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Wake up and smell the... Cabbage?

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SORRY IT'S BEEN SO LONG!! Fae wakes up and all is not what it seems.

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A/N: I'm soooooo sorry for the long wait. College got in the way :( But I'll try and update at least once a month (Hopefully more!)
IMPORTANT CHANGE: to speed things along, Fae is now in the second year of college, which makes her 17/18.
Okay, that's all, enjoy!

Buzzing, whirring, all I could hear was machines. For a second I could have sworn I saw. Gerard W- No, I must have been dreaming. Why am I in a hospital bed though? Why? It’s all black again now, but for a while I saw bandages and wires. Why? What did they do to me?!

Short, sharp zaps itch across my chest, the pain is almost unbarable. I scream, really scream, my first noise in however long. It’s like a native scream. My eyes are blinded by light when I open them, I gasp for breath. I’m buzzing, and not just because of the electronic charge the defibrillator shot through my chest. Shit, did I just die!?
“Fae? Hi, welcome back, my name’s Lily, I’m your nurse. You’ve been in a coma for a while.” The short woman speaks in a patronising tone, with her cocky ass smile. Bitch, please, I know what happened. I smile, I’m always this goddamn cranky when I wake up.
“When can I get out of here?” I shift in my bed. The sheets itch. The place is too sterile, bleach white suffocated me. It’s uncomfortable. Nursey does her smile again.
“As soon as you can walk, and as soon as we get them bandages off.” Her eyes point to my wrists. Oh yeah, I got shanked. She gently moves and begins to undo the strips of white cloth mottled with blood, as she unwraps each from around my arm my heart rate quickens, what am I gonna be left with?

Finally my wrists are free; I flex them about as the cool, air-conditioned breeze hits them. I glance down. The scars aren’t that bad, now faded, I can make out the word “EMO” scribed in, It looks nothing worse than a botched up suicide attempt, nothing a wrist watch wouldn’t cover. I sigh, it could be a hell of a lot worse.
“Would you like me to invite your visitors in?” Lily asks as she walks out of the room. I nod, I really want to ask if I really saw Gerard and Lindsey Way, though I highly doubt it. Why would they visit you? Silly bitch. Ah, my subconscious has woken up. Yay, that one really could have been lost in the coma. The first to step in my mother, who is so overprotective I will never be allowed out to the house again, then my dad, who looks about 30 shades more grey and very worried, then George, my witty, lazy, wonderful boyfriend, he too looks worried, but smiles when he sees me smiling like a goofball at him.
“Hey” my voice is hoarse as I speak. The world erupts into a droning chorus of ‘ARE YOU OKAY’s and ‘I’M SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU’. I just zone out and nod. Lots.
I got let out of hospital a week before my 18th birthday. No longer was I looking forward to a right royal piss up, instead I wanted to do something relaxing, like… I’m not sure… go to Disney Land?
Since most people in the UK had heard of what happened, thanks to the Daily Mail taking a stab at MCR again using my attack as a catalyst, I was constantly stopped on the street. I hated all the attention. It was kind of warming the fact that I would only have to go back to college for a few short months to complete my A levels. Then, the world was mine. I could go traveling, study abroad, the possibilities were infinite.

But for now I just had to put up with old women that smelt of cabbage stopping me in the street.

Lato Pieno di Sole Gated Housing Community, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA - 12th August 2012
My awkward fumbling on the screen ends with a black out and I exhale deeply, staring at Gerard with an eager need for feedback. That’s awesome!” Gerard buzzes with a bit more enthusiasm than needed. I hate watching myself on film. Blurgh. “Post it.” He claps. I raise my eyes wearily and bite my lip. I’m still not sure about this, about how this all came about. But the news is out and now it’s not going unnoticed. So I guess I just have to press the big red upload button and hope a load of crazed fans don’t want to kill me. Gerard just smiles and takes the decision out of my hands for me, by pressing the upload button himself, and running before I can throw a painful looking object at him. I watch in horror as the 'uploading' bar fills with green pixels and a small wimper comes out the back of my throat. Gerard re-appears and smiles appologetically. With a death glare from me and a shrug of the sholders, he is gone.

Well, no turning back now.
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