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Chapter V - The Missing Pieces

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His brother, Joseph, smiled sheepishly at me and said “Sorry about this, but he said he really needs to see you. My Mom was against it, said it was a school night. But he can be really pushy some...

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The alarm clock beside me at four in the morning, damn, I forgot to unset it. But once I woke up I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up, brush my teeth, took a bath then headed to the kitchen. I didn’t expect to find Mom already awake and preparing the table for breakfast. “Are you alright Kim, you look like you haven’t had enough sleep?” My mother asked me, worried. “No, don’t worry, I’m alright… just some hours sleep.

Mom left the kitchen saying she was going to take a bath. I just nodded.
The food on the table looked delicious. Omelet, Sausages, Java Rice and Mom’s Homemade Hot Chocolate. On normal days, I would have downed as much as I could of all these things… but now it only made me sick to my stomach. I ran to my bathroom, locked the door behind me and puked at the sink. Damn nausea. I freshened up a bit before dressing up and headed off to school. When I got there I relaxed a little bit knowing that the incident that happened last afternoon wasn’t being gossiped about this morning. Time passed by quickly this week. It was already Wednesday. The day started with the Morning rosary. I really wasn’t paying much attention till… “Let us pray for the fast recovery of Mr. Ron Alfred Quimsing who was confined yesterday afternoon.”… “Announcements”… My heart skipped a beat. Hey, you have nothing to be guilty about. Relax. You didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, You did the complete opposite. If you hadn’t helped they would be offering condolences right now.

Geometry, Chemistry, Literature, Recess and Lunch all passed by in a flash. Then the shrill nasal voice of the bell rang which signaled the end of the school for the day. As I was making my way to the gate when someone called out to me “Ms.Bayoguing, if you could come with me to my office, I need to speak with you for a moment”. It was the Prefect of Discipline.

I nodded and followed inside. “Please close the door behind you Ms.Bayoguing”.

“Now the reason I called you in here is because we want to hear what happened yesterday. I wasn’t here when it happened and it is my responsibility to know the affairs in my school. The school guard didn’t tell me what happened because he didn’t know the full story. So now I’m asking you. Please do not leave anything out.

“Uhm… There really isn’t much to tell you professor. I relayed to him what happened that afternoon. “Actually, we didn’t do anything really except soak him with water. He was rushed to the hospital right after that.”

Professor’s expression was that of a person deep in thought. “Well, Ms.Bayoguing, it seems as though Ron wants to see you. The car is waiting outside, and don’t worry you already have your parents’ permission.” He chuckled “Amazing what a couple of thousand of dollars could do.”

I couldn’t say anything better than “Err…Uhm, Okay.”. Why would he want to see me? To thank me perhaps, but, I didn’t do anything! And would he really go to this length just to thank me? My mind was in turmoil again. And as said, there really was a car waiting outside… Along with his brother and their driver.

His brother, Joseph, smiled sheepishly at me and said “Sorry about this, but he said he really needs to see you. My Mom was against it, said it was a school night. But he can be really pushy sometimes.”

“Naah, it’s okay.” I replied.

The car was made to be subtle and near the ground, a sedan to be exact, so even though it was fairly easy to get in the car Joseph placed his hand on my shoulder and back… “To help me get inside” he reasoned.
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