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"buzzing from adrenaline and Mary Jane. Perfection"

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Brendon laughed heartily causing the grinder in his hand to shake, and send some of that green gentleman that they loved so much to fall over the side.
"Ah fuck." He whispered, trying to pick up the specs from the floor. He sprinkled the weed off of his fingers, back into the grinder and replaced it's lid, screwing the cover a few times until the contents were the perfect consistency.
"It isn't that funny, man." Spencer insisted.
"Think about it though, you don't get a cute little nickname, oh no, the fans call you the 'flawless bitch'-" Brendon couldn't help but laugh again. "I'm sorry, that's just awesome."
"Yeah, it is." Spencer nodded, smiling to himself and raising his beer to his lips.
They both were buzzing from the show, waiting for Ryan and Jon to get done packing up so they could get to the hotel. The crowd was insane, which was typical for a New York venue, but at the same time the whole place seemed to move, and roll with the music. It was intense.
"I still can't deal with that crowd." Brendon admitted, pressing down on the weed in his bowl, packing in as much as possible. He grabbed his lighter from the table, and pushed the bowl against his lips. The flame flickered on the greens as Brendon took in a long inhale.
"I know." Spencer agreed, holding out his hand for the bowl. Brendon passed it over, along with the lighter, and let out a steady stream of smoke.
"The energy was intense."
"I know." Spencer repeated himself, lighting the bud again and taking in the fumes. The fuzziness began to crawl over Brendon's senses, but he still reached for the bowl, wanting more.
He lit, he sucked in the smoke, and held onto it tight. He could feel the blood pulsing through his skull, when finally he released, pouring out a near invisible smoke into the room.
"That's good shit." Brendon smiled, the sides of his vision burring. Spencer simply nodded, leaning back in his chair.
Spencer high usually consisted of him closing his eyes and escaping the world, every so often letting some philosophical explanation of life escape his mouth for the rest to hear.
Brendon could already tell that Spencer was set, so he finished off the bowl in one more hit, and let it sink in.
The world was perfect now. Floating somewhere in-between reality and dreams, his whole body buzzing with adrenaline and Mary Jane. Perfection.

Ryan clicked his guitar case shut, ready to get to the hotel and have Brendon all to himself. That was if Brendon wasn't exhausted… but if he knew Brendon, he would wake up with the right leverage. Ryan knew exactly the right leverage.
He smirked to himself as Jon approached him.
"Hey. What's so funny?"
"Nothing." Ryan shook his head, smiling at his friend.
"Okay…" Jon raised an eyebrow, but let it go, "I read these." He handed over Ryan's notebook.
"Oh," Ryan took it, tucking it under his arm as he lifted his guitar case, "What did you think?"
"They're a start." Jon shrugged. He couldn't come off too ecstatic.
"That amazing, huh?" Ryan laughed, beginning to walk to the dressing room. Jon tagged along, hauling his bass with him.
"Well, they're really good. They're just not your usual." Jon explained.
"Jon it's fine. You can say they suck."
"But they don't suck. They just need some really good music to get the… i don't know. To match them." Jon tried to phrase it the best he could. Ryan glanced over at him and shrugged.
"Maybe, yeah. I just figured we'd do the music part all together."
"So you don't know what you want it to sound like?" Jon asked, sounding a little more shocked than he was.
"No… I mean, yeah I know what I want it to sound like… but I don't think…" Ryan trailed off, shaking his head.
"I just don't think that Spence or… Brendon would really like it." He admitted, trying not to get upset by it. Ryan had all these idea's in his head, and a lot of times down played them for the sake of keeping the band happy.
"Oh… well… it never hurts to mess around with it. Just pitch it to them, you never know." Jon encouraged.
They reached the dressing room door, the smell of weed drifting through the air.
"Yeah, maybe." Ryan allowed, before walking inside. Jon smiled to himself and then followed him.

"Hey sexy baby." Brendon cooed as Ryan came into the room. Ryan shook his head and laughed.
"Hey, babe. Feeling good?"
"You know it." Brendon smiled a lazy grin, and outstretched his arms for Ryan to take. Ryan set down his guitar, and walked over to Brendon, taking a seat on his lap and letting Brendon wrap his arms around him. Jon set down his bass and laughed at the whole scene. Putting his infatuation with Ryan aside, these were his best friends, and he could use a serious smoke sesh.
"Is there more? Or did you guys smoke it all?" Jon asked, eyeing the grinder on the table. Brendon let out a "help yourself" gesture, and Ryan grabbed the bowl and the grinder, immediately getting to work. Jon sat on the floor on the other side of the table, extending his legs underneath it. He waited as Ryan worked the grinder, and packed the bowl quickly. Ryan took the first hit, passing the bowl over to Jon with a smile before letting the smoke go. Jon followed his lead.

Quickly, they were all in a green haze, waiting for Zack to come get them, and bring them to the hotel. Ryan was laying on top of Brendon, both of them extended across the couch. Spencer had barely moved from his spot in his chair and had only muttered the sentence "does it really matter? Really?" the entire evening. Jon was tracing the woodgrain on the table, admiring it's intricate design. Shit like that just couldn't be natural.
"Ryan?" Brendon whispered into his ear.
"Yeah?" Ryan whispered back.
"When we get back to the hotel, and this high wears off a little…"
"Yeah, baby. We will." Ryan smiled, knowing exactly what Brendon wanted. He could feel Brendon's sigh.
"Thank god."
Ryan laughed a little, tilting his head to look at Brendon's face.
"You're fucking gorgeous."
"I know." Brendon laughed. Ryan shook his head, letting his arrogance slide just this once, and nuzzled his face back into Brendon's neck. "You are too." Brendon amended.

"Hey guys, you all set?" Zack asked, opening the door. He looked at the display in front of him and sighed. "Okay, kids, let's go."
He was met with various groans, and sighs, as all four of them stirred and got up from their respective places. They grabbed their belongings and shuffled out the door.
"You guys are a bunch of lazy dicks." Zack scoffed.
"You can suck my lazy dick." Ryan laughed.
"I'll suck your lazy dick." Brendon teased.
"What makes my dick lazy?" Jon cocked his head slightly left.
"Obviously he wasn't talking about your actual dicks, be realistic." Spencer clarified.
Zack could only shake his head as he ushered them onto the bus. The things he dealt with for the ones he loved. They all collapsed into respective area's on the bus, falling back into the pattern they were in in the dressing room.
"Let's go, bitches!" Jon called, laughing at himself and not realizing that no one else was. He laid back onto the bus floor and closed his eyes. Spencer shook his head, and zoned out the bus window.
Ryan grabbed Brendon's belt loop, pulled him back towards the bunks, and pushed him into his own. Brendon moved as far in as he could, letting Ryan climb in with him. Ryan closed the curtain, and turned back to Brendon quickly, pressing his body into him, and smashing their lips together. Brendon pulled at Ryan's clothes, wanting them to disappear. He moaned deep in his throat, and their lips broke for a small second.
"Are we there yet?" Brendon whined. Ryan laughed, pressing his lips to Brendon's neck, and letting his hand drift down the seam of his jeans.
"Soon, baby."

A/N Kinda short I know... i'll try to be better about updating this one. please R&R I appreciate it so much!! Thanks everyone!!

xoxo Tay
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