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Chapter 1

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See the world through the eyes of Cyclops as he and his X-Men battle to save Utopia and save all those who need them. (Prelude to Schism onwards)

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Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Men, but like everyone else, I wish I did.

PLEASE READ: The first chapter DOES actually happen/has happened in the Marvel universe. The only thing that basically doesn't belong is the baseball scene (which takes place in the X-Men Evolution Comics). The words of Charles Xavier in the first chapter (which are the words with ... on them) are that exact words he says to Cyclops in the'Prelude to Schism' story. I just omitted the ones I didn't want to work with. Also, the flashbacks are the ones that I find necessary - the important events that made Cyclops the man he is today. Call it what you may, but Chapter one is there to aid in better understanding my story. The next chapters depict the way I WANT THE X-MEN STORY TO ACTUALLY CONTINUE. Chapters two onwards, that's all me, baby.

On a different note, thanks for reading my FIRST FANFIC - EVER!

I appreciate feedback. Just don't be unreasonably harsh. C'mon. Gimme a break. What does it say up there? FIRST FANFIC - EVER.



Scott Summers was standing by the windows of the Xavier mansion. He was staring intently outside as the sun had started to set. He had to make a decision - a hard one. He was listening to the advice as well as the stories his mentor was giving him. Scott had been questioning himself lately. He had known and trusted Charles Xavier since he was a teenage boy. So, it was obviously helpful to talk to Charles.

A long time ago, Charles had found a young man so afraid to open his eyes. He was even reluctant to talk to Charles for fear of hurting him. He was nearly bursting into tears. The young man, Scott, felt like amonster because of his deadly eye beams. But Charles saw the good in him. He approached the boy, placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "What a future you have ahead of you..."

I'll tell you what I know. It's not going to be easy.

It was quite a fine day at Xavier's institute. Four fine young men emerged from the hall and approached their professor's office. Warren Worthington III was the first to enter followed by Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake. Scott Summers came in as well and he stood behind the three.

"I have called you here for a very special reason."Professor Xavier started.

"What is it, sir?" Scott asked.

"Meet Jean Grey, our newest member."

The four of them took turns introducing themselves. First was the eager Warren and Hank warmly greeted her as well. Bobby shook her hand and caught a glimpse of a rather shy Scott disappearing from the group.

"This is Scott, by the way." Bobby added.

"Uh - " Scott was caught off guard. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too." Jean replied.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

"Woah - OH, NO!" Scott yelled.

"What is it?"

"My glasses came off! Oh, gosh that was close. Maybe we should go back. It's too unpredictable here."

"No, for once you don't have to worry about everyone else's safety. Take them off - your glasses, I mean"

"What for? It's just a -"

"Just do it."


"See? No one got hurt. You are what you are, Scott. Just like a horse needs to run, you have to use your power."

"Thanks, Jean." Scott smiled as he told her. He felt a sense of happiness but he couldn't explain why. He still had his powers, still had no control and yet he felt happy.

Jean was always so sure. While you were the exact opposite.

"Use your head!" Scott told Warren. "I don't want us all bleary eyed on our next mission!"

"Scott's right, Warren." Jean added. "Now, you and Bobby grab a bite to eat and get some rest - or I make you do so telekinetically!"

"You talked us into it, Jeannie - And how!" Angel replied.

After the others had left, Scott and Hank were able to get to work on repairing Cerebro. But something was still troubling Scott.

"I shouldn't have barked at Angel like that." Scott told Hank.

"He understands, Scotty - Believe me!"

But Scott couldn't let it go. Moments later he found Warren and Jean talking at the other room. He turned to Warren and started to apologize. As the two men were talking, Jean Grey couldn't help but smile. She thought of how thoughtful Scott was - an thought of how she felt about him.

I remember how badly the other boys wanted to impress Jean. And I remember one day realizing that they would never hit their mark

"MUTANT BAAAALLLL!!" Cheers and excitement filled the danger room. It was time to play baseball - X-men style. After a couple of hours have passed, the game's tied up and was on the last inning. Bobby was iced out and on the bench, Kurt Wagner was ready to get to home plate with just a port and Hank was ready to pitch. Next up to bat: Scott Summers.

