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Chapter 2

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The battle for Utopia begins!

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Here's chapter two! I kinda wanted to add some of the X-Men's video game moves to the mix. So I did. Also notice how the X-Men manage to keep themselves alive and yet kill so many people? I'm going to change that.

Namor was in Schism... I didn't know what to do with him. Just assume he went home afterwards.

Oh and if chapter one didn't seem like it, this story is mostly about Scott.


Tension can be felt in the room where the other X-men and other mutants waited. Logan had started to pick a fight with Namorand Storm was trying to calm him down. Peter Rasputin cornered himself on the edge of the room - thinking. Kitty walked past Storm and stood behind Angel. Magneto and Charles on the opposite side of them. Just then, Scott walks in.

"We stay," He declared. "We are going to defend Utopia."

"Then let's do this," Logan said.

"Agreed," Magneto added.

There was little time to prepare as the Friends of Humanity(F.O.H.) soldiers appeared on the horizon of Utopia. There were hundreds of soldiers as far as the eye can see. The mutants were outnumbered. Whether they were outmatched - that remains to be seen. The time has come. Mutants versus humans. The soldiers took their aim. Snikt//.

"WRRRAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!" Logan snarled. He jumped at asoldier, sliced off his head and stabbed the man behind him. He leaped towards the soldiers who were already firing. With a quick slice of his hand, three soldiers fell down.

Magneto flew up. He took as much weapons away from the soldiers' hands. He melted the metal and formed a shield with it. He threw it to the ground and shielded the rest of the mutants.

Next up was kitty who ran towards the men. One by one she pulled the soldiers' feet to the ground, making them unable to walk or run. The she turned to Peter, "Fastball, now! Aim for the trucks!"

Peter took aim and threw Kitty at the vehicles. She phased through the first - second - third. She went on until she lost momentum. "That takes care of those weapon systems. Shadowcat is in the house! - or the outside of it...I should probably concentrate here."

"We've got you ladies surrounded!" One of the soldiers told Emma and Storm. "Now, give up or we'll shoot you!"

"Oh, all right." Emma raised her hands and Ororo took flight grabbing Emma by the arms.

ZZZZZZZZZZAKT! An red beam blasted the soldiers away.

"Thanks, Darling. Now it's my turn." Emma raised her hand and pointed at a dozen soldiers. 'Arm the grenades and regroup with your team.' She had commanded the soldiers psychically. "That takes bloody care of those apes."

The soldiers turned around and left to see their group, taking with them the armed grenades. BOOM! The dozen soldiers died and took the other F.O.H. people with them.

Bullets fired at Magneto who was the easiest target with his levitating. He stooped the bullets but that didn't stop the soldiers from firing. Then. A fog swooped in, making it hard for the soldiers to see. Storm came to Magneto's aid and she summoned hail. Heavy rocks hit the lot of soldiers and some knocked them out. Magneto summoned the large shield he crafted earlier and with a motion, he made it flat. With all his might, he threw the now spinning disc sideways - just like a spinning saw, it cut the soldiers in half. He smirked but felt something as well. "Magnus!" He heard Charles call out. The F.O.H. soldiers had taken his magnetism into account and switched to firing plastic bullets. The bullets hit their target.

"Wha - What is this...?" Magneto quickly felt weak and fell to the ground. Storm attempted to break his hall, but failed as she was trying to avoid the new weapons.

Charles paralyzed as much soldiers as he could with his psychic powers. He stopped at one to pry the information needed out of him. "There's a liquid inside the bullets...It's like a poison...It's deadly to us mutants!Destroy those bullets!!" He sent the newfound information to Cyclops as well.

"Scatter!" Cyclops ordered his team. "Don't let them have an easier target! Professor-- Storm! Get away from Erik!"

"As you wish, Cyclops." Ororo drew a thunderstorm and paved a way for herself with the thunder , knocking out the guards in her way, too.

Logan ripped the soldiers to pieces. Unknowingly, he made his way to Magneto. He stopped a few feet away from him and the soldiers drew closer. "I need to get through this faster!" Logan told himself. He took one look at Erik who nodded and started to raise his hand. The master of magnetism had a plan.

"Wolverine! Claws out!" Magneto mustered enough strength to spin Wolverine like a top. Logan spun and made his way through the army. He sliced and shredded the soldiers who came an arm's length from him.

Slowly, the number of soldiers dwindled. Scott could see that his plan was working. 'Scott!' Emma sent a psychic message. '/Namor/ confirms water vehicles headed towards Utopia.'

'Alright, Ems. Tell Namor to get back to the group. We need him,' Scott sent back. He looked up and fired an optic blast in the air.

"That's the signal!" Warren calls out. "Bobby, move out!"

"On my way!" Bobby along with Hank started the X-Jet and took off.

The arriving water vessels didn't even come close to Utopia."Air strike mission: clear!" Hank reported. Bobby jumps out of the jet and creates an ice bridge to get him down safely.

"Freeze, Jerks!" Bobby froze the approaching soldiers and smiles. "Good boys!"

"Emma! I need you to take charge of the others. We need you to relay information when needed. Go with Hank - make sure everyone is safe."Scott turns to Bobby. "Bobby, get her to the X-Jet and report back to me ASAP."

"C'mon!" Bobby instantly obeys Scott. He takes Emma and Bridges her to the Jet.

