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Chapter 25

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The end!

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Ray’s POV…
“… And that’s when I knew it was you.” I said, gasping for breath “You felt left out, even more left out than Becca felt.”
“I don’t know what to say.”
“Well an apology would be nice.”
“Alright, I’m sorry.”
“And I think you owe the girls an apology too. Along with Mikey as well.”
“Alright, let’s go see them now…”

Hollies POV…
Once I was out of the bath and in my pyjamas I went downstairs to watch TV with Chloe. On my down I noticed a small piece of paper next to the door. I picked it up and read it ‘Your sister will betray you’.
“Chloe!” I yelled “Have you read this note?”
“Yeah, it was for me!” She replied “It’s stupid, right?”
I looked back down at it before ripping it into two and chucking it into the bin. I walked into the living room to find Chloe watching Glee “I thought you didn’t like Glee?”
“I don’t, but there’s nothing better on.” Chloe replied as I flopped down next to her “And anyway, you like Glee.”
“But I’ve already watched this episode so I know how it ends.” I giggled “And I probably know all the words to all the songs.”
“Oh dear lord!” Chloe moaned “That means you’re going to sing along!”
“We could watch a movie?” I suggested “I mean since I’ve already watched this and you can’t stand it.”
“Wanna watch the human centipede?”
“You’re so funny Chloe.” I said sarcastically “Can we watch Mean Girls 2?”
“Do we have to?”
“I don’t see the point in that film.” Chloe told me as I went to pick it up “I’ve never met a group of girls in my life who honestly enjoy being called ‘The Plastics’. And all that bitchyness, no real girl is like that.”
“Well… Not at our school.”
“Do you remember that Olivia girl back in England?” Chloe asked “She should’ve been expelled! She made Cheyenne leave school and she picked on that new girl loads! I can’t remember her name, it sounded like Tomorrow…”
“I don’t remember it either.” I shrugged “I never learnt her name, I just called her Tomorrow.”
“I can’t believe we’re actually watching this dumb film.” Chloe moaned once I pressed play “Though that Tyler guy was really cute.”
“Hey guys,” Lucy said, walking in “What are you watching?”
“Mean Girls 2.” I replied.
Lucy sat down next to me “I love this film!”
“Thank you!” I laughed “Chloe thinks it’s stupid.”
“Well it’s a little weird,” Lucy smiled “No one can be that bitchy…”
“Like I said!”
Suddenly the doorbell rang making all of us jump “Who could that be?” Lucy asked, glancing at the clock worriedly “It’s certainly too late for any of our friends to be over…”
“I bags not being the one to answer the door!” I cried “Chloe, you’re the bravest! You answer it!”
“No way.” Chloe replied, looking a bit scared herself “If they’re that desperate to get in, they’ll ring again.”
As soon as she said that the doorbell rang again. Chloe rolled her eyes, pretending not to be scared “I guess I’ll go answer it then…”
She got up from seat and ran to the front of the house to answer the door. Lucy and I continued watching the movie, waiting for her to return. Suddenly Chloe screamed extremely loudly.
Lucy and I jumped up from our seats “Chloe!” We both shrieked running to the front door.
Chloe was there with Bob and Ray. Chloe was laughing her ass off “Oh my god I scared the shit out of the both of you! Your faces! You really thought I was in trouble!”
“Yeah, we did!” Lucy snapped “One day you’ll grow up Chloe.”
“Doubt that’ll ever happen.” Chloe snickered “Come on, back into the living room. Bob and Ray say they need to talk to us about something.”
“Once Gerard and Mikey are here.” Ray said quickly “You all need to know this.”
“I invited Becca over too…” Bob said uncertainly, noticing the looks on our faces “Don’t worry, I just want to explain it to her too. And then she can go home.”
Chloe blew a raspberry and we all went back into the living room, waiting for our friends (And Becca) to show up.

Gerard’s POV…
“So, why are we all here?” Becca asked, looking confused.
Chloe smirked “Well, Lucy, Hollie and I are here because we live here.”
“Well I know that.” Becca said, rolling her eyes “I meant why are the rest of us here?”
“Because Bob has something he’d like to say.” Ray said, looking over at Bob.
Bob coughed and stood up “Well, you see… You guys have been getting some notes. And I just wanted to let you know that it was me sending them.”
The room was filled with gasps and muttering. “Why?” I asked, confused.
Bob blushed bright red “Well, I guess I was jealous. Gerard had Lucy, Frank had Chloe, Ray had Emily and Mikey had Hollie. But who did I have? I didn’t have anyone?”
“Okay, where do I come into this?” Becca asked, raising one eye-brow.
Bob frowned “Well everyone was accusing you of being the note sender when it actually wasn’t you, it was me. I just thought that you’d like to know that now everyone knows you’re innocent.”
“If you had a problem, why didn’t you just tell us?” Mikey asked.
Bob shrugged “I didn’t think it through.”
“I think I’m owed an apology.” Becca said, sitting up straight “I told you I was innocent, but would you listen? No!”
“Okay, I’m sorry!” Hollie said quickly “We shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”
The rest of us remained silent, assuming that Hollies apology was enough for all of us. Becca rolled her eyes “Okay, I forgive you. But never jump to any conclusions with me ever again!”
Becca jumped up and ran out of our house.
I took a deep breath “Well, I guess that’s the end of all the weird drama going on, huh?”

[A/N] – To the person who did guess Bob, I would let you be in the story. But this is the end because I’ve been dragging this story out for a really long time now. And honestly, I’ve ran out of ideas. I can let you be in a different story though? Just leave your name, looks and the name of the story you want to be in (That I’m writing obviously).
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