"How bout we pull a prank on Shades here?" Rogue told Gambit with a sly grin.

"If it means we win the game, I'm in."

Gambit charged the light switch and let it blow. "Alright, Remy!" Bobby cheered. "We could win this."

"Uh, guys, did we go on red lockdown? 'Cause I really can't see." Scott asked.

"Don't worry. Just swing" Jean's face emerged on Scott's visor. "Trust me."

"...With my life." Scott instantly replied.

Hank wound up for a pitch and let it rip. The baseball headed towards the catcher's glove but then it stopped. Jean held it in place with her TK abilities.

"Swing, Scott, it's right in front of you!" Jean yelled.

CCCRRRRAAAAAACK!!! The ball was long gone and Kurt ported to first base. Scott's team wins!!

I sent you to battle as children. The X-men emerged into the world as a benign force, set against the forces of evil.

"Are you crazy, Jean? Since when are you a qualified astronaut?" Scott questioned his love, Jean.

"Since now. I am a telepath, Scott. I can absorb all I need to know about flying this ship."

"But - you'll die in the process! Don't do this J-" Scott was cut knocked out by a psychic attack from Jean.

"Take him and go! Get to cover! I'll handle this." Jean bravely commanded.

She soon took control of the ship. Cosmic rays started to get through to the space craft. Jean Grey is dying. She calls out to the empty space, desperately wanting to save her friends - he Scott. Just then, a bright light emerges. A cosmic being comes to Jean and speaks to her.

"I am fire. A force of life. You called out for aid. Ianswered."


You and Jean were going to be heroes in a world where everyone loved you...Perhaps as much as you loved each other

Miles away from earth, Cyclops stands alone on a balcony of a spaceship. He keeps thinking of the future of him, the X-men and more importantly his lover, Jean. Scott's thoughts continue...'I've been a leader too long. I can see Lilandra's position as clearyly as my own. And if I had to make her decision, I'd like to think that I'd act differently. I'd rather err on the side of mercy -'

"No matter what the cost?"

"What?! Jean! You read my mind?"

"I no longer have the power of Phoenix, Scott - But I'm still a telepath and we still have our psychic rapport." Jean replied softly with a hint of fear on her voice.

"...Jean, whatever happens, know that I love you. And I'll stand by you."

"And I, you, Scott - With all my heart!"

Scott leaned in for a kiss and Jean's lips met his. Their future is unknown to them. Scott, Jean and the X-men do their best to fight of the opposing team. Slowly, Jean could feel the Phoenix consuming her. She's afraid. She looks at Cyclops - he's afraid too.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Jean Grey, a man named Scott Summers. The y were young. They were in love. They were heroes. Today, they will prove it - beyond all shadow of a doubt.

Jean and Cyclops make their way through the battle grounds. They were on the blue side of the moon fighting off the imperial guards. More and more Jean feels her humanity dwindling. She has a plan and she bravely puts in into action. "I love you, Scott. A part of me will always be with you."

"JEAN! NO! DON'T!" Scott is horrified to see Jean take her own life. "NO!"



Just like that - right before his eyes - Jean Grey perishes.

I was wrong. Not About me. About you. You've done what I could never do: you've united mutantkind and provided us a safe haven and a common purpose. You made it happen.

"Scott Summers, if you walk out that door, don't think of ever coming back!"

"I - I'm sorry, Maddie. I have to go!"

All of those sacrifices. Were they worth it?

"Jean! Jean, I'm so sorry about everything. I...I didn't ever mean to hurt you."

"Shh! Shh!The Phoenix understands..." Jean choked. "I haven't seen you so alive for a long time, best friend...have to go now..."

Scott held her closer. His eyes widened when he heard her say those words. He was speechless. He didn't know what to say.

"Live, Scott. Live...All I ever did was die on you."And with that, Jean closed her eyes. She now lies lifeless in the arms of Scott Summers.