Angel flies back to the fight and finds Scott. "We've cleared the seas, Cap'n! Now, what?"

"ALPHA TEAM, REGROUP!" Scott orders his mutants and turns to Angel again. "Warren, find Erik. He needs help."

"Gotcha." Warren flies away.

The mutants fall back and meet at the middle of Utopia. The number of F.O.H. soldiers fell. Now only a few remain.

"Peter, shield yourself." Scott ordered. "Kitty, be ready to phase us if they try to shoot. Professor, contact the BETA team. Tell them to get ready and tell Hank to gather the rest and wait for my command. Bobby, try to shield us with an ice dome - just in case. "

"You got it." Bobby ices up and does so while the others hang on to Kitty.

"So, why aren't we fighting back?" Logan asked.

"Because now we're bait." Scott replied with a grin.

"MOVE IN!" The F.O.H. commander orders. We got them surrounded.

Elsewhere at Utopia, Rouge and Remy keep hidden from the soldiers. "I wonder why Scott didn't want me to help." Remy questioned.

"It's because he wants you fit and rested." Rogue replied.

"But I can help! I'm going to - HEY!"

"Get back here!" Rogue grabs Gambit by the leg and pulls him back to hiding.

"Ouch. So, if Scott wants me rested, why are you here?"

"To keep you from doing anything stupid. Besides, YOU know why we're here."

Now the soldiers came close to Scott's team - close enough. Scott looked at Charles and said, "NOW!"

In an instant, Xavier had sent a psychic message to both Remy and Rogue. They spring into action.

"Time to light these bad boys up!" Remy grabbed hold of awire - a wire connected to the trees surrounding Utopia. Within seconds, the trees are powered up and made just like bombs. "Let's go!"

"Hang on!" Rogue flies herself and Remy away from the potential danger.

"TEAM! BRACE YOURSELVES!" Cyclops yells out. He takes a look up and sees the X-Jet hovering nearby. "HANK! You're too close! - Professor!Call in Kurt!"

Too late. KABBOOOOOM! The trees are blown to bits. The remaining soldiers die of the explosion and the shrapnel of the trees. Utopia is safe once more. Kitty phases the team from any possible harm and Peter is safe due to the nature of his powers. The ice dome crumbles due to the impact of the explosion. The X-Jet is seen crashing down.

"Professor, give us a status report on the X-jet!" Scott instantly assesses the situation. "X-Men, sound off!"

"We're okay." Peter and Kitty tell Scott.

"The rest of us are fine," Bobby adds.

"Scott! I can't get a reading on them. There's too much going on!" Charles reports.

"Iceman, do you have enough energy to take me to the crash site?"

"I'll try, Cyclops."

At the crash site, there seems to be no one alive. Scott and Bobby get there and Bobby is at a daze.

"Good job, Bobby. Thank you."

"No prob, boss."

Scott looks at the scene. He doesn't know what's going on. Everything seems to quiet for a crash site.

"EMMA!" Scott cries. "HANK! NAMOR!....ANYONE!!"


"Scott!" Nightcrawler appeared. "I ported as many as I could - "

"Is everyone alright?"





"Emma - Scott... I couldn't get to her in time."

Suddenly, the other mutants emerged from the bushes. There stood Hank, Namor, Storm, Remy and the rest of the team - but no Emma.

"What- what happened?!"

Namor began, " The X-Jet took adevastating hit. Luckily, Nightcrawler kept porting back and forth for us. Storm and Rogue managed to carry some of us. But there were too many of us. Emma stayed behind. She told us all to save her last. If all else fails, she could turn to diamond and possibly save herself..."

"Where is she then?" Scott lost patience.

"Over here!" Bobby called out.

And there she was. Emma frost - shattered, well mostly shattered. Hank studies the scene. He was puzzled why Emma stopped changing mid-way of her fall. Half of her body remained human. And the part that stayed human looked like a terrible murder scene.

"It seems that as she was changing, she got heavier...Which made her fall all the more faster..." Hank hypothesized. "Those few seconds that she fell - it wasn't enough time."

"Why didn't she change the instant the X-Jet took the hit?" Rogue asked.

"She might've made the jet heavier - and it could've crashed sooner." Hank replied. "Then most of you would've perished."

Scott stared at the lifeless body of Emma. He was devastated, but he was still the leader. So, he had to keep himself composed,"How's Erik?"

"He's barely breathing. He might not make it... I tried my best to heal him, but the capsule did a number on him." Angel told him.

"Erik..." Scott spoke.

"Scott... I - I have something... need to say to you....." Magneto answered. "Forgive me...I can't..."

"..." Scott listened to him.

"I envy the man you've become... I'm sorry... All of mutants owe you... a debt... especially me... forgive me...."

"Don't - you don't have to."

"Believe me... I do... I... I have wronged you most of all... Scott..." Erik took one final breath and these final words he spoke,"Remember?...I killed Jean Grey..."

Tears fell down Scott's face. He knew he killed Jean, but he made up for his mistakes. Did he? Everyone deserves a second chance. But how many second chances has Magneto had? Now, Magneto is dead - Emma is dead. Scott stood up and turned his back from the team. He clenched his fists. Tears were still coming down from his face.

"Oh God..." He said. "Emma..."
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