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Chapter IV - Accidents Happen

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Well, I got home but I couldn’t rest. What happened that afternoon was causing turmoil in my mind. I sat in my bed all night listening to the soft and silent plink-plink of the rain. That inciden...

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That day passed by in a flash yet all throughout the day I kept wondering where Ron was. I hadn’t seen him all day. As I was passing through the Prefect’s Office… “Ms Bayoguing.” Sir Nana called.

“Yes sir?”

“Could you collect the attendance booklets? Ann is doing something else.” Asked Sir Nana.

Since I couldn’t rack my brain for an acceptable reason to say no in 10 seconds, so in the end I grudgingly agreed to collect all attendance booklets.

As I was collecting the two final booklets I heard something in one of the classrooms. Muffled Noise. Funny and silly things started running in my mind… things that are not for kids. Well, since our school had this rumor of students playing after classes. If you get what I mean. I peeked inside… to find nothing out of the ordinary… except I found him writhing in pain on the floor. His body convulsing and bending inhumanely. I couldn’t do anything but stare. His eyes were open but it didn’t seem like he saw anything.

It wasn’t until the booklets fell from my hands that my consciousness kicked back in. I ran towards him and knelt beside him. I touch his forehead. He was burning hot!

Of course, yesterday he was training like crazy under the constant downpour of rain. Though his coach told him to go home, he became pretty stubborn. Said he needed the training.
But back to the present, he was still laying on the floor convulsing. I couldn’t do anything to help. The A\C was broken, the nearest water source was 100 meters away and it was stifling hot inside the room.

The only thing that I did was drag him outside and boy, it wasn’t easy. Try dragging a sack of rice who kept on moving.
Once he was outside I started shouted for help… If it didn’t come he would surely die.

Suddenly, a teacher and the security guard came running from the stairs and saw us sprawled on the floor. They carried Ron and brought him to the Comfort Room. Yeah, I know it was a little hygienic but it was the best we could provide. They started stripping his clothes off and before I could react at this I told myself Of course, he’s having convulsions because of his high fever. Their taking his clothes off to cool him off faster.

Of course, I’ve dreamed of seeing him naked on other occasions but seeing him like this now only made me sick.
Once his clothes were off they started dousing him with gallons and gallons of water. “Hey, Hey! Quick! Call the School Nurse” The teacher told me.

Now, the School Clinic was approximately 250 meters away from where we were and I wasn’t really the fastest sprinter in our school but nevertheless I ran as fast as I could to the clinic, opened the door… to find no one inside. I started to panic and took out my phone and called the first person on my speed dial. Dale.

Ring. Ring. Ring…
Ring. Ring. Ring…
Ring. Ring. Ring…
Come on, answer the damn phone!
Finally, he answered on the 4th ring.
“Yo.” He said.
“Dale! Help! Please, Help!”
“What?! Hello. What’s wrong?!”

I relayed to him the whole incident while I ran back to the Comfort Room.
After he heard the story he said “Ok. But why’d you call me?! You could have called the hospital!”
“No time. Please, help!”
“OK. OK” He said. When I got back to the CR Ron was sprawled on the floor sloping wet and his eyes were closed now.
I told Dale this and he sighed on the phone and said “Good. You managed to get his temperature down. There’s nothing left to do now but make sure his temperature stays down and his heart keeps beating. Call the hospital now!”

I told everything Dale told me to the teachers and they said the ambulance was already on the way. Five minutes later the ambulance arrived and Ron was placed on a stretcher. There weren’t any students left on the campus grounds. The only ones left were the guards and a couple of teachers. Two teachers came along with Ron and I was told to go home and rest.

Well, I got home but I couldn’t rest. What happened that afternoon was causing turmoil in my mind. I sat in my bed all night listening to the soft and silent plink-plink of the rain. That incident kept replaying and replaying in my mind. Never allowing me to get some rest. I thought about the times when we would cross paths as I finally succumbed to sleep. He acted as if he was guilty about something. I chuckled… Was he?
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