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Are you having trouble finding sleep at night

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Or does your lack of concience tell you everything's alright

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Frank lay on his military style camp bed playing with the toggles of his sleeping bag his cheek itched and he was far to hot and these camp beds were un-comfy Frank thought he should make a list of all the things terribly wrong in his life in fact scrap a list he should write a whole novel, a bit like a self help book only with more problems and no solutions, only he couldn’t because he had no paper, that would defiantly have to go on the list. Or a pen, he would have to write two books at this rate Frank rolled over trying and failing at getting into a comfortable position he could now see The Doctor staring at him his eyes focused on Frank’s scar Frank propped himself up on his elbows so that he was now a mirror of The Doctor “I know its a lot to take in Frankie boy”
The Doctor attempted to comfort, Frank nodded a little “Things have been so fu- I mean messed up lately, you kind of get used to it”
The Doctor laughed, “You can say that again, don’t think I can remember the last time I did anything normal”
Frank smiled and the men both sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes “You should get some sleep”
The Doctor told Frank who nodded and lay back down letting sleep elude him.


Frank was rudely awoken by Kobra slapping his face “Na-na-na-na”
Frank moaned not wanting to wake up “Frank get up”
Kobra said shaking him “There’s pancakes”
He tried when Frank refused to open his eyes “Where?”
Frank shot up Kobra laughed a little taken aback by his plan actually working “In the Kitchen”
He said his voice back to its flat tone Frank struggled to get out of his sleeping bag fast enough and ran past Kobra into the diner where Helena Demolition sat idly picking at her food a worried look on her face partially hidden by her orange hair Frank slid down onto the seat across her “What’s up pudding cup?”
He asked realising that there were in fact no pancakes just tinned meat stuff he would have to get Kobra back for that later. Helena looked up “Pudding cup?”
Frank shrugged “Its off this old Internet comic from like 20 years ago”
She looked back down “But seriously why so glum?”
Frank asked eyeing the food she had now pushed away, nope he would defiantly not be eating that stuff anytime soon “We break into BLi today, it’s a big mission, I mean we’ve been following them across the universe for years now, but I’ve never actually been inside one of their buildings”
Helena looked up her grey blue eyes full of fear “Hey now don’t worry to much, I’ve been in the UK one, its not so bad just kinda like a medical office”
“Its not the place I’m scared of, its them being in a building full of them”
She explained none of the worry in her eyes showing any signs of leaving “They’re only people, they can’t hurt you anymore than I can”
Frank tried running out of tactics Helena shook her head “Na-ah they’re not people Frank, or not as you know people they’re drones constructed from the desisted with no emotion the Dracyaloids aren’t like the people in batter city they live of killing why do you think we call them Dracs? If they don’t kill you they suck up your emotion leaving you as a shell, with these things you’re lucky to get ghosted”
Frank swallowed if the canned meat hadn’t been enough to ruin his appetite then this news certainly was.

“Ah Frankie you’re up!”
The Doctor arrived as if on queue a massive grim spread across his face greatly contrasting to his solemn brother behind him Frank nodded “Goodie good, go get dressed and we’ll be off!”
The Doctor instructed still beaming Frank gut up reluctantly and made his way back to his room.

Frank pulled on his jeans and jacket he was now used to wearing the same clothes without washing day in day out he tucked his long dark hair behind his ear and hoped that he looked presentable but it was hard to tell with no mirrors around he fixed his belt and retrieved his gloves from under the camp bed along with his boots pulling them on quickly, gone were the times where Frank Iero did up his shoes properly tucking in his top he walked out of the bedroom and back into the diner where Acid and The Doctor were speaking.

“What happened to ‘Art is the weapon’?”
The Doctor appeared to be complaining to the blue skinned… scaled? Woman who was offering him a yellow gun “Yeah well it’s a great slogan but when fighting Dracs I think a gun helps a whole lot more than a paintbrush”
Acid replied coolly The Doctor pulled a face “I think I’ll try without first”
He said pushing away the gun Acid sighed, “Well it’s your funeral”
The Doctor just shrugged turning his attention to Frank “You ready?”
Frank nodded dumbly earning himself another beaming smile from The Doctor “Then off we go”
He called strutting out of the building Frank was about to follow when Acid stopped him “At least you take one”
She said offering Frank the yellow ray gun Frank shook his head patting his belt “Already got mine”
He pulled out the green gun for Acid to admire “So that would make you Fun Ghoul?”
Frank nodded smiling sheepishly “Didn’t realise naming the gun meant naming yourself”
They both chuckled walking out of the diner and into the desert.

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