Since Phoenix came, Jean had been fighting the evil - never did she stop fighting.

It was a hard road that brought us here, Scott-Maybe too hard. But a straight and featureless road never possessed a worthwhile challenge.

Five X-men are found in the danger room. Hank, Emma, Kitty, Logan and Scott need to talk things over. They had a lot of problems to clear up.

"I'm not apologizing to Logan, and I wouldn't accept one in return. It was inexcusable, I agree. And it's going to make what I have to say all the more absurd." Scott started. "We're a team."

Everyone looked at their leader. Logan sneered but he listened. Kitty listened to Scott and Hank did too. Emma sat there and remained still.

"You all may have perfectly good reasons for not wanting to do this. But you're the team I chose. So think about it."

"Time to make nice with the public, eh, Summers?" Asked Logan.

"We have to do more than that, Logan." Scott began. "We have to astonish them."

You've brought us all the way to its end. Thanks to you, we've arrived here together as one people.

Phoenix and Cyclops faced Apocalypse in battle. They, along with Nathan, fought hard - but they were losing. Apocalypse was just about to merge with Scott's son, Nathan...And there was a lot Scott could do.

"Scott? I know what you're planning to do. Don't leave me, Scott." Jean pleaded. "There's so much to do. We have our whole lives ahead of us. How..How can I live mine without you? Don't leave me. Please don't leave me."

Scott turned around and looked at Jean. "You've always shown me the best we were capable of, Jean. You've always been the beacon lighting my soul with hopes and dreams... Whatever happens, I love you."

Then Scott jumped in the middle of the fight. He sacrificed himself for the sake of his son. Soon, he was merged with Apocalypse, only to be saved by Jean Grey.

After Jean died you put your heart and soul inside a very dark place. We moved on. You moved on. And I never saw or felt any sign you would lose control. The pain never left: It hung around you like a cloud. I could never tell if you had emerged from your box, or if you were simply surrounded by it. But you never seemed to lose control.

Trapped inside a deep sleep, Scott faces the black void with his new love, Emma frost:

"Scott, I can't get in." Emma told him.

"Emma, go home. Trust me. I love you." Scott ordered Emma. He faced the black void taking over his mind. "Let's get this over with."

With that, Emma awakens. "Scott, No!"

"Sh - should I -" Psylocke turned to Xavier.

"No, wait! Give him a chance!" Emma pleaded.

Back in Scott's mind, things are going over better. He had taken care of the black void that was trying to control him. "I dated one of the most powerful telepaths in the world. Do you know how hard it is to be ateenage boy and be with a girl that can read your mind? You're gonna have to do better than that."

Scott stood up, fixed his tie and assured himself that he had taken care of the black void. "Thanks, Jeannie. That's another one I owe you."

Scott walked away from his thoughts and woke up soon after."Hey, babe, what'd I miss?"

"Scott!" Emma embraced him warmly.

I have seen you reject your former life and head off to parts unknown. But you did it on your own terms and at your own pace.

"That's not the point, Emma! I'm in love with you now."

We have listened to the shouts and cries of those who fear us - because they were weaker - and we have simply walked away. We have demonstrated true power by the way in which we are restrained. All of this under your steady guidance and leadership.

Back to the present, Charles continues with his story. "And now we are here." He looked to face his prized student. "I think of you how afather thinks of his son. I want so much to tell you how proud I am of the man you have become. But it's no longer my place to tell you anything. You have become a greater man than I. The fate of mutantkindrests heavy upon your shoulders...But if you ever collapse under the weight I will be there to share your burden, my boy. I will always be there."

With those final words, Charles leaves Scott to ponder his words. Taking one more glance at his 'son', he walks in to the other room where the other X-men are waiting. Scott remains silent. He takes a deep breath. His visor was getting brighter with red hues.

Suddenly, a woman comes up to him. "So... How are you?"

Scott looks at her and says, "Before I do this: damage assessment. How am I doing?"

"May I?" Emma raised her hand.

"Of course."

"You are afraid of losing more people - "She placed her hands on his head. "You've made your decision."

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