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“Keep running!”
Came the gritty voice it travelled with ease through the smoke and soot Frank coughed and spat blood from his injured mouth as he ran in no particular direction, just away far away from here. He coughed again spitting up more blood he was running out of breath and cursed inwardly for never brothering to go to the gym or do anything else that loosely represented keeping fit, he tripped over his feet and came smashing down on the cold ground he felt his jeans rip and his skin graze against the dirt but he pulled himself back up only to be nocked down again by something big and blue now standing in his path.

The impact practically nocked him out and he staggered backwards before falling to the ground staring up at the familiar blue box a door creaked open and outstepped a red haired man “Doctor”
Frank breathed nearly inaudibly “Frankie!”
The Doctor beamed before hurrying over to help him up, once Frank was on his feat the Doctor wrapped a muscular arm around him and practically carried him into the blue box. Once inside Frank started choking partly because of the blood filling his mouth but mainly at the shock of where he was “Its-its b-big”
He stated staring around him at the high tech machinery around him he stumbled towards to heart of the machinery it made beeping and whizzing noises and was covered in all sorts of buttons and leavers Frank reached out to touch one but his hand was nocked away by a blond haired man “Kobra”
Frank gazed at the poker faced man “Frank”
He greeted with a nod of his head “You should let The Doctor look at your face”
He told Frank in a monotone voice “Huh why?”
Frank looked confused he brought his hand to his face and winced in pain when his fingers brushed over his cheek, they were covered in blood when he pulled them away “fuck”
Frank cursed “Ey! Watch your language!”
The Doctor called from the other side of the machinery “Sorry”
Frank mumbled still poking his face Kobra grabbed his hand shaking his head when Frank looked at him questioningly “Your fingers are filthy, you’ll get it infected sit down and Ill take a quick look”
Kobra got up off his seat letting Frank sit down before inspecting the damage done to his face he chewed on his lip as he stared at the cut before routing through hidden cupboards and pulling out a green first aid box he quickly cleaned Frank up and almost smiled at his work once he was done “you’ll live, but it may leave a bit of a scar”
Frank nodded he didn’t really mind, scars were awesome “Thanks”
He muttered before hopping off the seat and walking round to where The Doctor was busy messing with the controls.

Frank watched him for a few minutes slowly drifting off into his own world when he was suddenly brought back into reality by the Doctor slamming hard on one of the controls this slam was shortly followed by the whirring sound the blue box had made when leaving Frank’s room a few months ago.

A lot had changed in those short months war broke out countries all over the planet were fighting against each other, even Switzerland had its own mini army nuclear bombs were a massive threat and soon civilisation had broken down people were loosing their minds drugs companies had taken over and insisted that everything was fine at first everyone panicked refused the drugs but once the government had collapsed the pills were practically shoved down their throats and once under the medicine there was little you could do to stop taking it, because the drug really did make you feel like everything was fine, any resistance to the pill was forgotten and people seemed happy with their new lives only a small gang of rebels remained in England they called themselves ‘The Bandits’ and excluded themselves from society living in derelict waste land across the country.

Frank had been a proud member of the Bandits though he was pretty much useless at everything, he was awkward clumsy and couldn’t fight to save his life, this is why BLi the leading drugs company had found him, he had been taken back to the lab not quick enough to run away with his friends, the new versions of the drug were tested on him he had been there nearly a week when one of the labs was set on fire giving him chance to escape.


The blue box landed somewhere near LA it was baking hot and sand was tossed about in the air easily by harsh blistering winds the three men stepped out of the box to be met by four strangers the men were quickly grabbed and held in headlock positions guns aimed steadily at their heads the fourth stranger stood in front of them lips pressed in a thin line blue skin scaly and rough looking at them expectantly “Who the hell are you?”
The woman asked with a strong New Jersey accent her gun raised and pointing at The Doctors head “Hello, I’m the Doctor!”
The Doctor greeted friendlily extending his arm to the sceptical looking woman a small smile twitched on her lips “And that?”
She gestured towards the blue box with her gun “Oh she’s my Tardis”
The woman raised an eyebrow “Your what?”
“Tardis Time and Relative Dimension in Space”
The Doctor explained with a grin “Keep a hold on these”
The woman instructed before walking past The Doctor and into the Tardis she was only in there for a few seconds before she came rushing back out “Its bigger on the inside!”
She exclaimed a frown on her face as she eyed the Doctor “Who are you? I mean really who are you?”
The Doctor grinned broadly “ Well let us go nicely and how about we discuss who I am over some tea?”
The woman narrowed her eyes a little before deciding the mad man with the blue box was not a massive threat at this moment she nodded “let ‘em go”
She instructed and Frank Kobra and the Doctor were let out of the tough embrace. The Doctor stretched out a little “Ah that’s better, much more civil,, now how about that tea? Used to know a girl who could make quite a cuppa… well actually her mum did but that’s a long story… in the past now”
The Doctor trailed off a sad look in his eyes the woman raised one eyebrow slightly “Follow me and no funny business”
And with that all seven set off across the desert.

After a few minutes they arrived at an old diner they quickly got inside and sat around a table near a boarded up window “So Doctor, as you can probably tell I’ve seen quite a few space ships in my time, but yours only appears in bed time stories, fairy tails a myth from a died of species, it shouldn't exist, its impossible”
The Doctor’s lips twitched into a small smile “not entirely dead, I come from a long time ago me and my brother are the only ones left, my Tardis is the only one left in existence, but she’s no myth”
“You’re Time Lord”
“And what about these two?”
She asked for the first time acknowledging Frank and Kobra, Kobra with a cool look on his face his sunglasses covering his eyes and Frank sweating like a pig wide eyed and ogling at the blue lady “Kobra my brother and my new friend Frank”
The woman nodded, “Frank is presumably human?”
“Yep, one of the best”
“How so?”
The woman asked intrigued eyeing Frank carefully “Well, just look at him he’s only a ft. tall and he has spirit!”
The Doctor said beaming “Now that leads us onto you! Cardonial am I right?”
The woman smiled “oh yes! You can call me Acid and these are my companions and solders Song Bird, Throttle Revenge and Helena Demolition, there’s one more Jet Star, he should be back soon”
The Doctor waved dorkaly at them showing off his awkward pinkie “Your solders? That would suggest you’re an army?”
Acid smiled “We are the MC Armey more commonly known as Kill Joys”
“Oh no way”
The Doctor said smiling “You’ve heard of us?”
Acid asked “Heard of you, oh your famous! Art is the weapon right? Oh goodie goodie, that must make you Acid Rain commander of zone 3 it is an absolute pleasure to meet you!”
Acid grinned, “That’s us”
The doctor looked as exited as Frank at Christmas a huge grin spread across his face showing off his strangely tiny teeth “You know, I even thought of my own Kill joy name as a lad”
Acid cocked an eyebrow “Oh yeah?”
“It’s a little silly, but I always thought Party Poison would be kinda cool”
He said sheepishly suddenly transformed into an 11-year-old girl meeting Justin Beiber “I like it”
Acid praised, “Now how about we get some food down us?”

So filler chapter kind of intro to everyone and what’s happening please R&R and congrats to those who made it into the fic :3 xx
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