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Chapter VI - Unexpected Visit

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“He’s…calling for you now” Joseph said as he went out of the room and went directly to the elevator “You have my number right? Just call me if you need anything.” The elevator doors clo...

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I had to admit, they liked to live life to the fullest and boy did they love to ride in style. Inside was pitch black caused by the extremely tinted windows. I chuckled. What were they, vampires? I shuddered at the thought. I sat at the back and I was shocked when he took a seat beside me instead of riding shotgun. I didn’t miss it when he would move closer whenever I moved. And I didn’t also miss his hand on my shoulder.

I stifled a yawn but Joseph didn’t miss it. “You should get some sleep.”
“Nah, I’m okay. I’m fine.” But even as I said that my eyelids fluttered as I felt asleep in Ron’s arms.

I woke up and noticed he removed his jacket… and placed it on me. Weird. And I also noticed the “Welcome to Davao!” sign. “Uhm, where are we going exactly?” I asked.
“Uhm…” Joseph raised his eyebrows at the redundant question “My brother’s confined here.” Keeping his arms around me. “My father said the hospitals in our city were enough but my mother insisted on transferring him to Davao.” He rolled his eyes and said “It was his fault in the first place. He knew he had Asthma attacks yet he stayed under the rain.”

“Ah. Oh, yeah.”I slid out of his embrace and looked out the window to hide my tomato red face. Shit, of course he’d be confined here. Calm down, Calm down.

I saw him peering at me and said “Hey are you OK?” Joseph asked a bit worried. “You look a little green… Well actually you’re very green!”

“Ugh…just stop your car for a while. I think I’m going to be sick”. I said, not wanting to open my mouth.

10 minutes after I puked and puked on the Cliffside. (The scenery on the way to Davao was breathtaking. And you have to go through mountain side before reaching the City proper.) I sat down for a while, inhaling the great mountain air. It was helping a lot with my nausea.

Then another 10 minutes passed, it was almost twilight by now, Joseph came out of the car and came towards me. “You Ok now?”
“Yeah. I’m fine now.” I replied.

He pulled me up and we headed back to the car and went on our way to Davao.

By the time we finally got to Davao, it was already past twilight and thank God, my heart calmed down a bit. Davao at night was amazing. As night fell, street lights turn on and the night life begins. Clubs and Bars open up and the amps start pumping music. But that wasn’t where we were headed. The driver veered left, away from all the excitement and headed off into the center of Davao. That was where the hospital was.
It took us another 30 minutes just to reach the hospital. The streets were crowded with people… Of course, it was their annual festival.

What am I doing here? Damn it. We have classes tomorrow and I have tons of homework to do. And as if I said this verbally he said “Don’t worry, the school has given you special permission if ever you become absent for tomorrows class. And about those assignments and quizzes? Don’t worry you’ve been excused already.”

I stared at him for like an eternity. “H…How did you know what…what I was thinking”
He smiled. “That… is for you to find out.” His amused laugh rang throughout the car.

When we got to the hospital my heart kept beating fast again. His room was on the 4th floor. On one of the High Priority Rooms. By the time we got to the 4th floor I was already hyperventilating. Joseph didn’t seem to notice but I was sure he was smirking.

We reached his room then Joseph said “Wait here, please.” Before going in.
I used that time to calm myself a little bit first.
“Hey, how are you?” I heard him tell someone inside.
“How do you think I am? A voice replied.
Joseph sighed. “Even, possibly on your deathbed, you can never fail to be annoying”
Joseph laughed. “Well, she’s outside. Want me to bring her in now.”

Damn it.

“He’s…calling for you now” Joseph said as he went out of the room and went directly to the elevator “You have my number right? Just call me if you need anything.” The elevator doors closed before I could reply. He was calling for me? The nerve of some people. It took me several few deep breaths to calm me down enough to stop my hands from shaking to open the stupid door.
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