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We came to say 'Hi!'

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Lindsey and Gerard get to visit Fae.

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Lato Pieno di Sole Gated Housing Community, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA - 12th August 2011
“Hey Ban-Ban!” I smiled as Bandit ran through the front door.
“Fah Fah!” She giggled and sat on my lap, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her hair a kiss. “I did some colllooring at kindergarten today.”
“Really! What did you colour?” I asked, wiping the hair out of her eyes.
“A lellow Lowwy.”
“A yellow lorry! Wow! Can you go get it and show me?” she nodded and jumped off my lap, running into her room where Gerard had placed her bag.

Once again Gerard stood over me and looked at my laptop screen.
“Still nothing?!” He sighed.
“I made a video to post on Youtube, it was easier than typing stuff out. You just need to check it out once I’ve edited it.”
“Sweet!” He clapped enthusiastically “Your Mom will be home soon.” I smiled and stood up, walking into Bandit’s room, she ran up to me carrying a piece of paper with two yellow squares on it and two black circles, a lorry.
“Wow Ban-Ban! Shall we stick this on the fridge?”

Intensive Care Unit, Great Ormand Street Hospital, London, England - 30th March 2011
“Lyn, calm down.” Gee rubbed my back as hot tears streaked down my face.
“I was so close...”
“I know, and you’ll see her.” He stood up and threw the empty coffee cups in the bin. I’ll see what I can do, come back to the waiting room. He held out a hand for me and we walked back to the small room outside Fae’s hospital room.

George met us at the door. “I spoke with the nurse, you can go in. Fae would want to meet you two, you’re her idols.” He gave a limp smile.

“Thanks George.” Gerard patted him on the arm and walked through, I smiled and walked into fae’s room. The tiny walk to her room seemed endless, like every time I took a step towards the door, it jumped back a meter. I quickened my pace, desperate to see her, my breathing became irregular as my hand grasped the cold metal handle that would open the door. “Ready?” Gee whispered in my ear. I nodded slowly and pushed open the door.

The smell of disinfectant hit my nostrils, making them sting and tingle as I ventured further into the room. The monitors that surrounded her small body beeped and buzzed, wires entered and left her in all directions. The oxygen tank pumping air into her nostrils through a tiny tube hissed every time her fragile chest lifted up beneath the sheets. Gerard directed me to the chair beside her bed, I sat down and took her bandaged hand.
“Hello my angel.” I sighed as a fresh set of tears found their way down my face. I took in every inch of her. Her reddish brown hair, her blonde roots pushing through, her dark blonde eyebrows, her closed eyes, her uniquely, and enormously long eyelashes, her cheek bones, her red bow lips, her chin, the chin. As I watched her, her lips parted slightly and her fingers limply tightened around my hand. Every inch of her now reminded me of the day when I held her, for the first time, for the only time.

“She looks like you.” Gerard whispered, Then a bit louder said, ”Hey Fae, I... uh... I’m Gerard Way and this, well, this is Lindsey, and we just came to say... ‘Hi!’” He looked at me and cringed “Man, that was cheesy.” Fae’s hand gripped mine tighter.
“Hi” I said softly. Suddenly the machines went crazy; they beeped, and flashed, and whirred. Fae’s eye’s fluttered open, her olive eyes found their way to me, then Gerard, her eyes widened and she smiled before looking around. Her smile turned into a frown, her body tensed, she whimpered and began struggling, Gee quickly ran outside and grabbed a nurse who ran into the room and try to console her, soon another nurse followed, Lily from before.

“You need to get out! Now!” She boomed, quite scarily for such a small nurse. Gerard dragged me out of the room and I began to sob. George’s face was flooded with concern.

“What’s going on?!” he stood up and went to run into the room, Gerard held him back with his arm.
“She woke up, and she panicked.” Gerard replied. We all sat down and waited. It felt like hours.
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