after all. What five year old could stay still for more than ten seconds? And, as far as Mikey was concerned, he thought he had been a pretty good model, Gerard clearly couldn't see his potential.

"Ugh. What do I draw now?" Gerard huffed, scuffing his velcro-strapped trainers on the dusty ground. Frank sat down beside Gerard, stretching his already too big Batman shirt down to his knees. Frank's mom had dressed him in shorts today. Frank did not like shorts. He placed two fingers over his chin, making a stroking motion, pretending that he had a beard, although he was clearly years away from growing even some stubble. "What about, hmm. A tree?" A tree. Gerard would never draw something as pathetic and basic as a tree, Frank knew it.
"I've drawn, like, a billion trees, Frank," Gerard grumbled back.
"A cat?"
"I've drawn two billion cats."
"Okay, okay. What about me?" Frank grinned, his two front teeth missing. He liked having them missing, he could make a whistling noise that none of his friends could. His friends being only Gerard and Mikey, but still.
"Promise you won't be all wriggly like Mikey?" Gerard eyed Frank suspiciously. In Gerard's opinion, Frank was a generally wriggly person.
"Promise," Frank beamed.

Frank sat absolutely still the whole time Gerard was drawing him, something Gerard definitely had not expected. Even when the grass became too prickly and sharp under his bare legs, Frank stayed in the same position that Gerard had placed him in. Well, that was, until he heard the noise of a bee buzzing behind him.

As the sound got louder, indicating that the bee was getting closer, Frank became more and more tense. He held his breath, mentally praying for the bee to fly away and find a new victim. That clearly wasn't happening. Let's be real here, what six year old sits still when there's a bee within a meter of them? Not Frank.

"...It's gonna sting me!" Frank screeched, throwing his arms into the air and making a mad dash for anywhere away from the bee. During this crazy sprinting-explosion, Frank had managed to knock over all of Gerard's pens (placed in order of color: darkest to lightest, if you were wondering), lose one of his shoes, and trample all of the flowers in Donna Way's now dried-out flower bed. If it wasn't for the fact she was currently too warm to care, Frank knew he would have been in a lot of trouble.

"Fraaaank, look what you've done!" Gerard wailed, desperately picking up the pens and trying to put them back in the right order again.
"It's strung me! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!" Frank screamed, before finally tripping over his own feet and landing straight on top of Gerard, who's tiny arms were harboring a bundle of pens that had rolled astray.
"Frankie, you're squishing me! Your butt's in my face!"
Frank just sat and wailed, rubbing his arm. "It stung me! Look, can you see? I'm going to die, amen't I?"
Gerard sighed, and shoved a hysterical Frank off of him, so that he could actually breathe. "Let me see," he grabbed Frank's arm and scanned over it thoroughly. There was absolutely no bee sting there. "Frankie. It didn't sting you, there's nothing there," he replied, his brow furrowed.
"Yes, it did! I felt it!" Frank waved one arm (the bee sting had clearly paralyzed the other), annoyed that Gerard didn't believe him. "Look over there, it's back to sting me again!"

Frank pointed in the opposite direction, so that Gerard had to turn his head to see. Quickly, before Gerard had time to see him, he grabbed Gerard's red pen and put a tiny dot on his arm, trying to make it look as 'bee-sting-like' as possible, not that he knew what that looked like.
"Nothing's there, Frank."
"Must've flew away. But, look! See, I told you. It did sting me!" Frank pointed at the dot on his arm, mimicking that he was in severe pain. When in reality, his arm felt completely fine.

Gerard simply stared in disbelief at the mark on Frank's arm. Beside the fact that Frank had left the lid off of Gerard's red pen, something Gerard would never do, it was plain as day that that was definitely not a bee sting on Frank's arm. Nevertheless, he put on a sweet smile, and tried to look sympathetic. "Awwh. It looks sore. Want me to kiss it better?" Frank nodded solemnly, not quite managing to hide his grin. Gerard planted a small kiss on Frank's arm, and miraculously, he could move it properly again. Just like that.


About an hour later, when the sun was setting slightly, Gerard was still sitting on the kerb drawing. He had given up and had resorted to drawing a tree. He wasn't pleased, especially since his mother had refused to stay still for him when he asked to draw her. She was worse than Mikey!

Gerard grumbled to himself, throwing his pens onto the grass in frustration.
"Gerard?" Frank tip-toed up, and sat himself down beside Gerard on the kerb.
Gerard had his face resting on his hands lazily, he was annoyed that all his drawing attempts had failed, and didn't feel much like talking. "What?"
"Look." Gerard looked round to see Frank's mouth was completely smeared with red pen, making him look like some sort of clown.

"I think the bee stung my lips, too. Can you kiss it better?"

A/N: HAI DERE. I'm Rachael. Pedo face
So, yeah. This is my first chapter on this, obviously, and my first mini-frerard, I think. Hopefully, it's not turned out too bad. And if it has, oh well. You're stuck with it either way. c;
Rachael, xo.
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